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9 Best Kickass Torrents Alternatives in 2022 (Safe & Working)

Torrenting remains a popular way to access media, software, books, and more online. However, with the demise of leading sites like Kickass Torrents, torrent users have sought out alternatives.

This comprehensive guide will provide you with 9 top options to replace Kickass Torrents in 2022. I‘ll share detailed insights on each site‘s features, content, safety, and more so you can find your new go-to torrenting home.

Here‘s what we‘ll cover:

  • Overview of Kickass Torrents and its shutdown
  • Breakdowns of the 9 best alternative sites
  • Torrenting safety tips to protect yourself
  • Legalities of torrenting in different regions
  • Summary to help you choose the right site

Let‘s get started! This info will help fellow torrent users find safe and effective alternatives in 2022 and beyond.

A Closer Look at Kickass Torrents

First, let‘s recap the history of Kickass Torrents (KAT). Launched in 2008, KAT grew rapidly to become the most visited torrent site worldwide by 2016 with millions of regular users.

At its peak, Kickass Torrents:

  • Hosted a massive index of torrent files and magnet links
  • Offered uploads across movies, TV, music, games, software, and more
  • Maintained an active uploader community numbering over 133k members
  • Contained over 5.2 million verified torrents and 12.5 million total
  • Was accessed by over 50 million unique IP addresses per month

However, legal issues soon mounted due to copyright infringement claims. By July 2016, KAT was seized and shut down by law enforcement. KAT later resurfaced under new domains, but never regained the same level of popularity.

Despite its demise, Kickass Torrents set a standard in its heyday for the variety and scale of its torrent content. Many users since its closure have sought torrent sites that can offer a similar experience.

9 Best Kickass Torrent Alternatives for 2022

The following sites provide the top options available right now to suit different needs as a replacement for KAT:

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay (TPB) is the longest-running torrent site, being online since 2003. With its decades of operation, TPB has the most established user base and largest index of torrents.

Some key details about The Pirate Bay:

  • Older site with loyal user base – 89 million visitors per month
  • Massive library with 8.2 million torrents across all media
  • Minimal interface focused just on searches and torrent links
  • No torrent files hosted on site, only magnet links provided
  • Frequent domain changes to avoid legal takedowns
  • Lots of ads without ad blocking enabled


  • Huge content library surpassing KAT
  • Strong community with comments and discussions
  • Easy to navigate and search


  • Annoying popup and banner ads
  • Missing advanced features of newer sites

With the scale of its content and devoted users, TPB remains the top Kickass Torrents alternative for general torrenting. Just be prepared for the ads!


RARBG is focused on verified torrents for movies and TV shows uploaded by trusted members. It‘s gained a reputation for having the best selection of the latest shows and films.

Some useful information on RARBG:

  • Emphasis on movies and TV, plus some music and games
  • 53.4 million visitors per month
  • "Scene" releases from internal release groups
  • magnet links and torrent files offered
  • Blocked in several countries (use a VPN to access)


  • Excellent selection of new movies and shows
  • Verified torrents from internal groups
  • Fast downloads with good seed numbers


  • Lacks breadth of other content like books or software
  • Access blocked in some regions

For quick and reliable downloads of the newest movie and TV releases in high quality, RARBG is a top choice.

3. 1337X

1337X has been around since 2007 building up its library and active community. The site indexes a large variety of uploads across all categories.

Some 1337X basics:

  • Massive index of 17 million+ torrents
  • 51 million visitors monthly
  • Verified torrents highlighted
  • No torrent files hosted, only magnet links
  • Discussions and comments on all torrents
  • Easy to sort and filter searches


  • One of the largest torrent libraries available
  • Helpful community comments on torrents
  • Intuitive browsing and search tools


  • Fake/spam download buttons on site
  • Lacks curation of best torrents

For an enormous torrent index and community discussion, 1337X is among the top KAT alternatives. Just watch out for the fake buttons.

4. YTS

YTS began as YIFY Torrents for movie releases in 2011 before rebranding. The site is solely dedicated to movie torrents in small high-quality encodes.

Details about YTS:

  • 24 million visitors monthly
  • Exclusive focus on movie torrents
  • Library of over 7,000 movie torrents
  • All are YIFY/YTS re-encodes under 1GB
  • New movie uploads within days of release


  • Quick downloads of latest movies in small sizes
  • Single niche focus on films
  • Minimal old-school vibe


  • Lacks breadth of other content types
  • Small community and features

If you want an easy way to torrent movies in the style of YIFY without bloat, YTS has you covered.


EZTV solely provides TV show torrents, dating back to its origins in 2005. It continues to be a leading source for TV torrenting.

Some EZTV highlights:

  • Focused exclusively on TV torrents
  • Over 473,000 TV torrents indexed currently
  • 21 million+ visitors monthly
  • Includes older shows as well as new episodes
  • TV calendar and schedule for airing dates


  • Specialized source for all TV show torrent needs
  • Speedy uploads after airing new episodes
  • Helpful TV calendar of upcoming releases


  • Missing other media types like movies or music
  • Smaller library compared to general sites

If your torrenting is all about TV, EZTV will satisfy your needs with its specialized niche library.

6. Zooqle

Zooqle is a newer torrent site rapidly growing since 2013 with over 11 million verified torrents indexed already.

Some useful Zooqle details:

  • Large library of verified torrents
  • 8 million visitors per month
  • Focus on movies, TV, games, software
  • Minimal ads and intuitive interface
  • Reliable technical infrastructure


  • Excellent selection of newer movies and TV
  • Verified torrents and no spam
  • Fast speeds and uptime
  • Modern design and features


  • Smaller community than veteran sites
  • Doesn‘t match breadth of content categories

For a fresher torrent site with a solid selection, Zooqle delivers a polished experience.

7. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads has been around since 2009 as a general public torrent tracker spanning all media categories.

Some overview on TorrentDownloads:

  • General torrent index across movies, TV, games, books, software, etc.
  • Over 4 million torrents in its index
  • Verified and unverified torrent sections
  • Active forums and comments from uploaders
  • Minimal interface focused just on searches


  • Huge variety with verified and unverified torrents
  • Helpful discussions from community
  • No need to register an account


  • Outdated interface lacking features
  • Lots of low quality torrents mixed in

TorrentDownloads offers a solid selection as an alternative thanks to its variety and community. But the site lacks refinement.

8. Torlock

Torlock is a fast torrent indexer dating back to 2010 that curates only verified and high-quality torrent uploads.

Some useful Torlock details:

  • Exclusive focus on verified torrents
  • Currently indexes over 882,000 torrents
  • Minimal ads and basic interface
  • Easy browsing by category or search
  • Small but dedicated user base


  • Strict vetting ensures all torrents are valid
  • Excellent speeds from dedicated servers
  • No fake or spam torrents


  • Library lacks more obscure/rare torrents
  • Smaller community than other sites

For a simplified torrent search engine offering only verified results, Torlock is a great choice.

9. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrents is one of the leading public torrent trackers that emerged after KAT‘s shutdown. It‘s open for anyone to upload and download.

Some quick facts on LimeTorrents:

  • Over 10 million indexed torrents currently
  • Focused on magnet links rather than .torrent files
  • Daily moderation to remove fakes and malware
  • Minimal interface with search and categories
  • 17 million monthly visitors


  • Huge library with new torrents added constantly
  • Easy to find most popular downloads
  • Trusted uploader program for verified torrents


  • Less content moderation than private trackers
  • Sometimes redirects to new domains

For a straightforward torrent search engine open to all, LimeTorrents is a solid choice to replace KAT.

5 Key Tips to Torrent Safely

When using torrent sites, safety should be your top concern – especially when downloading copyrighted material. Here are 5 must-follow tips:

Use a Trusted VPN

A VPN encrypts all your traffic and hides your IP address to keep you anonymous and safe while torrenting. Some affordable VPNs optimized for torrenting include NordVPN, Surfshark, and Private Internet Access.

Check Comments Before Downloading

Comments on torrents can provide useful verification on whether it‘s legitimate and high-quality. Avoid torrents with lots of spam.

Scan Downloads with Antivirus Software

Always scan downloaded files and media with antivirus software like Windows Defender or Malwarebytes to check for viruses or malware.

Limit Exposing Your IP Address

Disable P2P sharing in your torrent client and enable a firewall. Bind the network interface to limit connectivity when initially downloading torrents.

Seed Files to Help the Community

Make sure to seed files back at a good ratio after downloading torrents. This helps uphold the torrenting community.

Following these tips will help keep you secure while finding files through torrenting. I‘d also recommend researching the legality of torrenting in your country.

Torrenting Laws and Risks by Country

The legal situation around torrenting and copyright infringement varies across different countries and regions. Here‘s a quick overview:

  • United States – Downloading copyrighted material is technically illegal, but laws are loosely enforced for personal use. Fines have ranged up to $150,000 for large-scale offenses.

  • Canada – Laws are similar to the US, with little enforcement for individual downloading but potential big fines for major cases.

  • United Kingdom – Stricter enforcement around torrenting with possible internet suspension under the Digital Economy Act. Penalties include fines up to £5000.

  • Australia – Copyright infringement cases can lead to lawsuits by rightsholders under local laws. Internet access can be restricted.

  • Germany – Downloading copyrighted content is directly illegal. Fines up to 1000 euros can be assessed under the country‘s File Sharing Act.

  • France – Copyright law prohibits unauthorized downloads, with penalties including fines up to 300,000 euros and jail time.

  • Sweden – Copyright violations are criminal offenses that can result in fines or up to two years in prison under the Swedish Penal Code.

As you can see, torrenting does carry legal risks depending on your region. It‘s always smart to use a VPN and avoid recklessly sharing files.

Find Your New Favorite Torrenting Home

While no site today can fully replace the legendary Kickass Torrents as it once was, this list provides excellent alternatives to suit your needs in 2022.

For a general all-around option, The Pirate Bay stands out as the leader thanks to its massive library and active community. Veterans like RARBG and 1337X also deliver huge content selections and discussions.

If you need specific media types, specialized sites like YTS for movies and EZTV for TV have you covered. Relative newcomers like Zooqle offer a more modern refresh on the classic torrent site formula.

And LimeTorrents provides an open tracker space for the masses in the spirit of KAT.

No matter your preferences, just remember to torrent safely! Always use a trusted VPN, scan downloads, check comments, and limit exposure of your IP address. This will ensure you avoid legal risks and malware.

With the right site from this list and proper precautions, you can enjoy finding virtually any content through torrenting. Let me know if you have any other questions – stay safe out there!


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