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Experience Enhanced Security with MoreLogin – Evade Dolphin Anty Bans Promptly

The increasing importance of online security has rapidly emerged as a top concern for individuals and businesses over the past few years. Due to the rapid increase in cyber threats, protecting oneself from prying eyes has never been more critical. In this context, MoreLogin offers a groundbreaking solution that guarantees unparalleled security and anonymity compared to that Dolphin Anty.

So, if you are tired of worrying about online security, this article is the perfect treat for you. See how MoreLogin vs. Dolphin Anty stand out from each other and why it is the former perfect choice in every case.

Discover the Reasons Behind Dolphin Anty Bans

As the online world continues to popularize, so do the measures to regulate online activities. A sophisticated anti-detect browser Dolphin Anty is designed to provide fool-proof security to users, but it can sometimes lead to unintended consequences such as account bans. If you have ever experienced such a ban, the following could be the reasons behind it:

  • IP Address Conflicts: Using it to mask a user’s IP address can sometimes cause conflicts with website security systems. If a user’s IP address is flagged as suspicious or matches that of a known hacker or fraudster, it results in an account ban.
  • Unusual Login Patterns: It makes it difficult for websites to detect unusual login patterns, such as multiple logins from different locations or devices.
  • False Identity: This browser can create false identities or impersonate other users. If a user is found to be using a false identity or impersonating someone else, their account may be banned.
  • Automated activities: Dolphin Anty allows users to automate certain activities, such as posting comments or sending messages. However, if these activities are spammy or violate website policies, the user’s account may also be banned.
  • Virus/Malware Infections: This anti-detect browser might come bundled with malware/viruses that infect the user’s device and cause harm. If a user’s device is infected, their account may be banned to prevent further damage.
  • Payment Process Violation: When users create multiple accounts to receive more payouts, this activity is detected on the spot, and the user’s account gets banned by the payment processor, which results in a ban from associated websites or services.

Check out MoreLogin as a Superior Alternative to Dolphin Anty

Checking out for the perfect alternative to Dolphin Anty can invest much of your time, so we have outlined the best fit for you. MoreLogin, an anti-detective browser, offers advanced encryption technology to protect your online identity and secure your IP address. It allows you to change your browser fingerprint, browser settings, and device settings to avoid detection by websites and prevent tracking.

It also offers a built-in proxy server and supports multi-threading, making it faster and more reliable than other anti-detect browsers. Furthermore, it allows you to change your browser fingerprint device settings, offers a user-friendly interface, and is frequently updated to stay ahead of detection methods.

Features Evaluation of MoreLogin and Dolphin Anty

To demonstrate the differences in user experience between MoreLogin and Dolphin Anty, we have prepared a comparison table below. This table will provide a clear overview of how MoreLogin surpasses Anty Dolphin in various aspects:

Feature MoreLogin Dolphin Anty
Use Cases Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Cryptocurrency, Social Media Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, and Process Automation
Number of Profiles Unlimited 10,000 profiles (Custom)
Price Starting from $9/month Starting from $89/month
IP Provider Dynamic Dynamic
Customer Service 24/7 Highly Supportive Lacking
Browser Engine Chromium-based Firefox-based
User Interface User-friendly Complex
Anti-Fingerprint Advanced Basic
Multi-threading Yes No
Built-in VPN Yes No


Pricing Plans

Coming to online privacy and security in this digital era, using an anti-detect browser is becoming increasingly popular. As discussed above, two popular options in the market are MoreLogin and Dolphin Anty. Both offer almost the same features, but their pricing plans can differ. In this part, we will compare the pricing plans of both to help you make a balanced decision about which one is the best fit for your needs:

MoreLogin Pricing Plans

Package Pricing
Base $9/month (For 10 saved profiles)

$160/month (For 1000 saved profiles)

Custom Contact Sales Team


Dolphin Anty Pricing Plans

Package Pricing
Base $89/month (For 100 saved profiles)
Team $159/month (For 300 saved profiles)
Enterprise $299/month (For 1000 saved profiles)
Custom $2180/month (For 10,000 user profiles)

User Interface

MoreLogin’s interface stands out for its superior organization and intuitiveness. The program provides a wide range of customization options and features that enable users to personalize their settings and preferences to their specifications. This makes it easier for users to mask their digital identities and engage in anonymous online activities without being detected.

Whereas Dolphin Anty’s interface is also user-friendly but less organized and intuitive than MoreLogin’s. While it offers similar features and functionalities, it may be less customizable and lack the same level of flexibility.


While Dolphin Anty does offer some basic security features, MoreLogin’s security capabilities are more advanced and extensive. In addition to standard security measures such as encryption and user authentication, it also provides anti-virus protection, anti-detection protection, and anti-phishing protection. These features are designed to prevent malware attacks and detect and bypass anti-fraud systems.

Furthermore, MoreLogin includes a built-in virtual private network (VPN) that provides users with additional security and anonymity. This feature allows users to browse the internet with a different IP address, making tracing or monitoring their online activity more difficult.

Browser Compatibility

Another advantage of MoreLogin over Dolphin Anty is its compatibility with a wider range of web browsers. The former is designed to emulate the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari web browsers, allowing users to choose which browser to use depending on their needs. This makes it more versatile than the latter, which is limited to emulating the Chrome browser only.

By allowing users to emulate different web browsers, MoreLogin makes it easier to bypass website fingerprinting and other forms of online tracking. For example, some websites may use JavaScript-based fingerprinting techniques to identify and track users based on their browser and device configurations.

Support and Community

One of the key points of MoreLogin over Dolphin Anty is its larger and more active user community. This community provides users access to many resources, tutorials, and support forums to help them troubleshoot issues and optimize their settings. With a larger user community, MoreLogin users can benefit from other users’ shared knowledge and experience.

This can be especially helpful for new users unfamiliar with the software or encountering technical issues for the first time.

Other Features of MoreLogin That Makes It The Best Option

MoreLogin provides its users with the effective option of sharing profiles, which makes collaboration easier. Along with that, the team collaboration features offered in this anti-detect browser make it easy for people to manage their team profiles and operations. You can also manage the cookies across the browser and set proxies to bind the users to a certain extent.

To improve functionality, you can also perform data synchronization across multiple devices. The platform also helps in creating bulk profiles and automating tasks using Selenium. While this browser is based on Chromium, you can easily import all the browser extensions from Chrome with a few clicks. All these functionalities allow MoreLogin to excel in the market.

Step-by-Step Guide for Purchasing and Utilizing MoreLogin

Protecting your online accounts and sensitive information is the need of the hour. However, purchasing and utilizing it may seem complex if you are new to it. That’s why we have highlighted a few easy steps that will walk you through the entire process, making it easy to get started with MoreLogin and start protecting your online identity:

Step 1: Download the Browser and Register an Account

Open your browser and head to the official website of MoreLogin. Next, tap the “Sign Up” button at the upper right corner and fill in the credentials to register. After that, download the package based on your system.

Step 2: Create a Profile After You are Logged In

Once the download is completed, open MoreLogin on your PC and log in to your registered account. Now, press the “+New Profile” button from the upper left corner and select your desired browser, operating system, and the number of profiles you want to create, and click “OK” to create an account successfully.

Step 3: Buy a Base Package After the Profile Creation

After the profile creation, tap “Browse Profile” in the left sidebar to view and select the newly created profile. When the new dedicated browser window opens, you can use it safely. To buy a suitable package, you can click the “Upgrade Package,” set the “Customized Package” section as per needs, and hit the “Submit Order” button to buy the base package.

Final Words

To conclude, MoreLogin is a revolutionary tool that enhances the security of online accounts and helps users evade bans promptly. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, MoreLogin offers a seamless experience that saves time and increases productivity. Whether you are a frequent user of online platforms or an avid gamer, MoreLogin provides unmatched security and convenience.

So, if you are looking for a reliable and effective way to manage your online accounts, look no further than MoreLogin.


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