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GoLogin Review: Is GoLogin Anti detect Browser Good?

GoLogin is a great option for users who need a stable and secure antidetect browser with a wide range of features. It is a bit more expensive than some competitors, but it is worth the price for the added security and features.

Managing multiple accounts on the same web service was becoming difficult as websites were using sophisticated techniques to detect and block them. Then comes the Multilogin app, the app that makes it easy for marketers and agencies to run multiple accounts each on a separate browser profile that appears to be a unique machine and browser. The success of the Multilogin app gave birth to other multi-profile browser software like the GoLogin anti-detect browser.

In this article, we would be providing you with a review of GoLogin as an anti-detect browser that provides virtual browser profiles. At the end of this GoLogin review, you will know all of what you need to know about the GoLogin app to make an informed decision. Among other things you will learn includes the pros and cons of the GoLogin anti-detect browser, its pricing, features, customer support, and much more.

What is GoLogin? — an Overview

  • GoLogin is a new antidetect browser that is quickly gaining popularity.
  • It is known for its stability, security, and wide range of features.
  • GoLogin is a good option for users who need a stable and reliable platform with a wide range of features.
  • GoLogin is also a good choice for users who need to manage multiple accounts across multiple platforms.

GoLogin is an anti-detect browser that has been created for multiple account management. It achieves this by allowing marketers to create multiple virtual browser profiles that are impossible to link. Thanks to the fact that each of the profiles created has a separated browser environment with a different cookie, local storage, and cache. For each browser profile created, you can tweak the fingerprint and browser parameters to whatever you want, making it difficult for sites you manage multiple accounts on to detect your rig of accounts. Also important is the fact that the browser profiles are securely saved in the cloud, making them accessible to other team members.

Feature GoLogin Multilogin
Price Starts at $15/month Starts at $19/month
Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
Features Mobile fingerprinting, API integration, unlimited browser profiles, web automation, team collaboration, data synchronization Mobile fingerprinting, API integration, unlimited browser profiles, web automation, team collaboration, data synchronization
Stability Stable platform Stable platform
Resource intensity Less resource-intensive More resource-intensive
Best for Overall best antidetect browser Overall best antidetect browser

Because the virtual browser profiles are saved in the cloud, it makes it one of the best multi-accounting software with team collaboration support. With the GoLogin app, you can manage your digital identities online and resist any tracking attempt by websites on the Internet. The service has got a database with over browser configurations and parameters which you can choose from. GoLogin does have support for web automation which makes it also perfect for web scraping. It is also one of the few multiple account management browsers that come with a custom browser (Orbita), in a bid to avoid using the popular browsers that all come with fingerprinting abilities baked into them.

What is GoLogin Used?

 GoLogin anti-detect browser helps you spoof your digital fingerprint against websites trying to use them to track you. This, together with its support for creating multiple browser profiles which are isolated in separate browser environments gives it a lot of applications. Below are some of the top use cases of the GoLogin multi-account software.

Digital Marketing

GoLogin finds its application in digital marketing. One of the areas of this is affiliate marketing. Most services do not allow their affiliates to own more than one account. On the other hand, marketers need to manage more accounts to earn more money and efficient management of revenue. With the help of GoLogin, you can create multiple accounts and have each one of them being managed on a separate browser environment with a unique fingerprint. Also useful is in the area of managing multiple accounts on forums and social media networks for the sake of marketing — you can use the GoLogin virtual browser for that too.

E-Commerce Management

Managing multiple accounts on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay as a seller is risky as you can get discovered and banned, thereby losing your source of revenue. However, you will agree with me that even those managing one storefront is good, you are better off with more storefronts in other to generate more revenue and future-proof your business from bans. The GoLogin app will help you manage your multiple e-commerce accounts by managing each account in a separate browser environment that makes fingerprinting ineffective. This is also helpful for dropshipping, as well as betting, among other methods of making money.

Web Automation

You didn’t expect this right? I mean it is a virtual browser service. What has it got to do with web automation? Well, remember it does come with the Orbita browser which prevents fingerprinting. The Orbita browser together with Puppeteer or Selenium can be used for web automation. This combination is powerful and what you use this power depends on you. As far as we know, some use it for web scraping which is one of the tasks that is becoming difficult on some of the popular websites nowadays.

This is especially true if you try doing it as scale as there’s enough data of your activity to be linked. But with GoLogin and its ingenious Orbita browser, this becomes difficult. Some developers also use the anti-detect browser for automated site testing for their websites. You can use it to automate any repetitive task on the Internet too.

GoLogin Core Features

GoLogin so far has proven to be a good alternative to the Multilogin app. The GoLogin app mirrors the features offered by the MultiLogin app with some of the unique twists that make it a strong contender. Let’s take a look at some of its core features below.

Over 50 Browser Configurations and Parameters

GoLogin allows you to customize each of the browser parameters in other to decide the digital footprint associated with each profile. However, you do not have to go through the stress of customizing the browser fingerprint if you do not want to or have the know-how of what each means. From the GoLogin app, you can choose from the over 50 browser fingerprints provided. Also important is the fact that GoLogin makes use of its own custom browser known as Orbita browser, which is basically a browser-based on the Chromium engine and looks like Chrome but devoid of the fingerprinting capabilities of popular browsers.

Supports Unlimited Virtual Browser Profiles 

Do you need to manage 100 multiple accounts on Amazon or 10,000 Facebook accounts? Whatever number of multiple accounts you want to create and manage, the GoLogin anti-detect browser has been built for that. All that is required is you to subscribe to the appropriate plan and you are good to go. Regardless of the number of virtual browser profiles you created, each of the browser profiles will have a unique and separated browser environment that does not leak and is associated with any other browser profile.

Unlike the MultiLogin app, you even get free proxies associated with each of the browser profiles thereby giving each a unique IP footprint. However, we advise you to add your own proxies for better anonymity and network speed.

Human Typing Emulation

This feature makes it difficult for web services such as Amazon, Facebook, and even Google to detect you. With this, when you copy-paste text, it won’t be pasted in whole. Inspired, the text will be typed as you would if you were to type it out yourself. However, this feature is not available by default and you will need to right-click at the point of pasting to choose the option from the list.

Team Collaboration and Profile Sharing

Another core feature of the Gologin anti-detect browser is its team collaboration support which makes it possible for you to share browser profiles with team members. This has the advantage of allowing team members to work on accounts without knowing the password. This is possible because the browser profiles and their associated cookies are stored in the cloud. And as such, any user you share the profile with will have access to it as if he is using it from your end. For each team member, you can share a profile and assign duties to them to even work remotely.

GoLogin Platform Support and OS Compatibility 

Platform support goes a long way to deciding the adaptability of software. GoLogin understands, this and as such, has taken a cross-platform approach to platform support. The GoLogin anti-detect privacy browser is available on both desktop/PC and mobile. On the desktop, GoLogin has got support for macOS, Windows, and Linux. At the mobile level, the privacy browser is available for the Android operating system.

Even though iOS is not supported yet, you will agree with me that supporting Android which owns 70 percent of the mobile OS market makes it a mobile-friendly virtual browser profile creation software for multiple accounting. Also important is the cloud launch support that makes it possible for you to use the GoLogin virtual browser in the cloud without installing it. The anti-detect privacy browser also has support for a beta program that all users can join. With this, you download the beta version of their software and test it. Data regarding performance is collected and used in making the software better.

GoLogin Plans and Pricing

GoLogin is one of the MultiLogin alternatives that got it right in terms of pricing. In fact, if the pricing of Multilogin is expensive to you, then GoLogin has got you covered. Let’s take a look at how favorable GoLogin is to small markers.

Plan and Pricing

The smallest plan is the professional plan with a price tag of $49 monthly for 100 profiles and 10 profile sharing support. This has no team member support. If you need to create and manage more than 100 browser profiles and use the team collaboration option, you will need to subscribe to a higher plan. This includes the business plan (300 browser profiles) for $99, enterprise plan (1000 browser profiles) for $199, and custom plan (2000 browser profiles and above) for $299+. You can get a 50% discount if you pay for a yearly subscription. Even without that, you can tell it is a good value for the money compared to Multilogin.

Payment Method Supported

With this service, you cannot run out of methods of making payments. GoLogin has got support for any debit or credit card. Provided you have funds on your card, you can buy and pay for this service. Aside from card payment, GoLogin also has support for cryptocurrency payment and you can pay using BTC, ETH, LTC, USDC, DOGE, and DAI, among others.

Free Trial and Refund Policy

The service allows new users to make use of the GoLogin app for 7 days for free. During this period, you have full access to all of the features that the GoLogin app has and you are expected to have tested the service enough to know if you want to continue using it. For this reason, the service does not offer a money-back guarantee and all sales are final. However, they do have a refund policy that treats refund requests on a case-to-case basis that might help you get your money back — but there is no guarantee for that.

How to Use the GoLogin App — A Setup Guide

GoLogin has been made easy to use —- thanks to its intuitive user interface that has been designed to be simple in such a way that even first-time users do not find it difficult. In this article, we will be taking a look at the step-by-step guide on how to configure the GoLogin anti-detect browser. Even though free proxies are provided, I will advise you to use proxies high-quality proxies for GoLogin and avoid their free proxies.

  1. Visit the GoLogin website and download the app for your specific operating system and platform. The download link is very much very on the pages of the website.
  2. Install the app and launch it then provide your authentication details to have the app open fully.
  3. If this is your first time using the app, the list of browser profiles on the main page will be empty.
  4. Click on the “Create your First Profile” button. This will take to the profile configuration.
  5. Remember, I stated that the GoLogin app comes with over 50 browser fingerprints. This means that you may not even do a lot of configuration to be able to use the virtual browser.
  6. Give the profile a name.
  7. The tab that opens by default is the overview tab.
  8. All of the details you need to set up there are self-explanatory.
  9. Next, go to the Proxy tab, and in the connection type, select HTTP proxy.
  10. Enter the proxy address, port, username, and password you got from your provider choice.
  11. Go through the other settings and then save the configuration.
  12. Once the profile is created, you can see it in the list o created browser profiles.
  13. All you have to do is click on the run button and the browser will open for you to use.

Gologin Pros and Cons

GoLogin Pros

  • Affordable Pricing with Free Trials

Multilogin is known to be expensive and that is even why people look for an alternative in the first place as it is everything a virtual browser profile management software should be. Well, GoLogin filled the game in terms of pricing and as it is now, it is one of the cheapest in the market. The smallest plan is $49 monthly and you can get a 50% discount if you are paying annually. Also important is the fact that the GoLogin software does offer a 7-day free trial to new customers.

  • Responsive Customer Support

Another area where we can say the GoLogin service is top-notch is in the area of customer support. I have tried communicating with their customer support and they were quite responsive. In fact, on one occasion, I contact them on Easter Sunday and I got a live chat agent within one minute. On a general basis, their customer support responsiveness is one of the best in the virtual browser profile market.

  • User Interface is Intuitive and Easy to Use

If you are looking for an anti-detect browser that is easy to use, then the GoLogin software is the software for you. The user interface is easy to use and you can get started in no time even if you are a new user. The GoLogin team also provides an easy guide on how to make use of their anti-detect browser.

GoLogin Cons

  • Some Users Complain of Crashing

For now, this is the major issue with the GoLogin app. Some users of the app complain it crashes on them while using it. However, a little dig in the GoLogin blog revealed a post that explains that. Turns out that the number of virtual browsers you can launch simultaneously depends on your device capabilities. You cannot run 100 profiles simultaneously on a 16GB RAM device and expect it not to crash.

While you can create as many browser profiles as your subscription permits, the number you can launch concurrently is determined by your device capabilities. It is for this reason that GoLogin warns users when they try to launch more than 10 browser profiles at a go. You should only continue if your device supports that.

  • Customer Support Can Be Clueless Sometimes

The customer support team needs some schooling and revamping. Remember I said they are quite responsive? Well, if your questions are too technical, only a few members of the support team can answer your questions. The rest can be clueless and this is an experience I have had. I have also read other complaints about the same issue.

Final Verdict —  Do I Recommend the GoLogin App?

GoLogin is the new kid in the block and so far, it has proven to be one of the anti-detect browsers you cannot overlook. It is seen by many as the best Multilogin alternative and looking at the GoLogin review above, you will agree with me that it is not far from the truth.

The pricing is quite affordable and you even get a free trial for a full 7 days to try out their service. With this, there is no way I wouldn’t recommend the service. However, you need to know that the number of profiles you will run concurrently needs to be at par with the power of your device resource to avoid it crashing on you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about GoLogin Reviews and Answers

What is an Anti-Detect Browser?

An anti-detect browser like the GoLogin virtual browser profile creator is a web browser that has been developed to resist fingerprinting and tracking by websites. The browsers use unique technologies and methods to make it difficult for web services such as Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and eBay to generate unique fingerprints that can be used to track users. They are useful for multiple account management among other use cases.

Is GoLogin Better than Multilogin?

GoLogin is not better than Multilogin and does not let anyone tell you that. GoLogin instead, is the best alternative to the MultiLogin right now and comes with some of the core features that the MultiLogin has. Multilogin is still better when it comes to stability and maturity since it has been around for a while now. However, the GoLogin app is better in terms of pricing as you can even get a 50% discount for an annual subscription. Read Our GoLogin Vs Multilogin comparison to learn more.

Does GoLogin Antidetect Browser have Kill Switch?

For GoLogin, the mechanism isn’t known as a kill switch as it is in VPN software. In the GoLogin software, if you have proxies configured and along the line, your proxies stop working, the connection is automatically cut off and you will be out of Internet connection. Only when you fix the proxies or remove proxies will the connection be restored. This feature is in place to avoid leaking your IP footprint in the case of proxy failure.

Is GoLogin Safe to Use?

If you are probably asking if you can trust the GoLogin software then the answer is yes. The software is reputable and there has not been a case of the app compromising users’ accounts at least from the end of the team. When used correctly, your accounts should be safe. Besides, at its core, it is just a browser devoid of fingerprinting capabilities and with proxies, your IP address is hidden too.

How to Download the GoLogin App

The GoLogin app is easy to download and use. I provided a guide on how to set it up above. To download the GoLogin app, all you need to do is visit the official website of the application and click on the download button. You will see a list of the supported operating systems. Click on the operating system of your device and the download will start.


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