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How to Manage Multiple Accounts Without Bans

Struggling with managing multiple accounts without getting banned? Unraveling the Challenges of Multiple Accounts Management on Hobsoft, Discover how antidetect browsers like Multilogin and GoLogin can provide the solution you need for seamless, undetected multiple account management.

If you have tried managing multiple accounts on a web service such as Gmail, Facebook, Amazon, or even LinkedIn before, you’ll notice that it is not allowed. You either lose all of the accounts, or you’re asked to close one.

Most web services operate a strict one-person per account rule. But as an Internet marketer, you know some of your tasks require you to manage multiple accounts. What then do you do? Let me know some tips on how to Manage Multiple Accounts at first,

Must-Know Tips to Manage Multiple Accounts Without Bans

Effective management of multiple ad accounts involves strict adherence to platform guidelines, sensible content practices, utilization of stealth browsing technology, consideration of purchasing established accounts, and maintaining distinct contact information and regular engagement for each account. 📱💼

  • Running multiple ad accounts on social media platforms is risky due to possible bans and financial losses. 💼🔥
  • Social media platforms enforce strict policies against one person or business operating multiple accounts to avoid fraudulent activities. ⛔🕵️‍♂️
  • To avert bans, businesses must adhere to platform rules, avoid manipulating content or engagement, and steer clear of offensive content, false advertising, and copyright infringements. 📜✔️
  • Stealth browsing platforms, such as Kameleo, help manage multiple ad accounts by separating data and cookies, and ensuring no malicious activity. 🕶️🔒
  • Buying established ad accounts can be cost-effective, allowing businesses to leverage pre-existing audiences, credibility, and customer trust. 💰📈
  • Successful management of multiple social media accounts entails understanding and complying with platform guidelines, not posting inappropriate content, and active audience engagement. 📚👥
  • Utilizing anti-detect browsers, maintaining separate contact information for each account, and keeping accounts regularly updated and engaging are all recommended strategies to avoid detection and bans. 🔄🕵️‍♀️📧📞💪📊

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Some marketers resort to using multiple devices, such as computers and smartphones. But the cost is not something to go by. And when you need many accounts, it becomes difficult. You can imagine managing 100 computers? So how, then, do you successfully manage tens, hundreds, and even thousands of accounts on the same computer without getting detected and banned? That’s where antidetect browsers come in.

Antidetect Browsers: The Tools for Multiple Account Management 

Antidetect browsers such as Multilogin and GoLogin help you replace multiple computers with virtual browser profiles. They are just like normal web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. However, they make browser fingerprinting ineffective for web services by spoofing your actual browser fingerprint with a different one.

For each virtual browser profile created, you get a different browser fingerprint, separate local storage, cookies, and cache. Antidetect browsers also support the use of proxies, so each browser profile gets a unique IP address. This keeps the virtual browser profiles truly unique and separate from each other since each has its own browser environment.

With this, you can manage each account on a different browser. But then, there are other rules you need to follow, and that is why you’ll need to read this article in other to protect your act to the fullest.

Requirements for Multi-Accounting.

To manage multiple accounts, you’ll need the following:

  • Antidetect browser: We recommend GoLogin as it is affordable and gets the work done.
  • Undetectable proxies: Residential proxies are the best for multiple account management. The Smartproxy Residential Proxy Network is the recommended provider.
  • Fake User Persona Generator: This is meant for generating fake personal and contact details that don’t even exist. You can use The FakeNameGenerator Tool for that.
  • Email Accounts: You need as many email addresses as the number of accounts to be managed. Gmail is a good provider for this.
  • Payment Methods (Optional): If your task requires you to make a payment, you’ll need different payment methods for each account. You can create stealth PayPal accounts for that.

Steps to Create and Manage Multiple Accounts 

Follow the step highlighted below to ensure your accounts are never linked and blocked on the basis of multiple accounting.

Step 1: Create a Spreadsheet for Record Keeping

You need to keep a record of what user persona is associated with which account. The proxy (IP address), email address, virtual browser profile, and payment method should equally be entered into the record. You should create a heading for each in the spreadsheet— username/email address, full name, address, virtual browser profile name, proxy address, proxy port, proxy username, and proxy password.

Step 2: Generate Fake User Personas 

Go to the FakeNameGenerator website and generate a fake user persona. Use the fake details provided to populate the appropriate field in the spreadsheet. You can tweak the tool to specify gender, name set, and country. Once you’ve generated a user persona, you can click on the “Generate” button to generate another. Repeat that until you generate as many as you want.

Note: If you already have the accounts to be managed, you don’t need to use this tool again. Just populate the spreadsheet with the appropriate details.

Step 3: Purchase Proxies for Hiding IP Footprint 

Head over to the Smartproxy website and purchase proxies. You’ll need them to hide your IP footprint, without which using an antidetect browser is even useless. Purchase their residential proxies or high-quality dedicated datacenter proxies depending on your target sites.

Residential proxies go with the most popular websites, and you can get started with either $80 for 8GB or go for their pay-as-you-go option for $15 per GB. From the user dashboard, generate a proxy list and copy the proxy list details (proxy addresses, ports, usernames, and passwords). You’ll need them when creating browser profiles. You should paste them into your spreadsheet.

Step 4: Get and Install the GoLogin Antidetect Browser

With the above sorted out, you can now move on to setting the antidetect browser. You can use any reliable antidetect browser of your choice. However, we recommend GoLogin for its affordability, reliability, and features they come with. Head over to the GoLogin website and purchase a plan. It starts from $49 monthly, and you can create up to 100 virtual browser profiles. They have other packages, including an enterprise plan that starts from $199 with support for 1000 profiles.

You get 50% of annual payment. They also have support for a free trial. Register on the GoLogin website and purchase a plan. Download it on your device. It has support for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

Step 5: Create Multiple Browser Profile 

Create as many browser profiles as you need. Each browser profile will be used to manage only one account. The process of creating browser profiles is easy on GoLogin.

  1. Launch GoLogin and click on the “Create Your First Profile”
  2. Give the new profile a name. It should preferably be the full name of the user persona for an account.
  3. You see tabs ranging from Overview, Proxy, Timezone, WebRTC, Geolocation, Extensions, and Advanced. Except you know what you’re doing, focus only on the proxy tab.
  4. For proxy settings, choose HTTP Proxy as the connection type. Enter the proxy address, port, username, and password in the appropriate field.
  5. Click the “Create Profile” button.
  6. Repeat the same for the number of profiles to be created.

Step 6: Manage Your Multiple Accounts

Now that you have created the number of virtual browser profiles you need in GoLogin, you can start managing your accounts. Each profile will be treated as a unique browser with its own cookies, local storage, cache, IP address, and even browser fingerprint. Manage only one account on each browser profile.

To launch a browser profile, just click on the “Run” button close to the browser profile on the list of profiles you created. Anytime you launch a profile, the specific account you manage on it will be logged in. This way, you can launch many of the profiles and use them simultaneously without getting banned.


How are Multiple Accounts Detected?

Web services detect multiple accounts via multiple pointers. In the past, they used only IP addresses and cookies. However, a lot has changed, and they use much more than just your IP address and cookies. They also use your browser fingerprint and carry out behavioral analysis to see accounts that can be linked together by their behavior. For the most part, if you use an antidetect browser and proxy, it becomes difficult for websites to detect your multiple accounts.

Are Antidetect Browsers Effective for Multiple Account Management?

Yes, antidetect browsers are effective for managing multiple accounts. This is because they spoof your browser fingerprint, create a separate cookie and local storage for each account, and with the help of proxies, each gets a unique IP address. If you do not link them up with the same payment details, email address, or phone number, it becomes difficult for them to be detectable.

Is Managing Multiple Accounts Allowed by Web Services?

Web services, for the most part, do not allow a user to manage more than one account. If you try it without hiding it, you’re sure to get the accounts banned. However, managing multiple accounts without doing something legal is completely fine and won’t get you in trouble with the law.


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