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How To Avoid The Worst Virus Download To Destroy Computer

Anyone who uses Microsoft Windows may have faced viruses or malware on their computer. This isn’t funny in most instances, and it can be annoying and time-consuming to get rid of them.

However, some virus writers go to the extreme and copy free viruses to download that can ruin a computer, such as the Rombertik virus that could wipe a user’s Windows computer. Through a bat file, it could copy and run one fateful command of del C.

It did this if there was any attempt to remove the virus. Thus, it is even more critical to make sure not to open any bat file and take precautions against such a deadly virus.

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As computers start slowing down or behave in unusual ways, we often suspect it is the work of a virus. It may not be a virus, yet more likely malware. Some are malicious and others annoying.

Hijacker malware can take over your browser, or worse, your computer (think bat file). Here are some tech tips to prevent malware or viruses from infecting your computer.

Here you can start to learn all you like about stopping such a new bat file from being able to copy itself onto your computer. (Read How To Stop DNS Hijacking)

Use Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software.

On any operating system, users should have a good anti-virus program installed. Many computers, and especially computers at home, often don’t use these programs.

You need to start this protection, and luckily, Windows has a capable anti-virus program built into the operating system to keep your computer virus-free.

Keep Antivirus Up to Date.

Many people have protection, yet they don’t maintain it. Download a virus for free, and you will see why even a free anti-virus software helps better than not having any.

The Microsoft free security package runs by default and will auto-update with any other Windows update. Free anti-virus often needs manual updating rather than it being automatic. (Learn How to Install Antivirus for Firestick)

Run Regular Virus Scans

Many people forget to do this. Windows will do this and scour your hard drive without you realizing it.

However, many other anti-virus software needs you to carry out scans on your hard drive regularly. Free anti-virus software requires you to do this yourself, though other packages can be set up to do this automatically at regular intervals. You will find your computer slows to a crawl if you have an old hard drive as a scan is taking place.

Keep Your OS Up to Date

Most virus writers do like to target Windows because it is the most popular OS on the internet. Although this doesn’t mean Mac OS X, Linux, or any other OS can’t be affected. Any OS you use ought to be updated continually updated with bug fixes and patches.

You can find a real virus download that comes from a bat file may not work on some OS, though there are other means for virus writers and script kiddies can code a virus to get on any computer, regardless of the OS or device.

Think Before Running a Bat File

Although the Robotnik virus was written as a bat file, you may think you would never open one of these. However, there are many tricks used. In particular, pirated material is the perfect carrier for such files or other viruses and malware.

Even something as innocent as an email can be one thing to set off the chain reaction, and a virus can destroy your hard drive.

Suspicious links should never be clicked on, and likewise, you should never install pirated material as you are giving free rein for malware to install a bat file or other code onto your computer.

Don’t open email attachments from someone you don’t know or click a link in an email.

Hover over links to see where the link will take you. (Learn How to Start Google Chrome In Safe Mode)

Scan internet downloaded files before running them; Windows does this automatically, although you may want to do it safely before it kills your system.

Keep Personal Information Secure

You can find this almost impossible with the likes of Google and Facebook. Hackers now resort to social engineering as opposed to brute force. They find enough information to access online accounts and thus gain more personal data. (Read our ultimate Internet Privacy Guide)

You first want to secure any privacy settings and avoid your real name or identity on forums or discussion boards where possible.

Keep Open WiFi Secure

The local coffee shop, library, and even the airport can be very convenient because of their WiFi. However, these are prime areas a hacker can sit waiting to access connections.

If they gained access and planted a bat file, you could find this harvests your data and sends this back to them without you knowing. A VPN can be one way to stop a hacker from installing a computer virus from a free hotspot.

Secure Your Network.

Our computers connect everything from our hard drive to files, printers, or the internet. You can see why any viruses sent to a Windows computer via a bat file can destroy lives with the simple del C inside a few lines of other code.

You can find strong passwords help, although a VPN can help you far more than you think. When you start your Windows device, you need to enter your password code to do the same in other areas.

What a VPN does to help is encrypt all your connections, so there is only yourself who can see your things and the destination. (Find the Best VPN Service)

While they can’t stop anything harming your hard drive, they can make it nearly impossible for any bat file to copy itself to a Windows computer it doesn’t see.


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