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Recently, the domain was suspended by the EURid registry, shutting down the site completely. If you were a Torrentz2 user, you may be wondering where to turn next. Not to worry, friend, this guide will provide you with the top 5 working alternatives so you can get back to torrenting.

First, let‘s recap what Torrentz2 was all about.

What Was Torrentz2?

Torrentz2 was a very popular torrent search engine that enabled users to find torrent files across the web. Originally launched as Torrentz in 2003, it became one of the most visited torrent sites, providing links to millions of torrents.

In 2016, Torrentz shut down due to intense pressure from copyright holders. But soon after, a new site called Torrentz2 emerged, essentially continuing Torrentz‘s legacy.

Torrentz2 operated normally for years, receiving millions of daily visitors at its peak. Unfortunately, like its predecessor, Torrentz2 also caught the attention of major copyright holders who lobbied to have the site blocked in certain countries.

The copyright battles continued, and in 2022, the domain was permanently suspended. But don‘t worry, while Torrentz2 may be gone, there are plenty of great alternatives out there.

Torrentz2 Mirrors

While the main domain is down, the site does still exist in a limited capacity at these mirror URLs:

However, accessibility to these mirrors can be spotty. That‘s why we recommend checking out more fully-featured Torrentz2 alternatives that tend to be more stable and better maintained.

5 Best Torrentz2 Alternatives

There are thousands of torrent sites out there, but in our testing the ones below rise above the rest. We‘ve personally used and vetted each one based on:

  • Content variety – Does the site offer torrents for movies, shows, games, music, software, etc?
  • Library size – How big is the selection? 1,000 torrents? 10 million?
  • Speed – How fast can you browse and search the site?
  • Reliability – Does the site go down often or change domains?
  • Safety – Are there lots of fake torrents, viruses, or other risks?
  • Ads – How intrusive and annoying are the ads?

We also gathered available data on monthly visitors and countries blocked to give you additional context. Now let‘s dive in!

1. KickassTorrents

With a clean interface and massive selection, it‘s no surprise KickassTorrents (commonly referred to as KAT) has become one of the most popular torrent sites.

Launched in 2008, KAT offered torrents for movies, TV, games, software, music, and more. It quickly grew, supported by revenue from ads. At its highest point, KAT received millions of visitors daily and was the most-trafficked torrent site globally. This success, however, put KAT in the crosshairs of copyright holders.

In 2016, the site‘s alleged founder was arrested, and KAT went offline. But it didn‘t take long for mirrors and clones to pop up. While they‘ve had to continually switch domains, KickassTorrents remains alive and well today.

  • Over 6 million torrents indexed
  • 50+ million monthly visitors
  • Blocked in the UK, Ireland, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, and more

KickassTorrents homepage

We find KickassTorrents to be the best overall replacement for Torrentz2 in terms of size and quality. The site is very active with new torrents added constantly across every category imaginable.

2. The Pirate Bay

When it comes to sheer notoriety, The Pirate Bay (TPB) is likely the most well-known torrent site globally.

TPB first launched in 2003 in Sweden and quickly became a hub for pirated movies, music, and more. It dodged authorities for years but eventually relented to legal pressures in 2006 when police raided their servers.

However, that didn‘t stop TPB. They were back up and running within days. This pattern has continued over the years with TPB switching domains and utilizing "virtual cloud" servers whenever threatened.

Some controversies aside, when operational TPB offers an excellent no-frills torrenting experience.

  • Over 5 million active torrents
  • 25 million monthly visitors
  • Blocked in 28 countries including the UK, Italy, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, and more

The Pirate Bay homepage

In our experience, while TPB‘s selection isn‘t as massive as KAT, its minimal interface and strong communities make it a torrenting staple.

3. 1337x

1337x styles itself as a website "by the people, for the people" offering torrents for movies, music, games, software, books, and TV.

Launched in 2007, 1337x‘s popularity grew steadily over the years thanks to its clean interface, strong moderation, and active community. However, in 2018 regulators began applying pressure to have 1337x and other piracy sites blocked by ISPs.

As a result, 1337x went through a series of different domain changes to remain accessible before eventually adopting cloud hosting similar to TPB.

  • Over 1.6 million torrents indexed
  • 11 million monthly visits
  • Blocked in the UK, Australia, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Indonesia and more

1337x homepage

1337x is smaller than KAT and TPB but still very active and focused, especially for TV and movies. We recommend it if you‘re looking for a happy medium between selection and quality control.

4. YTS

When it comes to torrenting movies specifically, YTS is a site with laser focus. Their entire platform revolves around providing high-quality movie releases in compact file sizes.

YTS first emerged in 2011 and operated for years under various domains. In 2020, it was revealed that YTS was voluntarily logging and sharing certain user data with authorities. This caused some controversy but YTS remains operational.

Despite its cooperation with authorities, YTS still offers an excellent source of movie torrents.

  • Over 6,000 movies available
  • 5 million monthly visits
  • Voluntarily logs and shares user data

YTS homepage

We suggest YTS for conveniently downloading recent movie releases in small files. Just be aware they do collect more user data than other sites.


EZTV focuses specifically on TV torrents, earning it a top spot among Torrentz2 alternatives.

Launched in 2005, EZTV grew quickly by aggregating TV torrents and providing its own rips of popular shows. However, in 2015 the site disappeared when its domains were seized by regulatory authorities. It returned weeks later under new management and has continued operating since.

If you want an easy way to find torrents for the latest TV shows, EZTV delivers.

  • Over 7,500 active TV torrents
  • 12 million monthly visits
  • Blocked by some ISPs in the UK, Australia, Denmark, Portugal, Malaysia, and more

EZTV homepage

EZTV remains a solid community-driven site specifically for TV content. Give it a try if you‘re looking to expand your media server!

More Great Alternatives

If the sites above don‘t meet your needs, here are a few more quality alternatives worth checking out:

  • RARBG – Torrents for movies, TV, games, software, and more. No registration required. Over 1.4 million torrents.
  • TorrentGalaxy – Meta search combining results from multiple torrent sites. No ads or registration. Over 60 million indexed torrents.
  • GloTorrents – General public torrent site offering movies, TV, games, software and more. Over 4.5 million torrents.
  • Zooqle – Torrent search engine indexing sites like KAT, RARBG, and EZTV. Over 3.5 million indexed torrents.
  • Torlock – Clean torrent index focused on verified torrents. Primarily movies and TV. No registration required.

Important: Use a VPN When Torrenting

Before you get downloading, please keep in mind that torrenting does carry certain privacy and security risks. The torrent protocol by design exposes your IP address to others, which can open you up to potential surveillance or targeting by copyright outfits.

That‘s why we strongly recommend always using a VPN when torrenting. A VPN encrypts your traffic and hides your IP, providing anonymity when using torrent sites.

Person using a VPN

There are excellent VPNs out there focused on torrenting and protection. We personally recommend Surfshark but you can see our full list of top-rated torrenting VPNs here.

Okay friend, that covers our top sites for accessing torrents safely and anonymously in a post-Torrentz2 world. We hope this guide gives you confidence to continue building your digital media library. As always be smart, use protection, and happy torrenting!

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