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Multilogin App Review: A Replacement for Multiple Computers?

Multilogin is a great option for users who need a stable and secure antidetect browser with a wide range of features. It is a bit more expensive than some competitors, but it is worth the price for the added security and features.

At some point, it was becoming difficult for marketers and ads experts to manage multiple accounts on the same platform without getting blocked even when proxies were used. The option then for them was to run each account on a separate computer or VPS which is not only complicated but costs more. Then comes Multilogin, the application that revolutionizes the managing of multiple accounts on the same machine.

In this Multilogin review, we would be reviewing the Multilogin app to reveal to you, all you need to know about it, including its pros and cons and why you may need to make use of it or go for an alternative. We even provide details on the alternatives in the market at the end of the article.

What is Multilogin? – an Overview 

Multilogin is a multiple account management application that utilizes virtual browser profiles to stimulate multiple computers.  it is the most popular antidetect browser.

  • Multilogin is the most popular antidetect browser on the market.
  • It is known for its stability, security, and wide range of features.
  • Multilogin is a good option for users who need a stable and reliable platform with a wide range of features.
  • Multilogin is also a good choice for users who need to manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms.

This software basically replaces multiple computers with browser profiles and with its support for proxies, it becomes difficult for web services to detect your multiple accounts. The Multilogin app allows you to manage each account in a separated browser environment completely isolated, each with its own cookies, local storage, and cache. For each browser profile created, you can control the browser fingerprint, set up proxies for IP address anonymity, and make it look completely different as if it is on a different computer.

Feature Multilogin
Price Starts at $19/month
Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Features Mobile fingerprinting, API integration, unlimited browser profiles, web automation, team collaboration, data synchronization
Stability Stable platform
Resource intensity More resource-intensive
Best for Overall best antidetect browser

Multilogin, an anti-detect browser is arguable the first multiple profile browser that supports real separation and isolation of accounts that even big ads companies are unable to detect. Also important is the fact that Multilogin does not only provide you protection against browser fingerprints, it also makes it easy for teams to collaborate on a project. This is because the virtual profiles created are stored in the cloud, making them accessible to all team members. The app also has support for automation and does have an API you can use as a developer. To keep you even more secure, the browsers used in the Multilogin app are created by the Multilogin team — Mimic browser based on the Chromium engine and Stealthfox browser based on Firefox engine.

What is Multilogin Used for?

Multilogin provides virtual browser profile services. It is a tool for Internet marketers and researchers to carry out their tasks without getting blocked while managing multiple accounts on the same platform. This is achieved through creating multiple isolated browser profiles and controlling browser and device fingerprints. Below are some of the top uses of the Multilogin app.

Manage Stores on E-Commerce Platforms

Managing multiple accounts and storefronts on e-commerce stores such as Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress as a seller is difficult as you will get banned since it is against their terms and condition even when done legitimately. In the past, marketers had to use multiple computers to do that. But with the help of the Multilogin app, they can now comfortably manage more than one account both on the e-commerce platform as well as PayPal for payment without getting blocked by running each of the accounts on a separate virtual browser profile on Multilogin.

Use Multilogin for Ads Account Management

Paid ad is one of the sure traffic sources for most marketers. And for some reason, they need multiple accounts either because their former one has been banned or blocked or because they need to manage more than one each for a particular use case. Unfortunately, platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more have developed effective methods of detecting multiple accounts and banning them even with the use of proxies. With Multilogin, each account will be managed in an isolated browser environment unique from the other accounts, thereby making it difficult to detect and link.

Web Scraping and General Web Automation 

One other use of the Multilogin app that is ingenious is a web scraping and web automation in general. Websites are becoming smart and using browser fingerprinting to detect and block bots regardless of their integration of proxies and captcha solvers. How then does Multilogin come in? The app can be automated using the Selenium web browser to access data on web pages. And because the Multilogin browsers are anti-fingerprinting browsers, you are able to scrape without getting blocked. The same applies to general web automation and automating your business workflow.

Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts and Other Use cases

Do you own multiple accounts on social media accounts and they keep getting banned even after following all of the rules in the book? This is because social media platforms use more than just your IP and cookies, to link you. There is also browser fingerprinting and the Multilogin app will help you against such blocks. Other use cases of the Multilogin app is includes affiliate marketing, traffic arbitrage, betting, and ticketing, among others.

Multilogin Core Features

Multilogin is the leader in the case and has a good number of advanced features that makes it better than using regular browser profiles in browsers such as Chrome. Let’s take a look at some of its features below.

Control All Important Browser Parameters

You can control all browser configurations, thereby giving the fingerprints you want to. Some of the browser settings and parameters you can configure include browser type (Mimic for Chrome, Stealthfox for Firefox), language, screen resolution, Timezone, WebRTC, geolocation, proxies, and even custom DNS. The Multilogin app also has support for browser extensions with extensions for Chrome installable on the Mimic browser and extensions for Firefox installable on the Stealthfox browser.

Support Multiple Browser Profiles

The Multilogin app allows you to create as many browser profiles as you want. However, the number of browsers you can create is determined by the subscription package you are subscribed to. The smallest package limits you to only 100 browser profiles. If you need more, you will need to upgrade to a higher plan. The interesting thing about this is that all of the browser profiles are 100% independent and isolated with no leaks whatsoever.

Specialized Browsers Integrated

Multilogin discovers it is difficult to create a true separation between accounts if any of the regular browsers are used. It response to this is the creation of its own browsers which anyway, utilize the browser engines of popular browsers but remove the fingerprinting capabilities. The browser integrated includes the Mimic browser (Chromium engine) and the Stealthfox browser (Firefox engine). It also does have support for an Android browser also integrated.

Collaboration with Team

The Multilogin app is also one of the best anti-detect browsers for team collaboration. Created browser profiles are saved in the cloud. This makes it easy for team members to access accounts remotely. It also makes it easy for you to share an account with team members without necessarily revealing the password to those accounts since you can log in from your end and they can then access the account using the browser profile for that account.

Multilogin Platform Support and OS Compatibility 

The Multilogin app has been developed only for desktop usage and that is one of the cons right there. Currently, the anti-detect privacy browser is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux. If you are looking for a multi-profile browser to use on mobile, then Kameleo is a good alternative.  You need to also pay attention to your specific Operating System (OS) to determine if the multi-profile browser will work for you or if you need an alternative. The Multilogin app is not compatible with Windows 7. For Windows, you should run it on Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016.

For Mac users, the Multilogin app can work on macOS Catalina, Mojave, Big Sur, Monterey, and High Sierra. While the app has been tested on Ubuntu 18, it has been stated that it works on most Linux distributions. The minimum requirement for the Multilogin app is 4G RAM, 1GB disk space, and GPU availability.

Multilogin Plans and Pricing

If there is one area where there’s the outrage about the Multilogin service, then it has got to do with its pricing which to many is expensive compared to what others offer. In fact, the price has actually been getting expensive as time goes by.

Plans and Pricing

Currently, the smallest plan is the Solo plan sold for €99, and that allows you to save up to 100 browser profiles with all browser fingerprint management features. If you need to create more browser profiles or collaborate with team members, then you will need to upgrade to a higher plan. The higher plans include the Team plan for €199 (300 browser profiles) and the Scale plan for €399 (100 browser profiles). If you need more than these, you can opt-in for their custom plan.

It is important you know that all payments will be settled in EUR regardless of if you pay in USD.

Payment Method Supported

There is a wide variety of options available to you when it comes to paying for the application. The Multilogin service accepts payment in PayPal, American Express, Visa, and MasterCard, as well as wire transfers, and Bitcoin. It is important you know that your subscription is activated manually by the team but is usually done in no time. Depending on the payment method used, you might be required to go through a KYC process (but this is not compulsory though, as some users never experienced it).

Free Trial and Refund Policy 

For reasons best known to the Multilogin team, they do not offer a free trial option. I even personally requested it and I was turned downed. I assume the none existence of free trial is to push away the free trial fraudsters. The only option available to you as a guarantee you won’t be throwing away your money is a 14-days money-back guarantee. However, while there is a money-back guarantee in place, it might not even favor you as the only condition the warrants you getting your money back is if there is an outage from their end. For other reasons, it is solely at their discretion to decide whether they want to give you back your money or not.

How to Use the Multilogin App — A Setup Guide

It might interest you to know that the Multilogin app is quite easy to set up and use. To illustrate that, I will be showing you how to create multiple browser profiles using the Multilogin app. What this will do is that it will create separate completely separated and isolated browsing accounts which you can use to manage an account without it being linked to another. With this, you no longer need virtual machines or VPS to manage multiple accounts as the anti-detect app creates virtual browser profiles that are isolated and unique from each other. Each browser profile will be like a different and unique machine entirely.

I assume you already have an active subscription with Multilogin. If you do not, head over to the Multilogin website to create one now.

  1. Install the Multilogin application on a computer (macOS, Windows, or Linux) and launch it.
  2. Provide your authentication details to be granted access.
  3. The main page will open with a navigation interface on the left-hand side and the main interface on the left.
  4. Click on “New browser profile” and the interface to configure a new browser profile will open.
  5. Give the browser profile a unique name associated with its specific use and account — it should be what you will remember to avoid mixing things up and ruining your project.
  6. Choose the operating system you want to mimic — Mac, Windows, Linux, or Android
  7. Choose a browser type — Mimic (Chrome engine) or Stealthfox (Firefox engine).  Don’t worry about the user agent, Multilogin will fix that for you.
  8. Click on the “Edit proxy settings”. You will need to add a proxy server so that each account will have a unique IP address. Without this, your accounts will get linked even with the new browser profiles you will create. Our recommended providers for Multilogin proxies include Smartproxy, Stormproxies, TheSocialProxies, and Highproxies.
  9. After clicking on the button, an interface will appear for you to enter your proxy details. Choose HTTP proxies and provide the proxy details (address, port, username, and password) gotten from either of the aforementioned providers.
  10. You can also configure the timezone, webRTC, geolocation, and much more in the advance tab. In this guide, leave them as they are.
  11. Click on the create browser profile and your new browser profile will be created.
  12. The new profile will be added to the homepage where the list of profiles is listed.
  13. All you need to do is click on the “Start” button for that profile and you are good to go.

Multilogin Pros and Cons

Multilogin Pros

  • Stable and Mature

Multilogin is one of the foremost multiple browser profile services for creating multiple accounts that we know. They have been in the industry from the beginning and started as a browser plugin or extension before moving into becoming a full-fledged anti-detect multi-profile browser software. The Multilogin app is currently the best in the market snd has been proven to work even against big actors such as Facebook and Google without getting detected and multiple accounts banned. The application by far is the most stable and matured multi-profile browser in the market right now.

  • Use Own Browsers for anti-fingerprinting capabilities

The team at Multilogin discovers early on that even the Chromium and Firefox engines at their core, have fingerprinting abilities and for this reason, they created their own browsers based on the browser engines but look identical to browsers with the fingerprinting capabilities destroyed. This remains one of the keys to their success to date and what other anti-detect browsers are looking to copy.

  • Team Collaboration and Automation Support 

As a team, you do not need to share login passwords for your multiples accounts ever again with Multilogin. All you need to do is share browser profiles with you already logged in and a user from other parts of the world can access the account. This is because browser profiles are stored in the cloud and not locally. Also added as a pro for this multiple account management software is the ability to automate the software using Selenium and Puppeteer, which makes it perfect for web scraping and general web automation.

Multilogin Cons

  • Expensive Pricing

The number one reason why many do not like this software is because of its expensive pricing. The smallest plan (Solo) is priced at €99 monthly and with that, you can only create up to 100 profiles. If you compare Gologin ($49 monthly), Kameleo (€59), Adspower ($50), and Incogniton  ($30) which are also some of the best anti-detect browsers for multiple account management, you will see how expensive the service is. Also of consideration is the fact that a free trial is not supported and their refund policy can make it difficult for you to get a refund.

  • No Mobile Support

Multilogin for now focuses on the desktop or PC ecosystem. It does have support for Android fingerprints but does not have an Android app. If you want to make use of this service, you will need to use it on a Mac computer, Windows, or Linux. The service for now does not have support for Android or even iOS. For multiple profile browsers with support for mobile devices, check out Gologin or Kameleo.

Final Verdict —  Do I Recommend the Multilogin App?

Multilogin Pros:

  • Stable
  • Secure
  • Wide range of features

Multilogin Cons:

  • More expensive
  • More resource-intensive
  • Not as easy to use as some competitors

If you have gone through the Multilogin review above in full, you already know my disposition. You see, the app is the first mover in the multiple profile browser market and so far, it has proven to be the best. Even though there are other new players on the scene, its ingenious use of custom web browsers (Mimic and Stealthfox browser) that fake fingerprints are just one thought process I commend. The app is stable, reliable, and can be used to create multiple accounts managed within isolated browser profiles without getting detected regardless of the website in question.

However, as with most software in the market, it does have its downside and pricing is one of the areas it flops as it is considered expensive. If the pricing is not an issue for you, then we recommend you buy the Multilogin app as it is the best out there. However, if you can’t afford it, then GologinKameleo, and AdsPower are good alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Multilogin Review and Answers

Below are some of the popular questions marketers ask about the Multilogin app and their answers.

What is Anti-Detect Browser?

An anti-detect browser is a browser software that utilizes some anti-fingerprinting methods to prevent web services from generating uniquely identifiable fingerprints that could be used to identify them online. While some of the anti-detect browsers resist fingerprinting completely, the likes of Multilogin do not resist, instead, it distorts the fingerprint, making it ineffective at using it for tracking. These browsers were introduced as a measure against popular web services using browser and device fingerprinting to track and identify users which aid them in preventing the use of multiple accounts.

Is Multilogin Free?

The Multilogin app is a premium app that a lot has been put into its development by a private company. The app is not free and there is no free trial even available. You will need to pay a minimum of €99 in other to make use of it.  If you need an alternative because of expensive pricing, you can check out the Gologin or Kameleo app for cheaper pricing.

Is GoLogin Better than Multilogin?

GoLogin is not better than Multilogin. It is only cheaper than the Multilogin app. So far, no other virtual browser profile app in the market can be said to be better than the Multilogin app. However, it is quite expensive and that is the reason many are looking for an alternative and GoLogin is a credible alternative it has many of the features of the Multilogin app. to learn more on the differences and similarities of GoLogin and Multilogin, read Multilogin Vs GoLogin comparison.

Is Multilogin a VPS?

The Multilogin app is not a VPS. It is a multi-profile browser, developed for multiple account management. Each browser is basically a virtual browser profile but appears to be a real browser on a different machine unique from the other browser profiles. This is because each profile has a separate browse environment with its own cookies, local storage, cache, and IP address when proxies are configured. These browser profiles are stored in the cloud on the Multilogin server and can be accessed remotely. If you need to convert airtime to cash, use this app.

What are the Best Multilogin Alternatives?

Multilogin has proven to be a force to reckoned with when it comes to preventing browser fingerprinting and the creation of virtual browser profiles for multiple account management. However, as with most software, it is not the tool for everyone either because of its pricing, device compatibility, or even personal preference. If you want to make use of a Multilogin alternative, then you can check out GoLoginAdspower, or Kameleo. Discover the difference between AdsPower and Multilogin here.

How to Download the Multilogin App

You can download the Multilogin app from the official website of the application. You should avoid downloading any crack version that promises you free usage to avoid compromising your device in the process. The application is a paid app and you should pay for the software you use.


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