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Fast Task Killer – How to Install on Firestick to Close Unwanted Apps

If you‘ve noticed your Firestick or Android TV box slowing down recently, installing Fast Task Killer is an easy and effective way to speed it back up. This free app quickly closes unnecessary background apps to optimize performance and eliminate lag.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through how to download and install Fast Task Killer on your Fire TV streaming device. I‘ll also provide tips on the best times to use it, additional troubleshooting techniques, and alternatives to try for even better results.

A Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Installing Fast Task Killer

The process of getting Fast Task Killer up and running only takes a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough with extra details and screenshots for every step:

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Since Fast Task Killer isn‘t available in the Amazon Appstore, you‘ll need to enable app downloads from outside sources first:

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options

  • Turn on "Apps from Unknown Sources" and "ADB Debugging"

Enabling these settings allows installation of APK files from sources like Downloader.

Download the Downloader App

Downloader lets you quickly get APK files like Fast Task Killer onto your device:

  • Use the Firestick search to find "Downloader"

  • Select the Downloader app and click Download

  • Open Downloader once installed

The Downloader app features a browser to easily enter URLs of APK files.

Enter the URL for Fast Task Killer

Now use Downloader to grab the Fast Task Killer APK file:

  • Launch Downloader and select the browser icon

  • Type: into the URL bar

  • Select Go to start the APK download

This special URL will automatically download the latest version of the app.

Install Fast Task Killer

After the download completes, you‘ll see an installation prompt:

  • Click the Install button in Downloader

  • The app will install, displaying a progress bar

  • When complete, an "App Installed" message will appear – select Done

The final step is to delete the APK install file to free up space.

Move the App to Your Home Screen

To access Fast Task Killer easily:

  • Press the Home button to return to the Firestick‘s main menu

  • Scroll down and select Apps

  • Locate Fast Task Killer and long press the Select button

  • Choose Move from the menu and place it on the main home screen

Now Fast Task Killer is ready to launch whenever you need it!

What Are Background Apps and Why Close Them?

When you use apps on your Firestick, many will continue running in the background even after you exit. Having too many of these background apps open can negatively impact performance.

Here are some examples of background processes that consume RAM and CPU:

  • Streaming apps like Netflix and Disney+
  • Sports apps refreshing scores/stats
  • Apps frequently updating content like social media
  • Firestick system processes and services

Too many background apps will fill up the RAM memory available. This can lead to lag, freezing, unexpected shutdowns, and constant buffering during streaming.

Fast Task Killer closes all non-essential background apps so more memory is available for the app you want to actively use. Think of it like wiping down a cluttered countertop so you have space to cook a meal!

How Does Fast Task Killer Work to Free Up Resources?

When you tap the Boost button in Fast Task Killer, here is what happens behind the scenes:

  • Fast Task Killer interrogates the OS to list all running apps/processes

  • It force stops the processes not currently in use based on priority

  • Less important background services are killed first

  • System critical services won‘t be closed for stability

Force stopping apps completely frees the RAM, CPU, and other resources they were consuming.

Fast Task Killer includes options to spare select apps from being killed. You can also view and manually stop processes one by one if preferred.

Comparing Fast Task Killer to Other Top Task Killers

While Fast Task Killer is a top choice, there are other task killer apps that work well for the Firestick and Android TV. Here is a comparison of the best options:

App Price Rating Key Features
Fast Task Killer Free 4.5/5 Simple interface, regex filtering
AVG Cleaner Free 4.3/5 Junk file cleanup, memory boost
CCleaner $2.99 4.1/5 Cache cleaner, app uninstall, monitoring
Clean Master Free 4.0/5 Android optimization tools
SD Maid $2.99 4.2/5 Advanced task killing, file explorer

I recommend Fast Task Killer as the best free option. But advanced users may benefit from paid tools like CCleaner or SD Maid with extra features.

When to Use Fast Task Killer for Maximum Impact

It‘s important not to overuse Fast Task Killer or you could slow down your Firestick even more. Here are the best times to use it for optimum results:

Experiencing Performance Issues

Only use Fast Task Killer when you notice lag or freezing issues. If apps are running smooth, don‘t worry about background processes.

Before Opening a Large App

Kill tasks right before launching a large game or video editing app. This frees up the maximum resources for the app to utilize.

Rebooting Your Device

Kill all tasks prior to power cycling or rebooting your Firestick. This ensures a clean slate and smooth experience when powering back on.

Periodic Maintenance

Fast Task Killer is useful as periodic maintenance even if you aren‘t noticing slowdowns. Once a week is enough for most users.

Changing Activities

Use Fast Task Killer when switching activities, like after streaming movies and before browsing the web. It gives the next app a boost.

Before Unplugging Firestick

By killing tasks before unplugging, you can prevent apps continuing to run and drain the battery if running on mobile power.

Troubleshooting Tips if You‘re Still Experiencing Lag

If using Fast Task Killer doesn‘t resolve Firestick lag or constant buffering, here are some additional troubleshooting steps:

  • Force stop problem apps individually – Sometimes one problematic app is the culprit. Try isolating and force stopping apps one by one.

  • Clear app cache and data – Over time, cached data can build up and slow apps down. Clear it in Settings.

  • Check for Firestick OS and app updates – Outdated software can cause performance issues. Install available updates.

  • Reboot router/modem – Connectivity glitches between your Firestick and WiFi can lead to buffering. Reboot to refresh the connection.

  • Use a wired Ethernet connection – For consistent streaming, use wired internet if possible for max speed and reliability.

  • Lower streaming resolution – Streaming 4K films can strain networks. Lower to 720p if lag persists.

  • Remove bloatware apps – Pre-installed apps on the Firestick soak up resources. Uninstall ones you don‘t need.

Hopefully Fast Task Killer fixes any Firestick slowdowns. But if not, these steps should help narrow down the root cause.

Alternative Recommended Apps for Speeding Up Firestick

In addition to Fast Task Killer, here are some other handy apps for optimizing and speeding up your Firestick:

CC Cleaner

Great for cleaning up cached files, deleting junk, uninstalling apps, and freeing up storage space.

All-In-One Toolbox

Features app and memory management tools along with device info and troubleshooting capabilities.

Background Apps & Process List

Provides finer controls for monitoring and manually stopping or starting specific processes.

Network Speed Test App

Test your Firestick‘s network speeds to rule out connectivity issues causing buffering.

This combination of cleanup, optimization, and diagnostic apps will have your Firestick running like new again!

Get Faster Streaming Performance with Fast Task Killer

I hope this guide provided you with everything needed to get Fast Task Killer installed and actively improving your Firestick‘s performance. With just a single tap, it can free up significant RAM and speed up any sluggish streaming box.

Use my tips on when to run Fast Task Killer for best results without overusing it. And take advantage of the other handy apps suggested to maximize your Firestick‘s capabilities. Enjoy buttery smooth streaming and lightning fast navigation again!


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