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AdsPower Antidetect Review: Perfect for Managing Multiple Accounts?

AdsPower is an antidetect browser that allows you to create and manage multiple browser profiles. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as managing multiple social media accounts, creating multiple email addresses, or testing different websites. AdsPower can help you protect your privacy and security by preventing websites from tracking your activity across multiple devices or browsers.

Compared to the VPN and proxy market, the anti-detect browsers otherwise known as the multi-profile browser software market is still relatively new with only a few actors.

Because the market is still new, there is a lot of uncertainty and many of the anti-detect browsers in the market strive on hype. When used in real-world scenarios, many of them fail to deliver. There are only a few of the anti-detect browsers one can vouch for and the AdsPower multiple account management software is one of them.

This article will review the AdsPower anti-detect browser for intending marketers to know whether it is the right multi-profile browser for them or not. Unlike the Multilogin and GoLogin apps, this anti-detect browser is quite unique in its approach and this is not unconnected to its history as a Facebook ads management product before launching into a full-fledged multiple browser profile creator for multi-accounting and account management. In this AdsPower review, I will reveal to you, the feature, pricing, as well as the pros and cons of the AdsPower app. Before going into that, let’s take a look at an overview of the AdsPower app.

What is AdsPower antiDetect Browser? — an Overview

Feature AdsPower
Price Starts at $39/month
Features Supports a wide range of websites, including dynamic and JavaScript-heavy websites. Offers a variety of scraping methods, including headless browser, proxy, and API. Also offers IP rotation, geo-targeting, and cookie management.
Ease of use Easy to use and set up. Offers a user-friendly interface and detailed documentation.
Support Offers 24/7 support via email and live chat.
Reputation Has a good reputation among users.

According to the copy on the AdsPower website, the AdsPower app “is an anti detect browser for effective multi-account management.” The tool is a multiple profile browser that can help you create as many unique and isolated browser environments as you want to manage multiple accounts. If you have 500 Facebook ads accounts, AdsPower will create 500 browser profiles one for each of the Facebook ads accounts. Quite interesting is the fact that each of these browser profiles has its own separate browser environment with different cookies, local storage, and even cache.

AdsPower started as an anti-detect browser for Facebook ads account management and you can guess that from its name. Currently, it has expanded and now can be said to be one of the top multi-account management browsers in the market not only focusing on Facebook but on other sites as well. Unlike Multilogin, you cannot create a browser profile without binding an account to it. This makes it less susceptible to mixing things up from the beginning. Also important is the fact that it supports bulk uploading of accounts across web services. AdsPower comes with support for extensions, allows team collaboration, and supports operation tracking and data encryption among others.

What is AdsPower Used for?

As with most virtual browser profile management software, the AdsPower app has got a good number of use cases in today’s Internet marketing. Generally, the AdsPower software provides you with unique browser profiles with separate browser environments to safely and securely manage your multiple accounts on web platforms without being discovered to be managing multiple accounts. Below are some of the specific use cases of the software.

Social Media Ads Marketing and Analysis

AdsPower grew from being a Facebook ads account managing browser to a general-purpose anti-detect browser for multi-account. At its core, social media marketing is still one of its best use uses. And currently, ads account management is its popular use case. Other use cases related to marketing include managing multiple accounts for affiliates that wouldn’t allow you to own multiple accounts, managing multiple social media accounts, and verifying ads placements and variations across geolocation without getting banned.

E-Commerce Account Management

Most e-commerce platforms including Amazon and eBay are hard on their sellers managing multiple accounts and wouldn’t spare any. These sites have sophisticated systems of detecting multiple accounts even with proxies set up. However, with AdsPower, the effective browser fingerprinting used in detecting blocking accounts is made useless since each account will be on a different browser profile and thus, have a unique fingerprint customizable to your taste. AdsPower is also good for PayPal and other payment services you might need for your e-commerce platforms. Even if a site is not supported by default, you can just provide the URL and then go ahead and provide your username and password for the accounts and the app will log in successfully.

Web Scraping and Web Automation

Another area where anti-detect browsers like the AdsPower software function well is in the area of web automation. It is no news that Javascript pages are quite difficult to scrape or automate tasks on since Javascript pages are the facilitators of browser fingerprints. If you use traditional browsers to automate your tasks, it is only a matter of time before you are blocked. However, by using AdsPower, the fingerprint is made inefficient and as such, useless at tracking. The app also supports Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which allows you to automate some of your tasks on social media platforms without writing a single line of code.

AdsPower Core Features

AdsPower is the perfect tool for busy marketers as it makes setup fluid since it is more tailored towards managing accounts than just creating browser profiles. Below are some of the core features of the software.

Multiple Accounts Focused with Bulk Profile Upload

One of the core strengths of the AdsPower software is its focus on account profiles on web services rather than browser profiles. For this software, you do not create new browser profiles in isolation. Instead, you import your accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, and PayPal into the platform and each of the accounts will get a new browser environment setup for it. Suffix to say, the AdsPower application tightly couples each of the browser profiles created with an account. In fact, you will need to provide a username and password for the accounts you want to manage in other to create the browser profiles. Alternatively, you can upload your accounts using cookies in place of username and password. Also interesting is the support for bulk profile upload and cookie import. The service also supports profile recycle bins and storage.

Automatic Language Detection and IP Matching

Another core feature you will come to like in the AdsPower app is its automatic language detection. For example, let’s say you upload a Facebook account and use a UK proxy server for it. The tool will automatically detect the geolocation of the proxy and change the language for that Facebook account to UK English. This is in a bid to remove all trace as little things matter to some of the services like Facebook.

Team Collaboration 

The AdsPower browser is the best when it comes to effective team collaboration. It has got support for hierarchical team management where we have an administrator, managers, and team members. You can assign responsibility and permission to team members, and even monitor their activities using the operation logs. This is possible since the browser profiles are actually saved in the cloud. However, SSL symmetric encryption is applied to the data to make it secure.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Another feature the AdsPower app comes with is automation support. You can automate the AdsPower browser to carry out some specific tasks for you on some of the social media and e-commerce platforms supported without writing a single line of code using the Robotic Process Automation (RPA). If you are a coder, you can also use Selenium to automate your tasks including web scraping.

Extension Support

The AdsPower app is extensible. That is, it allows the addition of functionality to the existing functions. To back this up, it comes with useful extensions in the application center that you can add. If you are a coder, you can also develop and upload your own extension for specific use cases. This is one feature not many of the other antidetect browsers currently support.

AdsPower Platform Support and OS Compatibility

The AdsPower software is created for us only on Desktop computers and laptops. If you are looking for one you can use on mobile, then GoLogin is the app you seek. AdsPower is available only on Windows and macOS. For the windows application, it works on Windows 7 and above. Its minimum requirement is a dual-core CPU with 2GB RAM minimum. For the macOS AdsPower application, you can run it on macOS 10.11 (EI Capitan) and above. The apps have been tested and proved secured using some of the popular antivirus software including Avira, Kaspersky, McAfee, and 360 Security Guard, among others.

AdsPower Plans and Pricing

From the above, you can tell that AdsPower is tightly coupled for marketing. However, this still doe not make it expensive. In fact, it has one of the most friendly and flexible pricing systems in the multi-profile virtual browser market right now. Let’s take a look at the AdsPower pricing below.

Plan and Pricing

The smallest plan is actually free but defeats the purpose except if you only need to manage two profiles. For most use cases, you will need more than two profiles and that is where the paid plans come in. The smallest is known as the base plan, allowing a minimum of 10 profiles and  up to 1000 profiles. For 10 profiles, the price is $9 monthly and if you choose to go for 1K profiles, you will pay $139 monthly. The plan is for one person and for each user added, there is a $5 additional charge. This base plan lacks support for the profile recycle bin feature, automatic proxy match, and profile storage for backup, among others. If you need more than what the base plan offer, you will have to subscribe to either their pro or custom plan.

Payment Method Supported

The AdsPower app has one of the most extension support in terms of payment method support. It has got support for PayPal, credit, and as well as debit cards. You can also pay using American Express, WebMoney, and Trustly. The service also accepts cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and USDT for payment. With this, only a few people are left out.

Free Trial and Refund Policy

AdsPower is one of the few anti-detect browsers that you can use for free. Yes, we are not even talking of a free trial here. They have got a free plan that allows you to manage 2 profiles. You even get up to 20 fingerprint configurations. However, you don’t have access to most of the features that make the AdsPower browser one of the best tools for multiple account management. Before you are given access to a free plan, the service does not support refund except in rare cases.

How to Use the AdsPower App — A Setup Guide

The AdsPower software has been made easy to use by its developers. And as stated earlier, it is specifically developed for multiple account management and follows that pattern all through. In this section of the AdsPower review, we would show you how to set up and use the AdsPower app. Before you continue with the article, I will advise you to buy high-quality proxies to use and without proxies, no multi-accounting software will function properly because of the IP footprint. Follow the process below to set up and start using the AdsPower application.

  1. Visit the AdsPower website and create an account. You can pay for a package or use the free plan to test out the tool.
  2. Download the appropriate AdsPower application for your computer from the website and install it.
  3. Launch the app and provide your username and password to be granted access.
  4. Once in the main area, you will see that nothing is set. Click on “Single Import” and a window will open for you to configure the profile.
  5. For the account platform, choose the appropriate web service. It could be Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Twitter, or any other web service. If the web service you need to manage the multiple accounts for using AdsPower isn’t supported, you should choose “others” and enter the URL in the input field provided.
  6. Give the account a nickname that you will use to recognize the account, provide the username and password for the account or simply upload the cookies associated with the account if you have one.
  7. In the proxy type options, choose HTTP or the appropriate proxy type you will use.
  8. For the proxy host, enter the proxy address. For proxy port, enter the proxy port. And then provide the username and password for authentication if applicable. All of these details should be gotten from your proxy provider.
  9. Next is the browser fingerprint configuration. Choose the operating system. Only Android is supported for mobile. For PC, Mac, Windows, and Linux are all supported.
  10. Choose the browser version and leave the user agent option except you know what you are doing.
  11. You can click Ok to create the profile. If you want, you can mess around with the browser fingerprints more by clicking on the advance option. However, I will advise you not to do that.
  12. If the profile has been created successfully, you should see it added to the list of profiles. Click on the open button and a browser will open with the account you just added.

AdsPower Pros and Cons

AdsPower Pros

  • Affordable and Flexible Pricing Option

The pricing of the AdsPower service is one of its competitive advantages. Not only is the service one of the most reasonably cheap anti-detect browsers that work. Its pricing system is quite flexible that you might not pay for the extra features you will not need. If you will be using it alone and want to create 50 profiles or less, you can do that with just $9 monthly. Do you need to share the account with your team member? An additional team member cost $5. The pricing is so flexible that you can get the best value for your money.

  • Simplified for Marketing

If you take a look at the features this service comes with, you will agree with me that the AdsPower app has been made easy for social media marketing compared to the others like Multilogin and GoLogin. It makes it easy for you to import profiles and even support bulk profile upload. The service has got support for a recycle bin and profile storage. Instead of importing accounts using their username and password, you can simply import using cookies and that will work just fine. Its usage is just fluid and perfect for marketing especially Facebook ad which is at the core of the AdsPower software. It also comes with code-free marketing automation support.

  • Responsive and Helpful Customer Support

Another feature I see as a pro to the AdsPower browser is its customer service. They have got ready-to-respond customer service to help out their customers or intending customers. I have had reasons to make use of their customer support twice and the response was fast — under 3 minutes I was connected to a human agent and the agent displayed an understanding of technicalities related to multiple account management which to me, is a plus.

AdsPower Cons

  • No Mobile Support 

Marketing does not have to be on desktop only and the likes of GoLogin and Kameleo have been able to prove that. However, the AdsPower service has yet to catch up, still following the footsteps of Multilogin — the best antidetect browser. With this tool, it means that you will always be on your computer to use it. You cannot be on your phone. All it has is an Android emulating environment — no support for an actual Android device.

Final Verdict —  Do I Recommend the AdsPower App?

AdsPower: The Antidetect Browser That Protects Your Privacy and Security

From the above, you can see that the AdsPower browser does have its core features and pros  that make it competitive in the multi-accounting browser software market. However, it also does have its cons that might make you want to have a rethink. For me, I find the AdsPower app quite useful and a cheaper alternative to the expensive Multilogin app. If you consider the pricing and the features the service has, you can tell that AdsPower is a hit and the software is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AdsPower and Answers

What is AdsPower?

AdsPower is an antidetect browser that allows users to create and manage multiple browser profiles. This can be useful for a variety of purposes, such as managing multiple social media accounts, creating multiple email addresses, or testing different websites.

Is AdsPower Free?

The AdsPower software is not free. However, it does have a highly limited free plan that you can use to manage only 2 profiles and with no support for most of the advanced features that make AdsPower one of the great choices out there. Instead of using the free plan, I will advise you to subscribe to their smallest plan for $9 and enjoy up to 50 profiles.

Is AdsPower Better Than Multilogin?

AdsPower is not better than Multilogin. AdsPower is a cheaper alternative to the Multilogin app which is still the best browser app for creating and managing multiple browser profiles. Multilogin is the most stable option and the one with the most innovation. However, it is quite expensive and out of the budget range of many small marketers. The likes of AdsPower can fill in for those users as the AdsPower browser software is one of the best in the market. However, this does not mean AdsPower is an inferior app as it can be used for most of the tasks the Multilogin app is used for.

Is AdsPower Safe to Use?

Yes, the AdsPower antidetect browser software is safe to use. Popular antivirus software including  Kaspersky, Avira Antivirus, McAfee, and 360 Security Guard, were used to eat the software and the result all proved positive. In terms of the safety of your account you upload the platform, the team has not been indicted in any account compromise case and the data is usually saved in an encrypted format on their server, making it practically useless if an attacker should gain access to it.

How to Download the AdsPower Software?

The download process of the AdPower app is quite easy. All you need to do is visit the adsPower website and click on the download button to be taken to the download page. As stated above, the software is available only to Windows and Mac users. Click on the version for your operating system and wait for it to complete downloading. To use the AdsPower software for multiple account management, you can either register through the website or the app you installed.

Is it illegal to use AdsPower?

In most cases, it is not illegal to use AdsPower. However, there are some countries where it is illegal to use an antidetect browser to bypass geo-restrictions or to commit fraud.

How do I choose the best antidetect browser for me?

When choosing an antidetect browser, there are a few factors you should consider, including:

  • Price: Antidetect browsers can range in price from free to hundreds of dollars per month.
  • Features: Antidetect browsers offer a variety of features, such as mobile fingerprinting, API integration, and team collaboration.
  • Ease of use: Antidetect browsers can be complex to use, so you should choose one that is easy to understand and navigate.
  • Reputation: It is important to choose an antidetect browser from a reputable company with a good track record.

What are some alternatives to AdsPower?

Here are some alternatives to AdsPower:

    • Multilogin: Multilogin is a popular antidetect browser that offers a wide range of features, including mobile fingerprinting, API integration, and team collaboration.
    • GoLogin: GoLogin is another popular antidetect browser that offers a good balance of features and price.
    • Kameleo: Kameleo is a less expensive alternative to Multilogin and GoLogin that offers a good range of features.
    • Incogniton: Incogniton is a free antidetect browser that offers a basic set of features.
    • Ghost Browser: Ghost Browser is a single browser with multi-tab that offers a unique set of features, such as cookie jar and support for proxies.

Ultimately, the best antidetect browser for you will depend on your individual needs and requirements. If you need a stable and reliable platform with a wide range of features, Multilogin is a good option. If you’re looking for a more affordable and less resource-intensive option, Ghost Browser is a good choice.


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