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Hey there! Let‘s get NBC Sports on your Firestick or Roku

Looking for a simple way to stream live sports without needing a cable subscription? Installing the NBC Sports app on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Roku device makes it easy and free!

This handy guide will walk you through getting NBC Sports set up on your streaming player in just a few steps. With NBC Sports, you can watch live NFL, NBA, MLB games and more – no cable required!

I‘ll also cover some of the key features that make NBC Sports a top pick for cord-cutters wanting sports access without breaking the bank on cable.

Let‘s dive in!

Live sports streaming without cable – is it possible?

If you‘re a sports fan used to watching games through cable or satellite TV, you might feel lost when cutting the cord. How can you possibly watch live sports without paying for cable?

Well here‘s some good news – NBC Sports and other streaming apps offer totally free (and legal!) ways to tune into live sports without pricey cable packages.

These days, more and more sports leagues and broadcasters are offering live game streaming directly to viewers. NBC Sports is a prime example, with their app providing free live streams of Sunday Night Football, Premier League soccer, NASCAR races, and much more.

And the stats show that sports fans are flocking to these streaming options:

  • 33% of cord-cutters say live sports access is a main reason they dumped cable.
  • 52% of people who still have cable say sports are the main reason they keep their subscription.
  • But…60% of sports viewers aged 16-35 prefer to watch via streaming rather than cable.

It‘s official – live sports streaming is going mainstream! And apps like NBC Sports for your Firestick or Roku make it easier and cheaper than ever.

Let‘s look at a quick comparison of streaming vs cable/satellite for sports access:

Live Sports Streaming Cable/Satellite
No contracts – Cancel anytime ❌ Long contracts (1-2 years)
No hidden fees – Just an internet connection ❌ Extra fees like regional sports and HD
No equipment rentals – Use what you already own ❌ Rent cable boxes + DVRs
Lower cost – Free to $20/month ❌ $80-$150/month is typical
Flexibility – Stream anywhere ❌ Stuck watching on a TV

As you can see, streaming comes out way ahead for affordability and flexibility!

Now let‘s get into how to install NBC Sports so you can start watching live sports through streaming.

Step-by-Step: Install NBC Sports on Amazon Fire TV/Firestick

If you own an Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or any Fire TV model, you can easily add the NBC Sports app in just a few minutes using these steps:

1. Search for NBC Sports

  • Press the home button on your Fire TV remote
  • Select the "Search" option and use the on-screen keyboard to type "NBC Sports"

2. Locate NBC Sports in the app search results

  • In the list of search results, you will see the orange icon for NBC Sports

NBC Sports app icon

  • This is the app you want – just make sure it‘s the official NBC Sports app published by NBCUniversal.

3. Select Get/Download

  • Highlight the NBC Sports icon and choose the orange "Get" button

NBC Sports Get button

  • This will begin the download and installation process for adding the app to your Fire TV device

4. Find NBC Sports in Your Apps

  • Once installed, press the home button again to go back to the Fire TV home screen
  • Scroll down to the "Your Apps and Channels" section
  • Locate the new NBC Sports icon in your apps list

NBC Sports in apps list

  • If you don‘t see it, you can select the magnifying glass icon to search your apps and games for NBC Sports

5. Move NBC Sports App to Your Preferred Location

  • Use directional pad to highlight the NBC Sports icon
  • Press the menu button on remote and select "Move"
  • Use the directional buttons to move NBC Sports to your desired position in your apps list
  • Press select to drop the icon into place

Move NBC Sports in apps list

This helps keep NBC Sports easy to access since you‘ll use it regularly for streaming sports!

And that‘s it – you now have the NBC Sports app ready to use on your Fire TV device! Just open the app to start watching.

Let‘s Get NBC Sports on Your Roku Player

If Roku is your preferred streaming device, adding the NBC Sports channel is quick and simple too:

1. Access Search on Your Roku

  • From the home screen, scroll up or down to highlight the "Search" channel tile
  • Select by pressing OK on your Roku remote

2. Type in "NBC Sports"

  • Use the on-screen keyboard to enter "NBC Sports"
  • As you type, you‘ll see the NBC Sports channel appear as the top match

Searching for NBC Sports on Roku

3. Select the NBC Sports Channel

  • Highlight the NBC Sports logo and click OK to go the channel‘s page

NBC Sports Roku channel

  • Make sure it says "by NBCUniversal" under the title – this verifies it‘s the official channel

4. Click Add Channel

  • With NBC Sports highlighted, click OK on your remote to pull up options
  • Choose "Add Channel" to begin installing it on your Roku

5. Access NBC Sports from Your Roku Home Screen

  • After installation finishes, the NBC Sports channel will be added to your Roku‘s home screen channels list
  • Scroll down to find it, then highlight and click OK to launch the channel

6. Move NBC Sports Higher in Your Channel List

  • To keep NBC Sports easy to access, you can move it higher in your channel list
  • Highlight the icon, press the * button for options, choose "Move channel", then move it up
  • Press OK to drop it into the new spot

And that‘s all you need to do – the NBC Sports channel is now ready to use on your Roku player!

Enjoy All the Great Sports on NBC

Once you have NBC Sports installed, an exciting world of live sports is at your fingertips – no cable required!

Here are just some of the leagues, events, and programming available on NBC Sports:

NFL Football

  • Sunday Night Football – NBC‘s weekly SNF game is a must-see
  • Thanksgiving primetime game
  • NFL Playoffs – Wildcard games + more
  • Sunday Night Football en Espanol – Spanish language SNF telecast
  • Football Night in America – Weekly studio show
  • NFL Combine & Draft coverage
  • Vintage NFL games and past Super Bowls

NBA Basketball

  • Select NBA on NBC games
  • NBA Playoff matchups
  • NBA All-Star Game & events
  • WNBA games
  • NBA TV channel 24/7 programming

MLB Baseball

  • MLB on NBC games including playoff matchups
  • World Series (on alternate years with Fox)
  • Sunday Night Baseball
  • MLB documentaries and programs

NHL Hockey

  • NHL on NBC matches including Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • NHL Winter Classic, All-Star Game & Stadium Series outdoor games
  • NHL Network 24/7 channel


  • Premier League matches
  • US Men‘s & Women‘s National Team matches
  • Ryder Cup and golf major tournament coverage
  • Tour de France
  • French Open and Triple Crown horse racing

And that just scratches the surface! There are live events from numerous other sports like NASCAR, IndyCar racing, boxing, college football and March Madness, cycling, horse racing, Olympics, and more.

Plus NBC Sports has great original programs like:

  • The Dan Patrick Show – Daily sports talk
  • Rich Eisen Show – NFL discussion & analysis
  • Costas coast to coast – Bob Costas‘ sports talk series
  • Motorsports & horse racing pre-race shows
  • Sports documentaries
  • Classic Olympics moments
  • Vintage games from several sports

The amount of live sports and programming available make NBC Sports a essential app for cord-cutting sports fans.

Now let‘s wrap up with some common questions:

FAQs about NBC Sports:

What devices can I use for NBC Sports?

You can install and watch NBC Sports on Fire TV, Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, smart TVs, iOS, Android, Xbox One, and Chromecast.

Does I need to pay for NBC Sports?

Nope! The NBC Sports app and live programming are 100% free. No subscription needed.

What‘s the difference between NBC Sports and NBC Sports Gold?

NBC Sports Gold is a separate subscription service with additional sports content. The main NBC Sports app is free.

Can I watch my local/regional sports networks?

Unfortunately no. NBC Sports does not stream local team broadcasts or regional sports networks. Just their national programming.

Do I need to login with my cable provider?

You only need a cable/satellite login for certain events like some Premier League matches. Much of NBC Sports is cable-free.

Can I watch NBC Sports on a web browser?

Yup! You can stream all NBC Sports programming directly through too without any app needed.

Is NBC Sports the same as Peacock TV?

Nope – Peacock TV is NBC‘s separate streaming service with originals, classics, news and some sports. NBC Sports focuses solely on live sports.

Ready to Enjoy Live Sports? Get NBC Sports on Your Streaming Device Now!

Well there you have it – with just a few quick steps, you can install the NBC Sports app on your Firestick/Fire TV or Roku device.

This opens up a world of cable-free live sports streaming from NFL football, NBA basketball, MLB baseball, Premier League soccer, golf majors, and much more!

NBC Sports is totally free and lets you ditch expensive cable TV subscriptions but still enjoy all your favorite national sports.

Why keep paying for cable just for sports when you can get NBC Sports direct through streaming?

So go ahead and get NBC Sports set up on your Firestick, Fire TV, or Roku today! Enjoy live sports to the max once again without emptying your wallet.

And as always, reach out if you have any questions getting the NBC Sports app installed or streaming live sports. Happy viewing!


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