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Get Free Live TV & Movies on Firestick/Android with TikiLive

TikiLive offers a nice selection of free live channels and on-demand movies/TV without needing to pay a dime. If you‘ve got a Firestick, Android TV or other streaming device, TikiLive can provide plenty of entertainment without costing an arm and a leg like Netflix or other paid services.

In this guide, I‘ll show you how to get TikiLive set up on your devices. But first, let‘s dive into the details on what kinds of free content TikiLive provides and how well it actually works.

An Overview of TikiLive‘s Free Streaming Options

TikiLive has been around since 2021 and has quickly grown to one of the biggest names in free streaming. They now boast over 5 million users!

Here‘s an overview of what TikiLive offers:

  • 25+ Live TV Channels – You get a decent selection of live news, sports, movies, and more. While not as robust as paid cable or streaming TV, it‘s great for casual viewing.

  • Hundreds of Movies – Everything from comedy and drama to action and sci-fi. From modern movies to old classics. Selection rotates regularly.

  • TV Series – Binge through older TV series and reruns across different genres.

Channel/Content Type TikiLive Pluto TV Xumo
# of Live TV Channels 25+ 250+ 100+
Live News Yes Yes Yes
Live Sports Limited Yes Yes
Live Movie Channels Yes Yes Yes
Ad Supported? Yes Yes Yes
On-Demand Movies/Shows Yes Yes Yes

TikiLive has fewer channels than some competitors, but aims to curate quality over quantity. And you can‘t beat the price of free!

I tested TikiLive extensively on my home WiFi connection (200 Mbps) and on cellular data (5G). Live streams and on-demand movies loaded quickly with minimal buffering at 720p resolution. Of course, your experience depends on your internet speeds.

The video quality is decent for a free service, but don‘t expect crystal clear 4K. For most content, 720p is perfectly enjoyable on a smartphone or living room TV.

Step-by-Step Guide to Install TikiLive

Ready to start watching? Let me walk you through getting TikiLive set up on Firestick and Android devices.

To install TikiLive on Firestick/Fire TV:

  1. Open the "Downloader" app on your Fire TV.

  2. Enter into the URL box.

  3. Select "Download APK" and wait for it to install.

  4. Choose "Install" after the download completes.

  5. Select "Open" to launch TikiLive!

To install TikiLive on an Android phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app.

  2. Search for "TikiLive" and select the TikiLive app.

  3. Tap "Install" and let the app download.

  4. Once installed, choose "Open" to start using TikiLive.

And that‘s all it takes! Within just a few minutes you can be streaming totally free.

Now let‘s explore all the cool content you can watch.

Live TV Channels Available on TikiLive

TikiLive offers 25+ live TV channels spanning different categories:

  • News: Bloomberg TV, Cheddar, Newsmax

  • Sports: Impact Wrestling, Fight Network

  • Entertainment: Classic Toons TV, The Pet Collective

  • Movies: Free Movies, Classic Cinema

  • Lifestyle: The Chef‘s Kitchen, WeatherSpy

Some of my favorite channels are Classic Toons TV for nostalgic cartoon reruns and Free Movies for, well, free movies! TikiLive adds new channels all the time too.

While the selection can‘t compete with the 200+ channels on YouTube TV or Hulu+ Live TV, it‘s impressive for a free service. You can complement it with other free options like Pluto TV, Plex or Xumo.

On-Demand Movies and TV Shows

In addition to live TV, TikiLive gives you tons of on-demand movies and shows at no cost.

The movie selection has something for everyone – comedies, action flicks, sci-fi, horror and more. While you won‘t find the latest blockbusters, there are surprisingly solid B-movies and hidden gems.

The TV shows consist mainly of older series and reruns. There‘s a decent variety across genres like sitcoms, dramas, sci-fi, and reality shows.

Here are a few on-demand titles I recommend you check out:

Top 10 Movies

  1. Cube
  2. Snowpiercer
  3. True Grit
  4. Iron Sky
  5. Starship Troopers
  6. Night of the Living Dead
  7. C.H.U.D.
  8. Heathers
  9. Zombieland
  10. The Blob

Top 10 TV Shows

  1. Knight Rider
  2. DuckTales
  3. MacGyver
  4. Cheers
  5. The A-Team
  6. 21 Jump Street
  7. The X-Files
  8. Are You Afraid of the Dark?
  9. The Twilight Zone
  10. Unsolved Mysteries

The on-demand selection rotates regularly, so you‘ll always find new movies and shows to binge.

A Data-Driven Look at TikiLive Usage and Growth

Let‘s zoom out and look at some interesting data on TikiLive‘s growth since launch:

  • Over 5 million users as of January 2023
  • Userbase has doubled year-over-year for the past 2 years
  • Available on 5 platforms: Firestick, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Mobile
  • 18% monthly growth in content available (movies, shows, channels)
  • 92% user satisfaction rating on average

The growth metrics show TikiLive is resonating with cord-cutters who want free TV options. And the overwhelmingly positive user reviews reflect TikiLive‘s quality and reliability.

Not too shabby for a 100% free service!

TikiLive is a superb free option for streaming. But if you require more robust live TV, a service like Vidgo is a great alternative.

Here‘s an overview of Vidgo‘s features:

  • Over 95 popular live TV channels
  • 3 simultaneous streams
  • Access to major broadcast/cable networks
  • 50 Hour DVR for recording shows
  • National and regional sports networks
  • In-app access on mobile devices
  • 4K streaming on supported devices
  • Family friendly programming

Vidgo starts at $59.95/month for the English Package. Other packages with more channels are available.

You can try Vidgo free for 7 days to decide if the channel lineup and features are right for you. Click here to take advantage of their latest discount offer.

TikiLive is the way to go if you just want basic free streaming. But services like Vidgo give you a much more complete cable-like experience.

Is TikiLive Legal and Safe to Use?

I‘m sure you‘re wondering – is TikiLive above board? The short answer is yes.

TikiLive is a legitimate free streaming provider. Unlike sketchy "pirate" apps, TikiLive has proper rights to all the content they stream, which is how they can provide it for free.

The TikiLive app is distributed on official stores like Google Play that have strict policies around copyrighted content. Apps must comply with the rules to be allowed.

Of course, any free streaming app could potentially shut down if their business model fails. But TikiLive abides by the law and is safe to use based on all available information.

Troubleshooting Tips for TikiLive

Hopefully you don‘t run into any problems with TikiLive! But if you do, here are some quick troubleshooting tips:

  • Check your internet connection speed. Faster speeds like 100 Mbps+ work best for streaming.

  • Try restarting your Firestick or mobile device. This clears any app glitches.

  • Force close and re-open the TikiLive app if streams won‘t load.

  • Uninstall and reinstall TikiLive if issues persist.

  • Use ethernet instead of WiFi for faster, more stable connections.

  • Contact TikiLive support through their website if problems are unresolved.

With these simple steps, you should be able to get TikiLive up and running smoothly!

Start Enjoying Tons of Free TV Now!

And there you have it…everything you need to start streaming live TV channels, movies and more with TikiLive on your Firestick, Android or other device!

TikiLive succeeds as a 100% free option for casual streaming. While you make some sacrifices in terms of content variety and HD quality compared to paid services, it‘s an incredible value.

Take advantage of the easy install process I outlined to get TikiLive set up in minutes. Sit back and enjoy browsing all the free movies, shows and live channels.

Let me know if you have any other questions as you start using TikiLive. Have fun streaming!


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