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Kameleo Review: Best Antidetect on Mobile?

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of the Kameleo anti-detect browser. Understand its unique features like mobile fingerprint support and unlimited profile creation. Delve into potential drawbacks such as limited team collaboration and pricing concerns. Make an informed decision with our in-depth review.

Do you know that your web browser is becoming your new identity? That is why even though you are using a VPN or proxy service, web services will still detect your multiple accounts and ban all of them.

This is achieved through browser fingerprinting, an ingenious method of tracking online users based on their browser parameters, configurations, and capabilities.

If you are looking for a fix to this, then the use of anti-detect browser softwares is the best option available to you for now. And the Kameleo browser is one of the antidetect browser software available.

This article has been written to provide you with an honest review of Kameleo as a browser that will protect you against browser fingerprinting.

The Kameleo review will consist of an overview of Kameleo, its features, supported platform, pricing & plans, pros and cons, and how to use, as well as a final verdict on whether the tool is recommended for use.

What is Kameleo? — An Overview

Feature Kameleo
Price Free plan with limited features; paid plans start at €49/month
Platforms Windows, Android
Features Mobile fingerprinting, cookie management, data synchronization, web automation, team collaboration, profile sharing
Stability Less mature platform
Resource intensity Less resource-intensive
Best for Free antidetect browser

The Kameleo antidetect browser is a browser software developed for stealth browsing in other to facilitate multi-accounting and web automation without getting blocked.

It achieves this by providing you protection against browser fingerprinting while keeping your IP address masked using proxies configured by you.

With this, it becomes difficult for web services to be able to guess if you own multiple accounts or even detect if the overwhelming number of requests they are getting is from a single computer. Kameleo is one of the anti-detect browsers that has got support for a mobile app. Currently, you can make use of it on your Android smartphone.

For its multi-accounting feature, you can create as many virtual browser profiles as you want and bind an account to a browser profile. For each browser profile, a new and separate browser environment is created with its own cookies, local storage, and cache.

Since each of the browser profiles has a unique environment and no leak is allowed, all of your accounts look like they are being managed from separate computers. It is the perfect example of replacing multiple computers with virtual browser profiles. Kameleo is one of the alternatives to Multilogin, the market leader in the antidetect market. Aside from multi-accounting, the Kameleo service also supports web automation.

What is Kameleo Used for?

Kameleo is a stealth platform that helps you to hide your browser fingerprint and provides you with as many virtual browser profiles as you need. Different people use the Kameleo app differently depending on why they need their browser fingerprint protected. However, there are still some popular use cases for the app. Below are some of the top use cases of the Kameleo stealth platform.

Social Media Marketing and Ads Analysis

Social media platforms such as Facebook can detect your multiple accounts and block them even if you are using proxies provided you are managing the accounts on the same device. With the help of Kameleo, you can have as many accounts as you want and manage each in a separate browser profile which makes each look like they are being managed from multiple computers. This enables your social media marketing campaigns without your group of accounts getting detected and banned. Kameleo is also used for ads analysis and ad spying. With Kameleo, the advert you see is never personalized, which gives you the real details as opposed to personalized ads that can be deceiving.

E-commerce Operations

Sellers on Amazon and eBay, among others, need to manage multiple storefronts to make more sales. However, these platforms do not support that and as such, you will need an antidetect browser that will make it difficult for the platforms to detect your accounts because if they are detected, you risk those accounts. Another important use case of the Kameleo stealth platform is in the area of affiliate marketing.

Some affiliate programs have a cap on earnings and some of their affiliates will want to earn more than the limit provided they have the capabilities to drive more sales. In other to earn the amount appropriate for their hard work, they will need to manage multiple accounts but need an antidetect browser to keep their multiple accounts hidden from the affiliate platform.

Web Automation and Scraping

Apps like Kameleo are increasingly being used for web automation and web scraping. This is because as more websites are becoming Ajaxified and becoming javascript-heavy, traditional web automation tools are becoming less effective, and as such, browser automation is taking over. However, this presents the perfect opportunity for websites to track and identify automation easily since they can now use browser fingerprinting to detect you even if your IP address is masked. With the aid of Kameleo, you can become truly anonymous and carry out your automation tasks including web scraping without getting detected.

Kameleo Core Features

Kameleo is one of the top antidetect browsers in the market. It has good some features that make marketers want to make use of it. Let’s take a look at some of the core features of the Kameleo as an anti-detect browser.

Good Mobile Support

One of the core strengths of Kameleo lies in its mobile support. This is a feature most of the other antidetect browsers lack. The Kameleo app is available on Android. While it is not available on iOS, you can use the Android app to get iOS mobile fingerprints, which adds more diversity to your account fingerprints. With mobile fingerprints, you are less susceptible to blocks since mobile devices have more trust in the eyes of web services.

Support Configuration of Browser Parameters

This is another way of saying, it supports the configuration of browser fingerprints. You can change every parameter used in generating a browser fingerprint hash for the purpose of tracking you. This includes canvas spoofing, the ability to change Geolocation to be accompanied by an IP address from the same location, webGL noise, automatic timezone setup, change to fonts and plugin parameters, as well as auto fingerprint spoofing.  With this, you have control in your hand. However, you can leave the default setting if you are not experienced with browser fingerprint spoofing.

Unlimited Browser Profile Support

Another feature of interest is its support for unlimited browser profiles. I know you will say all of the other anti-detect browsers do support unlimited browser profiles too. But for most of them, the more profiles you add, the more your cost goes up. However, for Kameleo, this is not the case. The unlimited browser profile feature is available to all subscribers regardless of the package you subscribe to. Then why the need to subscribe to more expensive plans? Well, there are features that differentiate the plans that will make you want to opt-in for a high plan.

Web Automation Support

Using the Kameleo Local API and your favorite automation frameworks such as Selenium or Puppeteer, you can launch dozens of browser profiles that are unconnected to each other to automate your tasks online. If you need to scrape data from javascript pages that depend on browser fingerprinting to track you, the Kameleo antidetect browser is the browser to use for that. Aside from web scraping, you can use the Kameleo browser to automate all of your tasks online.

Kameleo Platform Support and OS Compatibility 

As you observe from the above, we made a lot of emphasis on their support for Android. This is because that is the area it shines the most. However, Android is not the only supported platform right now. Aside from the Kameleo mobile app available for Android, the service also does have support for windows. If you are looking for an antidetect browser for Mac or Linux, the Kameleo app is not for you. If you are looking for an alternative that has got support for all of these, then the GoLogin app is the app for you. This is because it has got support for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

Kameleo Plans and Pricing

In terms of pricing, the Kameleo might be seen as a competitive option at first. However, if you take a look at it well, you will discover it is not as cheap as you think especially if you need the advanced features. Let’s take a look at it in more detail below.

Plans and Pricing

The basic plan is the smallest in the plan list of Kameleo. This is sold for €59 and comes with support for unlimited bandwidth. Good bargain right? But if you need some of the advanced features such as web automation, cookie import/export, and web automation, you will need to subscribe to a higher plan. In fact, even the much taunted mobile fingerprint for Android and iOS is not available for you. You can only get that for the advanced and automation plans which are sold for €89 and €199 respectively. For cheaper options, you can go for the GoLogin or AdsPower app.

Payment Method Supported

How available is the team behind Kameleo in its readiness to accept payment? I must say, they have got a good number of payment options supported. Whether you want to pay using traditional payment methods or via cryptocurrency, Kameleo has got you covered. For their regular payment methods, the service accepts bank transfers, both MasterCard and Visa cards, Unified Payment Interface (UPI), WebMoney, Alipay, and Trustly. For the crypto options, Kameleo accepts Bitcoin and USD Coin.

Free Trial and Refund Policy 

If you are looking for a service to try out without paying, then the Kameleo service is not for you. It does not have a free trial option and as such, you must make payment in other to use their service. However, the service does have a refund policy that enables you to get refund 24 hours after service activation. However, refund processing is not immediate as it can take up to 14 days. If you are looking for a provider with support for a free trial, you can check out the GoLogin service as you are allowed to use the app for 7 days free with full features.

How to Use the Kameleo App — A Setup Guide

In this section of the article, I will be showing you how to set up the Kameleo anti-detect browse. As you will find out, the process is actually easy provided and straightforward. You will need proxies to set up and use the Kameleo app effectively. We recommended you buy high-quality proxies from a provider like Smartproxy.

  1. Visit the Kameleo website and create an account. As stated earlier, the service does not have a free trial. This means that you will need to pay for their app in other to use it.
  2. With payment made, you can now download the app for your device. In this guide, the windows version was used.
  3. Install and launch the app. You will be prompted to provide your username and password. Do so and you will be granted access to the main area of the app.
  4. Click on the New profile menu option on the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page.
  5. This will bring up the configuration page for setting up the new profile.
  6. The service provides you with a list of base browser profiles for you to choose from. Make a choice and click go the select menu to choose any of the base profiles you want to work with.
  7. A new page will open for you to tweak the browser and device parameters to what you want. There is the option for the setting device, OS, whereby you want to spoof the Canva fingerprint or the WebGL.
  8. Other options to configure include the language, browser type, and proxies among others. Usually, if you are not experienced, you can leave the setting the way they are.
  9. However, you will need to configure proxies. From the provider you bought proxies, get the proxy address, port, username, and password.
  10. Now back to the Kameleo app, under the connection setting, change proxy settings from None to HTTP. A proxy configuration box will open.
  11. Provide the proxy details (proxy address/host, port, username, and password).  Click no the test proxy button to test the proxies and make sure they are working effectively.
  12. Click Ok if you want to save the settings or the start button if you want to get started right away.
  13. Clicking the start button will get the Kameleo app to launch a browser and you can start using it. This browser will have a different browser environment from any other browser you create.

Kameleo Pros and Cons

Kameleo Pros

  • Mobile Fingerprint Support

Again, if there is one feature I see in the Kameleo app that I like is their focus on mobile devices. Currently, Kameleo is the only popular anti-detect browser that has got support for the iOS mobile fingerprint. However, for youth to get this, you must make use of the Android app. So, with this service, you get to mimic Android and iOS devices. This makes your accounts more trustworthy since mobile enjoys more trust than desktop.

  • Unlimited Profile Support

Another pro of the Kameleo app is its support for unlimited browser profiles. For most of the other antidetect browsers, the number of profiles you are able to create and manage is determined by the plan you subscribe to. For Kameleo, pricing is based on other features and not the number of accounts you can manage. However, it is important you know that creating too many browser profiles and launching them simultaneously could get the Kameleo app to crash. You should use only a few profiles at a time. But you can create as many as you want.

  • Easy to Use

The Kameleo app is just easy to use straight out of the box. You do not need to know how to configure browser fingerprints. This is because it provides you a list of base browser configurations or fingerprints that you can use and also allow you the freedom to tweak it to your taste if you like. Even without any guide, most users should be able to use it once they get their hands on the app and the interface is intuitive and easy to understand.

Kameleo Cons

  • Not Built for Effective Team Collaboration

The Kameleo app is not the antidetect app I will suggest if you want to manage multiple profiles with your team. This is because browser profiles are stored locally and not on the cloud. If you want to share a profile, you will need to save it locally first, then send it via email or upload it to a server where someone can download it and then upload it to his own Kameleo app. This is different from what you get from the likes of GoLogin or AdsPower which are even cheaper but allow effective team collaboration. This is because for these other anti-detect browsers, the profiles are steed in the cloud and the apps come with support for profile sharing out of the box.

  • Unfriendly Pricing System

Another very important con to me is their unfriendly pricing system. I mean with just €59, you can create unlimited profiles, right? Well, that is where the good thing about the pricing ends if you are a small marketer that cannot afford high plans. With this plan, you do not even get the pride and glory of the Kameleo service — mobile fingerprints. However, mobile fingerprints for Android and iOS aren’t the only feature you miss. you also do not have access to cookie import/export, web automation, and many other advanced features.

Final Verdict —  Do I Recommend the Kameleo App?

Kameleo is a free antidetect browser that allows you to create multiple virtual browser profiles. This makes it difficult for websites to track your activity across multiple sessions or devices. Kameleo is a good option for users who are looking for a free and easy-to-use antidetect browser.

Kameleo offers a wide range of features, including:

  • Mobile fingerprinting: Kameleo can spoof your device fingerprint to make it appear as if you are using a different device. This can be useful for bypassing geo-restrictions or for avoiding spam filters.
  • Cookie management: Kameleo allows you to manage your cookies across multiple browser profiles. This can be useful for keeping your accounts separate or for preventing websites from tracking your activity.
  • Data synchronization: Kameleo allows you to synchronize your data across multiple browser profiles. This can be useful for keeping your work organized or for sharing data with others.
  • Web automation: Kameleo allows you to automate tasks in the browser. This can be useful for repetitive tasks or for tasks that are difficult to do manually.
  • Team collaboration: Kameleo allows you to collaborate with others on browser profiles. This can be useful for sharing accounts or for working on projects together.

Overall, Kameleo is a good option for users who are looking for a free and easy-to-use antidetect browser. It offers a wide range of features and is easy to use.

However, it is important to note that Kameleo is a less mature platform than some of its competitors. This means that it may not be as stable or secure.

Looking at the above, I expect you to have made a decision. Frankly speaking, the Kameleo app is just one of the premium software out there for managing multiple accounts in an undetectable manner.

For its primary task, it does it well. Aside from this, it also allows users to create unlimited profiles and comes with other advanced features. Because of these, the Kameleo app is recommended.

However, if you are on a tight budget and looking for the best value for your money, I will recommend the GoLogin app as it does have support for most features of Kameleo. In addition, it supports team collaboration and is much cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kameleo and Answers

Is Kameleo a Good Alternative to Multilogin?

The Kameleo app is a good alternative dependent on the the features and aspects you are looking at. If you are looking at it in terms of mobile OS support, then Kameleo is a good alternative to Multilogin since it does have support for Android and Multilogin does not. It might also seems cheaper even though it is not if you look at the features supported with it basic plan. On the other hand, the Multilogin app is the most mature and stable option in the market. It does have support for team collaboration which is a feature Kameleo lacks. Multilogin also comes with its own custom browsers which make them more antidetect in nature.

How Does Kameleo Compare with GoLogin?

If you ask me, I will say the GoLogin and Kameleo are two anti-detect browsers that can be pitched side by side with each other. Both of them are the two popular options with support for Android. The Kameleo app has the advantage of supporting iOS mobile fingerprints and does allow users to create unlimited browser profiles. However, that is where it ends. For GoLogin, it is an affordable anti-detect browser with support for more advanced features at cheaper pricing. It also has support for team collaboration and profile sharing because profiles are saved in the cloud.

Is Kameleo Safe?

The Kameleo app is safe to use and does not pose any security risk to your computer or accounts. Unlike the others that store browser profiles in the cloud, Kameleo stores browser profiles locally, which makes it a more secure option for the paranoid users. Because it supports mobile fingerprints, it also makes it difficult for websites to suspect its activities and as such, your accounts are quite safe when you make use of this app.



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