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How To Start Chrome In Safe Mode

Chrome is the most popular web browser in circulation, yet it does have issues and can cause many people problems.

While it can be resource-heavy, as many people find when having multiple tabs open, there are the times when it decides not to open at all.

In this quick guide, you can learn what can cause these issues and start Chrome in incognito mode or safe mode to fix the problems. (Read How To Clear All Passwords In Chrome)

Why is My Google Chrome not Opening?

There are a few things you can try if your Google Chrome is not opening. Here are things you can try to remedy the issue.

Check Chrome isn’t running already: Sometimes, you may have Chrome running in the background.

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard
  2. Open Task Manager
  3. Check under processes to see if Google Chrome or chrome.exe is running in the list
  4. If either is there, select them, then click on ‘End Process.’
  5. Restart Chrome browser

Reboot your computer: It can appear simple, yet this can resolve silly issues with the Chrome browser.

How Do You Go Incognito on Chrome?

Incognito mode Chrome keeps users private while on the internet, yet it can also be great for troubleshooting.

Incognito mode for Mac offers the same, yet browser issues will be different than those on Windows.

Here are the few steps you need to take how to open incognito window from the menu.

  1. Start a New Chrome Incognito Mode
  2. Open Chrome and select the three dots
  3. Search for and select ‘New Incognito Window’ from the menu

You can also make a shortcut; incognito windows open automatically from an incognito shortcut as you change the command. (Read Ultimate Privacy Guide)

Here’s the straightforward steps to make a new incognito mode Chrome shortcut for safe mode browsing.

  1. Copy a Google Chrome shortcut and right-click on the icon
  2. Select properties and click to alter the target value by adding a space followed by -incognito
  3. To automatically enter the browser in incognito mode, double click the icon for safe mode

Running Chrome without any add-ons or extensions

Incognito mode disables all the add-ons and extensions; however, you can enable or disable these as you desire.

  1. Click the menu button in the top right corner
  2. Search for ‘Tools and Extensions’
  3. Click to Uncheck any enabled boxes
  4. Re-start Chrome without extensions

By doing so, you are in Google safe mode and can see if any are causing issues or not.

Running in safe mode allows you to troubleshoot or carry on browsing in safe mode or incognito mode.

To beef up safe mode Chrome, you can add an extension and VPN app to secure all your system or just your browser. Incognito does so much, yet a VPN goes way further for online security and privacy.


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