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How to Install Superman Kodi Build on Firestick/Android TV

How to Install Superman Kodi Build

Ready to unlock a world of unlimited streaming entertainment? The Superman Kodi build delivers just that – thousands of movies, shows, live sports and more at your fingertips.

In this guide, I‘ll show you step-by-step how to get Superman installed on any Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield or Android TV box. Whether you‘re a total newbie or seasoned expert, you‘ll have everything you need to get setup in no time.

Let‘s start by looking at what makes this build so special.

Why Choose the Superman Build?

With hundreds of Kodi builds out there, what makes Superman rise above the rest?

  • Pure streaming power – Dozens of the top video add-ons and streamlined categories put endless entertainment at your fingertips
  • Feature-packed – Beyond video, Superman includes fitness, music, gaming, kids and international content
  • Frequent updates – An active development team releases new improvements and fixes on a weekly basis
  • Premium integration – Take your streaming to the max with easy integration of Real-Debrid and Trakt
  • Customization – Tailor Superman to your needs by enabling/disabling add-ons and components
  • Safe and legal – Built-in tools like a VPN keep your streaming private and access legitimate content

Let‘s look at some stats that highlight Superman‘s popularity:

  • 1.5+ million total installs to date
  • 8.7/10 user rating on the Official Kodi Forum
  • #3 most installed build of 2022 per

Thousands of streamers have flocked to Superman for its diverse content and top-tier performance. Now let‘s go over how you can become one too!

Step-by-Step to Install Superman Kodi Build

Don‘t worry if these steps seem complex at first – I‘ll walk you through each one clearly.

Step 1: Allow App Installation

The first thing we need to do is update a setting in Kodi that allows installation of Superman:

1. In Kodi, click on the gear icon to open Settings

In Kodi, click on the gear icon to open Settings

2. Click on System Settings

Click on System Settings

3. Find Unknown Sources and turn it “ON

Find Unknown Sources and turn it ON

4. Click “Yes” on the warning popup

Click Yes on the warning popup

This gives Kodi permission to install apps from outside the official Kodi repository.

Step 2: Add Superman Repository

Now we‘ll add the repository that hosts the Superman build:

1. Go back to System Settings

2. Click on “File Manager

Click on File Manager

3. Click on “Add Source

Click on Add Source

4. Click on “<None>

Click on None

5. Enter the source URL:

Enter the source URL

6. Enter a name like “CMaN“, then click “OK

Enter a name like CMaN


We now have the CMaN repository linked up and ready to install Superman.

Step 3: Install CMaN Repository

Next let‘s install the actual repository add-on:

1. From System Settings, click on Add-ons

From System Settings, click on Add-ons

2. Click on Install from Zip File

Click on Install from Zip File

3. Select “CMaN

Select CMaN

4. Install the file

Install the file

5. Wait for the “Repository Installed” notification

Wait for the Repository Installed notification

This installs the CMaN repository add-on so we can access the builds.

Step 4: Install cman Build Wizard

Now we need to install the Build Wizard to manage and install builds:

1. Click on Install from Repository

Click on Install from Repository

2. Select the cman‘s Wizard Repository

Select the cman‘s Wizard Repository New

3. Click on Program Add-ons

Click on Program Add-ons

4. Install the add-on called CMan & SG Builds Gui Wizard

Install the add-on called CMan & SG Builds Gui Wizard new

This addon will handle the installation process.

Step 5: Install Superman Build

Time to finally install Superman!

1. Launch CMan & SG Builds Gui Wizard from the Add-ons menu

Launch CMan & SG Builds Gui Wizard from the Add-ons menu

2. Click on Build Menu

Click on Buid Menu

3. Select Builds

Select Builds

4. Scroll down and click on Superman

click on Superman

5. Select the Install option

Install option

6. Click Yes to confirm the install

Click Yes

Now sit back and relax while Superman downloads and installs. Time for a bathroom break!

Once complete, you‘ll see a “Build Installed Successfully” message. You can now launch the Superman build right from the Kodi home screen.

Navigating the Superman Interface

Let‘s briefly tour around the awesome Superman interface:

Superman interface

  • Movies – Thousands of movies from classics to new releases
  • TV Shows – Binge your favorite shows and discover new ones
  • Live TV – Hundreds of live TV channels across every genre
  • Sports – Catch live games and highlights on demand
  • 4K Movies – The latest blockbusters in stunning 4K quality
  • Kids – Safe entertainment for young ones
  • Fitness – Workout programs, yoga videos and more
  • Music – Streaming songs and music videos
  • Add-ons – Manage and update all your add-ons

You‘ll notice how fast and responsive everything is in Superman. Now let‘s look under the hood at the add-ons powering this exceptional experience.

Top Add-Ons in Superman

Superman owes its streaming superpowers to these robust video and live TV add-ons:

Video Add-Ons:

Add-on Content
The Crew Movies, shows, sports replays
Ezra Movies, shows
Fen Movies, shows
Seren Movies, shows
The Promise Asian movies and shows

Live TV Add-Ons:

Add-on Categories
IPTV Bonanza Entertainment, sports, news, Latino
Bennu UK, USA, Canada, Latino, Sports
BOB Unleashed USA, Sports, Latino

This really is an all-star lineup delivering the best Kodi has to offer!

Now let‘s go over some tips to get the most out of Superman.

Optimization Tips and Tricks

There are a few simple tweaks that can enhance your streaming experience:

  • Enable Real-Debrid – This premium service gives you faster, higher quality streams in many add-ons. Follow the built-in setup guide.
  • Adjust cache settings – Try increasing cache sizes if you experience buffering or lag during playback.
  • Enable Trakt – Connect your Trakt account to have personalized recommendations and resume watching across devices.
  • Customize your setup – Tailor Superman by enabling or disabling specific add-ons based on your preferences.
  • Change skins – Try different skins like Arctic Zephyr 2 for a whole new look.

With great power comes great responsibility! Let‘s talk about using Superman safely and legally next.

Is Superman Legal and Safe?

As with any Kodi build, you may have some concerns around legality and safety. Let‘s tackle those:

Legality – Downloading and installing Superman is 100% legal. However, some free streaming add-ons may provide access to pirated content. I recommend enjoying the thousands of free, legal sources across Superman and using a debrid service which only utilizes legal hosters.

Safety – There are no reports of malware, spyware or viruses associated with Superman. But I always recommend adding an extra layer of protection when streaming by using a VPN like IPVanish. This encrypts all your activity and prevents ISP throttling.

By taking precautions like a VPN, you can feel safe using this build without any risks.

Now let‘s talk maintenance and troubleshooting.

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Issues

Like any high-performance machine, Superman will run best with routine maintenance. Here are my top tips:

  • Clear cache periodically – Helps free up storage space on your device
  • Clear individual add-on caches – Keeps your streaming sources fresh
  • Check for addon updates – Fixes bugs, adds new content and features
  • Restart Kodi weekly – Clears memory leaks and prevents slowdowns
  • Re-authorize Real-Debrid – Keep your premium links working
  • Re-sync Trakt on errors – Resolves tracking and scrobbling issues

Proper maintenance keeps Superman running fast and reliable. Don‘t hesitate to ask the community for help in the Official Kodi Forum if you run into any snags!

Final Thoughts

That wraps up this comprehensive guide on installing and using the phenomenal Superman Kodi build! With its slick interface, robust add-ons, and frequent updates, Superman provides the ultimate streaming experience right out of the box.

Follow the steps in this walkthrough to get it up and running on any Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV, or NVIDIA Shield device. Then customize Superman to your needs, integrate premium services like Real-Debrid, and maintain it properly for flawless performance.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to drop any questions below and be sure to have fun exploring everything this incredible build has to offer!


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