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8 Best Free VPNs for Online Gaming in 2024

Best Free VPNs for Online Gaming

For many tasks, a free VPN should do the job. You don’t have to shell out for an app unless you require all its functions. Just make sure to differentiate between secure apps, versus those that treat you as a commodity profiting from collecting and selling your data to parties.

We need a VPN to bypass some restrictions. For example, you are a hockey fan and want to bet on sports. But perhaps the site where you can watch hokej rezultati does not open in your country, then a VPN will come in handy.

How to distinguish a good free VPN from a dangerous one or just a bad one?

How to distinguish a good free VPN from a dangerous one

The main sign that will help you in 90% of cases is that you must understand how the service is monetized because a lot of servers, technical capacity, developer salaries, and other expenses are required by any VPN structure.

Furthermore, infrastructure needs to be created, maintained, and developed and of course, this requires money. A VPN that is free through advertising is acceptable, but companies don’t limit themselves to that. Over time, you want more money, and the collection of user data begins.

The best free VPN is a shareware VPN. That is, the company offers a paid version without restrictions. Moreover, it attracts additional users by offering them a reduced package. A limited amount of traffic, about 5-10 servers, limited speed, etc. can be included in a package. This motivates users to buy the full package. So, here are the services we recommend.

Which free VPN is best?

The choice depends mainly on what platform and tasks you choose the service for.

Free VPN for Android

This platform has the largest number of free VPN and proxy applications. Furthermore, most of them are fraudulent software that collects your data, has access to your phone and personal files, can direct traffic to partner sites, and infects your device with viruses.

If you only need a free VPN for Android occasionally, for specific sites or applications, a shareware with a traffic limit of up to 10 GB, like Windscribe or, should be enough.

If you need more traffic, try unlimited ProtonVPN. There you can explore the options of a 7-day trial or even 30 days of moneyback. Do you plan to keep your VPN always on and actively use it? Pay attention to NordVPN. Yes, it is paid, but it is quite cheap in long packages.

Free VPN for iOS

Fewer VPNs are available for Apple fans. Moreover, they are often weaker in encryption or more difficult to set up. Nevertheless, you can always download a convenient free VPN application for iPhone and iPad, which will connect with one button.

We recommend trying Windscribe and, which are fast but with traffic limits, or Proton VPN, which is unlimited but slow. Tunnelbear can be used as a last resort – 500 MB of traffic per month is not enough, but it can help out.

Free VPN for PC Windows and macOS

Free VPN for iOS

You probably need a VPN to conquer unknown worlds in games that are not available in your country, or where purchasing in-game currency is not available, or interesting locations are not open.

Of course, there are actually a huge number of VPNs that are suitable for this purpose. So, if you run the game directly from your computer, then Windscribe and are suitable for you. Moreover, if you want to manually set up a VPN yourself, then OpenVPN can be used for this purpose (just remember that it is not as easy as it seems).

Needless to mention, the high-quality graphics of modern games may be not properly displayed on the screen when VPN is enabled. But it is worth remembering that many paid VPNs provide a 30-day money-back service. That is, if you don’t like the graphics, or the game freezes, you can refuse this service and your money will be returned. NordVPN and ExpressVPN are among such services.

Also, remember that many VPNs provide 7-day free access so you can try and decide. Furthermore, this trial typically includes access to all features and locations, without any restrictions. We can name PrivateVPN, Avast VPN, and Proton VPN.

In total, we can sum up that there is a huge variety of VPN services – some are highly valued among gamers, others less so. First of all, decide which game format is right for you and then select a VPN for it and play for your own pleasure.


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