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How To Install Antivirus On Firestick

In most cases, you can use your FireStick without too much worry about them contracting a virus as you watch your TV shows.

In many cases, hackers and the likes focus on Windows because it is much easier for them, and they have more opportunities to gain something.

However, there were rumors a FireStick and Amazon Fire TV were becoming prone to malware attacks and viruses.

One of the main culprits being a crypto miner. ADB.miner was seen on Phones, tablets and other Android Fire TV device. The FireStick being an Android fork also falling to these vulnerabilities.

Here, you can learn how to install Antivirus on FireStick. (Read Why Is My Firestick So Slow)

Can You Get Viruses on Amazon Fire Stick?

If you stick to downloading apps from the Amazon store, there is a high chance you won’t suffer any Amazon malware installing themselves.

One-way to be sure you only download and install safe apps is to disable the ‘Apps from unknown sources’ inside the developer options.

It is the downloading of apps from such unknown sources, which allows these viruses and malware to install.

Do I Need Virus Protection on My Amazon Fire?

You may find that Amazon Fire refer to Amazon tablets, and often known as Kindle. However, this name was dropped a while back.

Such devices are not immune, yet hackers tend to go for easier targets. Also, as we saw, if you download apps from the Amazon store, they are virus free. Besides this, any app needs a users permission to access certain parts of their device.

You also have continual updates to the latest software version for apps and your streaming devices.

How Do I Remove Malware from My FireStick

First off, you may find a shortage of antivirus apps in the Amazon store. However, there is one option that runs online or there is luckily an app.

Here are the easy to follow instructions for this FireTV APK, and virus protector for Kindle Fire also.

In this example we use VirusTotal Stick or Fire TV APK, although, you can use the steps to use any antivirus you prefer.

VirusTotal does have a website as well as an app to scan files up to 550 MB for free using the online portal. It is fast and you can quickly know if files contain malware. VirusTotal has an APK for installation after you jailbreak a FireStick.

Install VirusTotal on FireStick, Fire TV Instructions

  1. Hover over settings in Main Menu
  2. Select My Fire TV
  3. Select Developer Options
  4. Click on ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’
  5. Select ‘Turn On’
  6. Navigate to home screen and hover on the Search icon
  7. Enter ‘Downloader’ and select “Downloader” that shows under the onscreen keyboard
  8. Select ‘Downloader’ from the app store
  9. Select Download, click on Open and then Allow
  10. Click on ‘OK’
  11. Enter this URL exactly in the search bar: and then Click ‘Go’
  12. **This site doesn’t host the file, and the download will automatically begin**
  13. When prompted, select Install and click ‘Done’
  14. Back in the Downloader, select ‘Delete’
  15. Click on Delete a second time
  16. Navigate to the home-screen. Under Your Apps & Channels, select ‘See All’
  17. Scroll down and hover on VirusTotal
  18. Click on the Options which is the 3 hamburger lines
  19. Select Move to front
  20. To use the app, all you have to do is select scan and click OK, then you are presented with a scan report.

How Do I Install Player on Fire Stick?

You can use the same downloader app and process to install any third-party player on your FireStick.

MyIPTV being a great example. However, you may install players that come from third-party sources and their legitimacy may be unproven.

There is one thing you can do to cover all eventualities for stopping viruses, malware, and hiding your identity so you can watch copyright-protected movies with no issues.

You can use a FireStick VPN, free to try for one month is you install NordVPN on FireStick.

You can also get FireStick Free VPN with rights reserved when you install IPVanish on Fire Stick and use their 30-day money-back guarantee.

Both are among the best options, and you can see this when checking answer views on Quora Inc. or other places. A free VPN Fire Stick doesn’t exist, and it is better to try a Fire Stick VPN free for 30 days.

These two VPN’s offer ad-blockers, tracker, and malware prevention, so you stop the nasties reaching your device.

Each of these VPN’s makes sure your home is secure, and you can even use them for security at a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Both of these just need your email address when signing up, and then you can see their rights reserved and privacy policy in action as they keep your connections secure.

Be sure you don’t use a free VPN on FireStick, as they are limited and are not safe.


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