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How To Change Spotify Playlist Picture On Chromebook

Spotify helps you search for your favorite music on the road. Chromebooks are great on-the-road devices. Sadly, they lack space, so they are ideal for streaming Spotify rather than storing many playlist cover photos and music libraries. Sadly, they lack all the features, and changing Chromebook’s album cover isn’t as easy as it is inside Windows or Mac.

In our guide, you can learn more about changing Spotify covers for Chromebooks. By the end, you’ll see that for any playlists created; you can quickly change the cover photo and have this show on your account when you stream certain music. (Read Is Spotify Blocked In China)

How to Install Spotify on Chromebook?

The online Spotify account works with both Chrome OS users on the internet.

It won’t be installed as you would on a computer; all you need is your sign-in details.

This is the simplest method for using Spotify on a Chromebook, which is also why some users experience problems with their photos on their Spotify account.

These instructions will show you how to install Spotify so you can later see how to modify a cover image.

  1. Visit “” to use the Spotify online app.
  2. You can immediately visit Spotify’s web app by clicking the link in the previous phrase.
  3. Once there, depending on whether you have an account, choose “Login” or “Sign Up.”
  4. You will be transported immediately to the main Spotify webpage once you have successfully joined up or registered. You can search for music without effort and then think about changing the cover photo.

How To Change Spotify Playlist Pictures On Chromebooks?

Although there are no specific guidelines, if you are familiar with how to modify the background of Chromebooks that run the Chrome OS, here is a quick suggestion that may be helpful.

To alter the Spotify playlist images on Chromebooks and iPhones, follow these steps:

Change Spotify Playlist Photo On Chromebook

The Android app and the Web Player are compatible with Spotify on Chromebooks.

If you’re using the Web Player, these instructions will be useful.

  1. Visit to sign up for Spotify.
  2. Select a playlist.
  3. Under the playlist’s title, click the three-dot icon.
  4. Select “Edit Details.”
  5. Tap the visible picture.
  6. Choose a fresh picture to include in your playlist.
  7. Click “Open.”
  8. Press “Save”

How to Change Playlist Picture on Spotify Or iPhone

Spotify made it possible to change your playlist cover/photo a couple of years ago.

However, remember that playlists can’t be changed, and it is impossible to change the picture of other users’ playlists.

These steps will help you modify a playlist photo using your iPhone.

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Choose playlists in your library.
  3. Tap on the three dots icon underneath the playlist title.
  4. Tap on “Edit playlist.”
  5. Click the photo you wish to change.
  6. You have two options here: you can take a picture or select one from your gallery.
  7. Tap on “Save” to change the playlist cover.

You can tap any image to select it and then hit “Save” to change the current image or the Spotify playlist cover picture. (Learn How to Unblock Yourself on WhatsApp)

How to Change a Playlist’s Cover in Spotify on an Android

Just as with an iPhone, you can easily change a playlist photo in Spotify on an Android by following the steps below:

  1. Open Spotify
  2. To access your playlists in Spotify for Android, tap “Your Library.”
  3. Select a playlist in Android’s Spotify.
  4. This will launch the Spotify playlist page.
  5. In Spotify for Android, tap the three dots icon in the top right corner of the playlist screen to access the playlist picture editing options.
  6. Select “Edit Playlist” from the menu that displays.
  7. To change the Spotify playlist picture, tap “Edit Playlist.”
  8. When you do that, the “Edit Playlist” screen appears. You can change the playlist’s name, picture, and description here.
  9. To pick another playlist image, select “Change Image.”
  10. The “Change Image” menu will now appear. Select “Remove Photo” to remove the playlist picture.
  11. To take a picture quickly for your Spotify playlist, tap “Take Photo.”
  12. To choose a Spotify playlist cover image from your Android phone’s photo image, tap “Choose Photo.”
  13. Swiping the screen allows you to make adjustments to the image. When satisfied, click “Use Photo” to choose the new photo for the playlist.

How to Change Playlist Cover in Spotify on a Windows or Mac

If you have the Spotify desktop app for Windows or Mac, you can change a Spotify playlist picture with these steps:

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Select your playlist.
  3. Tap the three dots icon below the playlist’s name.
  4. Double click or Tap “Edit details.”
  5. Tap the current photo.
  6. Choose photo from your computer to use as your Spotify playlist picture.
  7. Tap “Open.”
  8. Tap “Save.”
  9. You can use the same steps to change your cover image when using the Web Player.

Additional FAQs

Q. Do you need Spotify premium to change covers?

You don’t have to pay for a subscription to use Spotify. However, you’ll be missing out on many valuable and exciting features, such as no ads, a better listening experience, the ability to download songs and listen to them offline, etc.

Fortunately, changing playlist covers isn’t one of the features available only for Spotify Premium users. You can add a personal touch to your playlist even using the free version of Spotify. (Learn How To Use Snapchat In China)

Q. Why won’t my custom covers stay?

If your playlist cover images aren’t staying attached to the playlists, when you change Spotify playlist picture, it might be because of a temporary glitch or damaged app files. Here’s what you can do about it:

  1. Open Spotify.
  2. Log out of the app.
  3. Restart your device.
  4. Log into the app.

If this doesn’t work, try reinstalling the app or performing a clean reinstall to remove any damaged files. Also, if your apps aren’t updated automatically, check for new updates for the Spotify app. (Learn About Netflix Error Code: M7111-5059)

Remember that it could take some time for Spotify to change the playlist photo.


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