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How to Watch YouTube Without Ads in 2022 (5 Working Solutions)

YouTube Alternatives

Tired of constant video ads on YouTube? You‘re not alone. Many viewers find YouTube ads repetitive, disruptive and annoying. The good news is you have options to enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience.

This comprehensive guide will provide 5 working solutions to stop ads on YouTube across various devices. Read on to take control of your streaming experience!

Why Do YouTube Ads Need to Go?

Before jumping into the solutions, let‘s discuss why getting rid of YouTube ads improves streaming:

They Waste Your Time

YouTube users spend an average of 10.2% of viewing time watching ads according to a 2021 study by HackerNoon. That adds up! Ads force you to waste precious minutes of your day.

They Interrupt Your Viewing

The constant disruption of 5 second ads (or worse, 20-30 second spots) ruins the viewing experience. Ads popping up unexpectedly are jarring.

They‘re Often Irrelevant

YouTube‘s advanced ad targeting still misses the mark. Odds are many of the ads you see have little relevance to your interests.

They Consume Extra Data

Mobile viewers operating on limited data plans get strained by hefty video ads eating up gigabytes. Removing ads conserves data.

They‘re Just Annoying!

This sums it up. Random blaring ads for products you don‘t want scream annoyance. Going ad-free enhances streaming satisfaction.

Now let‘s explore your options to kiss YouTube ads goodbye.

Ad-Blocking Solution #1: uBlock Origin

If you watch YouTube on a web browser like Chrome or Firefox on your computer, uBlock Origin is hands down the best ad blocker available:

uBlock Origin Ad Blocker

With over 20 million active users, uBlock Origin is the most popular browser ad blocker extension. And for good reason – it‘s completely free, open source and blocks all YouTube ads.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Installing uBlock Origin to block YouTube ads takes less than a minute:

  1. Download uBlock Origin for Chrome, Firefox or your preferred browser.

  2. Open and enable uBlock Origin when prompted.

  3. Refresh YouTube and voila – all ads are now blocked!

uBlock Origin is the ideal option for PC users to avoid all website ads, pop-ups, and annoyances across the web.

It takes seconds to install and requires zero configuration or ongoing management. Just set it and forget it!

Pros of uBlock Origin:

  • 100% free
  • Open source
  • Lightweight extension won‘t slow browsers
  • Blocks all YouTube video & page ads
  • Easy one-click install

Cons of uBlock Origin:

  • Only works on browser (not mobile app)
  • Must be installed on each browser
  • Advanced users may want more customization

For a detailed guide on installing uBlock Origin, visit:

How to Install uBlock Origin on Any Browser

uBlock Origin is the ideal solution for eliminating YouTube ads on computers. Next let‘s look at options for mobile and streaming devices.

Ad-Blocking Solution #2: SmartTubeNext

SmartTubeNext provides the ultimate ad-free YouTube experience on mobile devices, Fire TV, Firestick and Android TV boxes.

SmartTubeNext App

This unofficial YouTube client strips all ads allowing seamless video streaming. It has a polished interface providing all core YouTube features.

SmartTubeNext is used by over 5 million Android streaming device owners to avoid ads. It‘s become the #1 sideloaded YouTube app.

How to Install SmartTubeNext:

Since it‘s not in app stores, SmartTubeNext must be sideloaded which takes about 3 minutes:

  1. Enable "Unknown Sources" in settings on your Android device.

  2. Download the SmartTubeNext APK.

  3. Install the downloaded APK file and launch the app.

  4. Enjoy YouTube without any ads!

I suggest pairing SmartTubeNext with a good VPN service to maximize privacy and security while streaming.

Pros of SmartTubeNext:

  • Totally free YouTube experience
  • No ads during videos
  • Slick UI like official YouTube
  • Background play & download functions
  • Lightweight APK under 5MB

Cons of SmartTubeNext:

  • Android only (no iOS, PC, etc)
  • Must sideload – not in app stores
  • No YouTube Kids content
  • Potential future blocking by YouTube

For a full setup guide, see:

How to Install SmartTubeNext on Firestick & Android TV

SmartTubeNext provides the best ad-free YouTube streaming on mobile and TV devices.

Ad Blocking Solution #3: YouTube Premium

For an official solution from YouTube directly, YouTube Premium offers an ad-free viewing experience.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid subscription service costing $11.99 per month in the US. Benefits include:

  • No ads on YouTube
  • Videos play in background
  • Offline downloading
  • YouTube Music Premium

The major advantage of YouTube Premium is convenience across all devices. As an official service, it just works seamlessly.

However, the monthly cost makes this a pricey option if you watch YouTube daily. They offer free 1-month trials so you can test it out.

YouTube Premium Pros:

  • Official ad-free service by YouTube
  • Works on all devices
  • Enhanced features like background play
  • High quality 4K video available

YouTube Premium Cons:

  • Expensive at $144 per year
  • Recurring subscription payment
  • Free options available

YouTube Premium is great for hardcore YouTube fans who want the most robust experience. More casual viewers can likely find suitable free alternatives.

Learn more at:

YouTube Premium Membership: Is it Worth It?

Next up, let‘s discuss replacing YouTube entirely with free streaming alternatives.

Ad-Blocking Solution #4: YouTube Alternative Sites

If you‘re open to exploring alternative streaming platforms, you can avoid YouTube ads 100% of the time by ditching YouTube altogether.

There are many free streaming sites similar to YouTube that do NOT run video ads. Top options include:

YouTube Alternatives

  • Rumble – Rumble is a free YouTube alternative growing in popularity with a strong focus on creators. Enjoy viral videos, funny clips, news and more in a completely ad-free environment.

  • Dailymotion – Dailymotion is one of the largest video platforms behind YouTube. Features HD quality ad-free videos across sports, gaming, music and entertainment.

  • Veoh – Veoh provides free HD streaming of full length movies, TV shows, music videos, comedy and more without any ads at all.

  • Vimeo – Vimeo is geared heavily toward original content creators. Its ad-free platform offers high-quality video sharing and unlimited uploads.

  • Bitchute – BitChute is a peer-to-peer social video platform without ads, algorithms or censorship. Find trending videos across all categories.

The advantage of these streaming sites is the completely ad-free viewing experience. Downsides include smaller libraries compared to YouTube and less mainstream content.

I suggest browsing a few alternatives to find ones that fit your preferences. Mix in sites like Rumble with occasional YouTube through uBlock Origin or SmartTubeNext for maximum ad avoidance!

Ad Blocking Solution #5: Mobile & TV Options

Beyond the top options covered above, there are additional methods for blocking YouTube ads on smartphones and televisions:

Smartphone Options

  • YouTube Vanced (Android) – Install this modded YouTube app to remove mobile ads. (No longer in active development)

  • Browser Ad Blockers – Install uBlock Origin or AdBlock browser extensions on Firefox mobile or Kiwi Browser.

  • Premium Subscriptions – Platforms like YouTube Premium and iOS Premium provide an ad-free experience.

  • Firefox Restricted Mode – Enabling restricted mode blocks some YouTube ads on iOS. Limited usefulness.

Smart TV Options

  • Pi-hole – Network-wide ad blocking including YouTube ads on smart TVs. Requires a Raspberry Pi.

  • DNS Ad Blocking – Block ads via DNS settings on your network. Examples are AdGuard DNS and NextDNS.

  • SmartTubeNext – Install on Android TVs like Nvidia Shield to remove ads.

  • YouTube TV Promo – Sign up for a free YouTube TV trial. The app has no ads during that period.

I suggest SmartTubeNext on Android TVs or Pi-hole for a network-wide solution.

Just How Much are YouTube Ads Raking in?

To grasp the motivation behind removing ads, you need to understand just how insanely profitable YouTube advertising has become for Google:

  • YouTube earned $28.8 billion in global ad revenue in 2020 according to Statista. This was a 46% jump from 2019!

  • Analysts forecast YouTube ad revenues to grow to $40+ billion in 2022. The money train keeps rolling.

  • YouTube now accounts for between 10-15% of Google‘s total revenue. It has become vital to Google‘s bottom line.

From a business standpoint, YouTube‘s ad model is brilliant – ads maximize revenue while users provide free content.

But all those billions in profits come at the cost of an annoying user experience. That‘s where ad blockers come to the rescue!

Is Blocking YouTube Ads Illegal?

This important question gets asked a lot. The short answer is:

No, using any of the ad blocking solutions listed in this guide is 100% legal!

You have every right to control what content displays on your own devices. As long as you are accessing YouTube videos you have rights to view, ad blockers do not violate any piracy or hacking laws.

Streaming pirated movies or TV shows you don‘t have rights to could violate copyright. But simply watching legal YouTube videos in an advertisement-free environment is lawful.

Some mistakenly argue ad blocking is analogous to stealing cable TV. However, this analogy doesn‘t hold up legally. When you purchase cable TV, you agree to receive ads. YouTube‘s terms contain no such agreement binding users to view ads.

Rest assured blocking annoying YouTube ads through any method mentioned here is totally legal.

Get Back Hours of Your Time By Removing YouTube Ads

Interrupting video ads have no place in an enjoyable streaming experience. Any of the solutions in this guide will help restore your YouTube sanity.

Whether you install uBlock Origin, sideload SmartTubeNext or explore YouTube alternatives, taking control of your streaming is empowering.

Blocking ads provides a superior viewing environment. You can finally watch the content you love without annoying distractions.

Now get out there and eliminate those YouTube ads for good! Your time is precious.


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