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Trakt TV on Kodi & Streaming Apps – Sync Your Shows and Movies (2023)

Trakt is a handy media tracking service that helps users synchronize their TV shows and movies across different platforms and devices. By integrating Trakt into your favorite streaming apps, managing your media library becomes effortless!

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Trakt – how it works, how to set it up, tips for using it effectively, and more. We‘ll show you step-by-step how to connect Trakt to Kodi, streaming apps, and other media platforms so you can enjoy seamless watching experiences across all your devices.

What is Trakt and How Does It Work?

Trakt is a free platform that lets you track and manage your personal media library across various apps, services, and devices.

Here‘s an overview of what Trakt does:

  • Keeps track of what TV shows and movies you are watching across multiple platforms like Kodi, Plex, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

  • Syncs your viewing progress so you can pick up right where you left off when switching between devices and apps.

  • Maintains lists of your media including watch history, watchlist, collections, ratings etc.

  • Provides recommendations for new movies and shows based on your viewing habits.

  • Offers calendars and notifications so you never miss upcoming episodes and releases.

  • Integrates with other apps and services like IFTTT, Alexa, Slack etc.

  • Provides analytics into your viewing patterns and statistics.

  • Works across different devices like desktop browsers, mobile, media streamers etc.

The key feature Trakt offers is the ability to "scrobble" your media – it tracks what you watch automatically across all connected apps. This allows seamless syncing and management no matter how many apps or platforms you use to stream your shows.

Registering for a Trakt Account

Using Trakt starts with creating a free account. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Step 1) Go to

Step 2) Click on "Join Trakt for Free"

Step 3) Enter your email, desired username and password.

Step 4) Agree to Trakt‘s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Step 5) Customize your profile by adding a display name, location, birth date, gender etc.

Step 6) Select your favorite TV show and movie genres.

Step 7) Add specific shows and movies to your Trakt profile.

You can mark items as watched, add them to your collection, put them in your watchlist etc. This customizes your Trakt profile.

Step 8) Select if you want to automatically share your Trakt activities on social media.

Step 9) Opt into notifications if desired.

Step 10) Click "Continue to Dashboard".

Your Trakt account setup is now complete!

Adding Trakt to Kodi

Now let‘s walk through how to connect your Trakt profile to Kodi:

Step 1) Launch Kodi and open add-ons like Exodus Redux, The Crew, Seren etc.

Step 2) Go to "Tools"

Step 3) Click on "Accounts"

Step 4) Select "Trakt" > "Authorization"

Step 5) Note down the authorization code Kodi gives you.

Step 6) Go to and enter this code. Click continue.

Step 7) Allow Kodi to access your Trakt account.

Step 8) You‘ll see a confirmation that your device is connected.

That‘s it! Trakt is now integrated with your Kodi add-on.

Adding Trakt to Streaming Apps

You can also connect Trakt to various streaming apps and APKs:

Step 1) Open the app‘s Settings screen.

Step 2) Go to Accounts.

Step 3) Select Trakt.

Step 4) Choose Add Account.

Step 5) Note down the authorization code.

Step 6) Go to and enter the code. Click Continue.

Step 7) Allow access to your Trakt account.

Step 8) You‘ll see a device connected confirmation.

Step 9) Trakt is now enabled in your streaming app!

Follow similar steps to add Trakt integration in any streaming APKs.

Syncing Trakt Across All Kodi Add-ons

Rather than activate Trakt individually in each add-on, you can sync it globally across Kodi:

Step 1) In Kodi, go to Add-ons > Add-on Browser (the box icon)

Step 2) Select "Install from repository"

Step 3) Choose Kodi Add-on repository

Step 4) Open the Program add-ons folder

Step 5) Find and select "Trakt"

Step 6) Install it. Pick the latest version.

Step 7) You‘ll get a verification message. Choose to visit or scan the QR code.

Step 8) Enter the code on the Trakt website and click Continue.

Step 9) Allow Trakt to access your account.

Step 10) You‘ll get a confirmation that your device is connected.

This will enable Trakt across all Kodi add-ons for seamless syncing.

Using Trakt Effectively

Here are some tips to use Trakt like a pro:

  • Access Trakt Manager from within Kodi add-ons to instantly "scrobble" shows to your account.

  • Use the website and mobile app to manage your collection conveniently.

  • Enable notifications so you never miss new episodes of your favorite shows.

  • Connect your Trakt account to IFTTT for advanced automations.

  • Import IMDb watchlists to automatically populate your Trakt library.

  • Follow friends and see what media they are watching.

  • Disable social media connections if you don‘t want to broadcast your activity.

  • Use the Trending and Popular sections to discover new movies and TV shows to watch.

  • Upgrade to Trakt VIP for advanced features and no ads.

  • Use the Calendar and Next Episodes sections to never miss episodes and premieres.

In summary, integrate Trakt into as many apps as you can, enable notifications, use the website regularly, and leverage integrations for maximum benefit.

Trakt Mobile App

Trakt offers mobile apps for iOS and Android so you can take your media tracking on the go:

The official Trakt mobile apps make it easy to:

  • Browse your personal media library.

  • Discover new movies and TV shows.

  • Manage watchlists, seen items, collections etc.

  • View upcoming episodes and calendar.

  • Get notifications for premieres, releases etc.

  • Track plays across multiple devices.

  • Share and discuss on entertainment forums.

  • Sync your Trakt account and import data.

For the most convenient experience, download the Trakt app on your mobile devices.

Trakt Features Summary

Let‘s recap some of the key features Trakt offers:

  • Automatically tracks the movies, shows, episodes you watch across various media platforms.

  • Syncs playback progress so you can seamlessly continue watching across devices.

  • Maintains a unified catalog of your media including seen items, watchlist, collection, ratings etc.

  • Enables seamless management of your library from mobile and desktop apps, Kodi etc.

  • Sends notifications about new episodes, releases etc so you never miss them.

  • Provides a personalized calendar of upcoming episodes, premieres tailored to your library.

  • Lets you discover new movies and shows based on your viewing history and likes.

  • Integrates with other apps and services like Slack, Alexa, Plex etc.

  • Offers stats into your viewing patterns and habits.

  • Works across different platforms – Kodi, Plex, mobile, browsers etc.

  • Free to use but also offers a paid Trakt VIP plan with advanced features.

Overall, Trakt takes media tracking to the next level and is a must-have tool for the modern streaming enthusiast.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trakt?

Trakt is a platform that lets you track and synchronize your media library including TV shows, movies, and more across different apps and devices.

What apps does Trakt work with?

Trakt works with tons of media apps including Kodi, Plex, Netflix, Hulu, streaming devices like Firestick, Roku etc.

Is Trakt safe to use?

Yes, Trakt is completely safe to use and does not require you to install any unofficial add-ons or apps. It‘s a reputable platform used by millions of streamers.

Is Trakt free?

Yes, Trakt offers a robust free account with all the essential media tracking features. There is also a paid Trakt VIP subscription with additional advanced capabilities.

How do I use Trakt?

The easiest way is to connect your Trakt account to media apps like Kodi. You can then use the website or mobile app to manage your streaming library, get notifications, see upcoming media etc.


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