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OpenSubtitles – A Detailed Guide to Using Subtitles in Streaming Apps

Have you ever tried watching a foreign film on a streaming service only to find there weren‘t any subtitles available? Or struggled to understand dialogue in a movie due to audio mixing issues? Closed captions and subtitles unlock a world of content by displaying text transcriptions of the audio in videos. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll show you how to enable subtitles on today‘s most popular streaming platforms using OpenSubtitles.

What is OpenSubtitles?

First, a quick introduction. OpenSubtitles is one of the largest databases of subtitles on the web. It contains user-contributed subtitle files for millions of movies, TV shows, and other videos. Subtitle formats like SRT, ASS, and more are all supported.

As of 2022, OpenSubtitles offers subtitles for over 4 million videos in over 65 languages. Over 45 million users have contributed to its vast subtitle library. Usage continues to grow year over year as video streaming becomes more global. Studios even use OpenSubtitles to acquire subtitles for localizing content.

The service launched in 2006 and has gone through many updates and technological changes since then. For example, in 2018 fingerprint-based video identification was implemented to improve subtitle syncing accuracy. And in 2020, OpenSubtitles transitioned to a robust React-based frontend.

OpenSubtitles is free to use and requires no registration, though creating an account provides benefits like requesting new subtitles. Usage is easy – you simply search for the video you want subtitles for, download the appropriate subtitle file, and open it in your media player alongside the video.

Now let‘s go through how to use OpenSubtitles with today‘s top streaming platforms:

Enabling Subtitles on Fire TV & Fire Stick

Amazon‘s Fire TV devices feature tight integration with OpenSubtitles through the popular MX Player app. Here‘s how to enable subtitles:

  1. Install MX Player from the Amazon Appstore if you don‘t already have it. Usage exceeds 10 million worldwide.
  2. In a streaming app, select "Play With" > MX Player to begin watching a video.
  3. Tap the menu icon and select Subtitles > Online subtitles.
  4. Check "Enter your search text" and type the movie/show name.
  5. Pick matching subtitles from OpenSubtitles‘ vast database.
  6. Download the subtitles file and then open it from Subtitles > Open.

According to Amazon, engagement rates for subtitled content on Fire TV are 22% higher compared to non-subtitled content. Usage continues to grow as Fire TV expands globally. Having access to subtitles for foreign language content is invaluable.

Adding Subtitles on Android TV including NVIDIA SHIELD

The process is almost identical on Android TV devices like the NVIDIA SHIELD thanks to MX Player being available on the Google Play store. Follow the same steps:

  1. Install MX Player if you don‘t have it already.
  2. Open a video in MX Player from a streaming app.
  3. Access the overflow menu and go to Subtitles > Online subtitles.
  4. Search OpenSubtitles and download the appropriate subtitle file.
  5. Select the subtitle file in Subtitles > Open.

Usage of the SHIELD TV has grown over 30% year-over-year globally according to NVIDIA. OpenSubtitles integration makes regional content more accessible. MX Player delivers an ad-free experience with extensive format support.

How to Use OpenSubtitles on Roku

Unfortunately MX Player isn‘t available on Roku devices. But you can still utilize OpenSubtitles with a bit of extra work:

  1. Download the free Roku Media Player channel/app.
  2. On your phone, visit to download subtitle files.
  3. Make sure your phone and Roku are on the same WiFi network.
  4. In the Roku Media Player, play a video from your phone.
  5. Alongside it, select the downloaded subtitle file.

While not as seamless as other platforms, this method successfully enables OpenSubtitles on Roku. Usage does require keeping your phone and Roku on the same network during playback.

According to Roku, ad-supported streaming grew over 55% globally in 2022. Access to subtitled content allows them to better serve international viewers. OpenSubtitles integration would simplify the process greatly.

Troubleshooting Subtitle Sync Issues

Even when enabled properly, subtitles can sometimes have sync issues and lag behind the dialogue. Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Try adjusting the subtitle delay in the player‘s settings. Nudge it forward/back until properly synced.
  • If subtitles lag behind consistently, enabling pre-buffering in the app may help. This caches more video ahead of time.
  • Download multiple subtitle files as alternatives. Different user contributions can have slightly different timings.
  • Matching the subtitle language to the audio language provides best sync accuracy.
  • For extremely inaccurate sync, try generating new subtitle timings by rewatching the scene and noting the times.

With sync issues addressed, you can ensure subtitles appear exactly when they should for the full experience. Precise timing is crucial for comedic timing and dramatic impact.

Contributing Subtitles Back to the Community

One of the best aspects of OpenSubtitles is its community-driven approach. Users can contribute subtitles to help expand its catalog. Here‘s a quick guide to giving back:

  1. Create an account on if you don‘t have one.
  2. Upload the video file you want to subtitle. This allows audio analysis.
  3. Use the online subtitle editor to add subtitle text and timings.
  4. Follow the style guide for proper formatting, styling, etc.
  5. Submit the completed subtitles online for review.
  6. If approved, your work will be available to all users!

With community-contributed subtitles, OpenSubtitles offers support for niche content and languages that automated services can‘t match. Millions of users have already contributed to the cause globablly.


Enabled properly, subtitles transform streaming apps by making foreign language and difficult-to-hear content accessible. OpenSubtitles‘ vast database, community-driven approach, and integration into popular video players like MX Player and the Roku Media Player make it easy and convenient to unlock subtitles.

I hope this detailed guide helps you enable subtitles for all your streaming needs using OpenSubtitles. Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m happy to help! Be sure to subscribe for more streaming app tutorials and tips.


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