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The 6 Best Bittorrent Clients

Although many torrent sites are blocked, the BitTorrent protocol is still popular for file transfers. This P2P protocol allows users to connect to each other with the help of a tracker and then share files.

It’s an easy method to transfer large files which can be anything from software and eBooks to TV shows, movies and music.

And to download using the BitTorrent protocol, you need a software to read the tracker file which you download from the torrent sites. In this article, I am giving you the list of six best torrent programs available and also, how to access blocked torrent sites.

Is BitTorrent illegal?

The BitTorrent protocol isn’t illegal but the files transferred by using it maybe. People use torrent files to download

copyright materials for free, and it has led to the suspension of many torrent sites. But the process isn’t illegal, and people use it to distribute freebies and public domain materials.

What is the best torrent client? The first torrent client had the

same name as the protocol used. Yes, BitTorrent is also a torrent downloader which lets you keep track of the BitTorrent file downloads.

But there are others and before you start using one of these best torrent clients, read how to access torrent files safely.

Get a Bit torrent VPN

Downloading via BitTorrent is easy. Torrent files hosting sites let you download a tracker which the BitTorrent clients open to proceed with the download. But because of pirated content, the government has blocked the popular torrent sites and to access them; you need a VPN.

And a VPN service also keeps your downloading activity hidden, but more on it later. Once you have the access, you can download the files you require using the following BitTorrent clients –


One of the most simple and the best BitTorrent client for Windows is qBittorrent. It is an open-source program that doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can use it to search for files, play downloaded media, and also share your files.

It has pretty much everything a beginner will need to enter the world of torrenting. Also, the software is ad-free. It has encryption – password-protection mode – and is available even for Macs and Linux. And what more? You can integrate it with your VPN software.


Vuze is an all-in-one tool for torrent-related things. It lets you subscribe to interesting content, file conversion, has an integrated media player, remote management and linking with VPN clients. Vuze VPN integration ensures that the files will stop downloading if the VPN connection is not active. Why? It’s for your safety.

The free version though is full of ads. If you get the premium version, you also get anti-virus scanning.

The software is available for Mac, Windows and Linux but can make your device run slow sometimes.


Another torrent program maintained by the developers of BitTorrent is the popular uTorrent. The software is lightweight but has what it needs to start torrenting.

Apart from the essential functions of pausing, deleting files, and creating new ones, uTorrent also provides remote access to your desktop client through Android.

Moreover, the software is free to use and is already popular among torrenters for years.


Another simple, easy-to-use torrent client is Deluge and is also light on your device. It offers encryption, remote management and plugins to increase its usability.

But even without those add-ons, Deluge is quite useful for beginners. It is available for Linux, Mac and also Windows. You can even integrate it with popular browsers.

Deluge is free, open-source, and doesn’t show you any ads. And you can have features like streaming while downloading and RSS notifications among others.


Although available with advanced settings, FrostWire is a lean program and isn’t hungry for system resources.

You can search for torrents within the software and play with options to customize your experience. It also features internet radio stations.

FrostWire is available for download on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.


Transmission is a free, open-source BitTorrent client for Macs and is also the preferred client for Linux users. It is lightweight but is full of features like encryption and RSS subscription, and even remote management.

It is available for Windows also.

Using VPN for torrents

ISP (and government) implement blocks by checking your IP address. What a VPN server does is spoofing your IP address and gives it a new one.

So, when you connect to a foreign server, say – in Europe – your US IP address is replaced with a European address.

ExpressVPN com has servers all over the world, and you can switch servers in a breeze if it doesn’t open the sites for you.

Not only does it unblock torrent sites but it also provides you privacy while downloading torrent files. They encrypt the data transfer, and ExpressVPN works well with the BitTorrent protocol. Moreover, they do not keep your activity logs.


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