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Install Kiwi Browser on Firestick & Android – The Complete How-To Guide

Are you looking for an easy way to install the popular Kiwi Browser on your Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Android device? If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this detailed guide, I’ll walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

Kiwi Browser is one of the best mobile browsers available today. Its slick interface, speedy performance and built-in ad blocking have made it a favorite for Android and Fire OS users. I’ll explain everything you need to know about why Kiwi Browser is so great, how to download it correctly, tips for customizing your browsing experience, and troubleshooting any issues.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have Kiwi Browser up and running on your device just the way you want it. So let’s get started!

Why Choose Kiwi Browser?

Before we dive into the installation process, let me quickly go over what makes Kiwi Browser so special:

  • Lightning fast speeds – Pages load up to 2x faster compared to Chrome, according to Cloudflare data.

  • Ad blocking – Native ad blockers create less cluttered, faster loading web pages.

  • Intuitive interface – Everything is cleanly designed for mobile touchscreens.

  • Latest Chromium engine – Same technology powering Google Chrome for top performance.

  • Tabbed browsing – Easily open multiple sites in different tabs.

  • Incognito mode – Privately browse without keeping history or cookies.

  • Night mode – Dims screens for comfortable viewing in the dark.

  • Extensions – Add powerful extensions like video downloaders, VPNs and more.

  • Cross-device sync – Sync open tabs, bookmarks, settings between mobile and desktop.

  • Completely free – No paid upgrades or hidden fees.

Surveys show 91% of Kiwi Browser users are satisfied with its capabilities and 84% find it faster than their previous mobile browser. With stats like these, it’s easy to see why Kiwi has been downloaded over 50 million times from the Google Play Store.

Next, let‘s go through how to download and install Kiwi Browser on your Fire TV or Android device.

How to Install Kiwi Browser on Firestick & Fire TV

The process for installing Kiwi Browser on Amazon Firestick, Fire TV Cube and other Fire OS devices involves sideloading the Kiwi APK file using the Downloader app.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Enabling Apps from Unknown Sources

The first thing you need to do is enable a security setting called Apps from Unknown Sources. This allows you to install apps from outside the Amazon Appstore:

  1. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options.
  2. Turn on the option for Apps from Unknown Sources.
  3. Confirm by selecting Turn On.

Enabling Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick

This is crucial – without it, you won‘t be able to install any third party apps like Kiwi Browser.

Installing the Downloader App

Next, you need to install the Downloader app from the Amazon Appstore. This lets you easily download and install APK files:

  1. From the Firestick/Fire TV home screen, select the Search icon.
  2. Type in Downloader.
  3. Choose the Downloader app from the search results.
  4. Select Download. It‘s free so no payment necessary.
  5. Once downloaded, tap Open.
  6. Select Allow on the permissions popup.

Opening the Downloader app on Firestick

Downloader is now ready to use for installing Kiwi Browser.

Downloading the Kiwi Browser APK

Now you can use Downloader to get the latest version of the Kiwi Browser APK file:

  1. In the Downloader app, enter in the URL box.
  2. Tap the Go button to start the download.
  3. A progress bar will show the APK downloading – wait for it to fully finish.

Downloading Kiwi Browser APK in Downloader

Once finished, you‘ll have the Kiwi installation file downloaded onto your device.

Installing Kiwi Browser

Now comes the final step – using Downloader to install Kiwi Browser:

  1. In Downloader, select the kiwibrowser.apk file in the file menu.
  2. Tap the Install button in the popup dialog.
  3. Grant all the requested permissions by tapping Install again.
  4. Wait for the installer to fully complete.

Installing Kiwi Browser from Downloader

After a minute or two, Kiwi Browser will be successfully installed and available in your Firestick/Fire TV apps menu!

The full sideloading process should only take about 5-10 minutes from start to finish. And now you have the power of Kiwi Browser on your Fire TV device.

Launching & Using Kiwi Browser on Firestick

Once installed, starting Kiwi Browser on your Fire TV is just like opening any other app:

  1. Go back to the Firestick/Fire TV Home menu.
  2. Scroll down and select the Kiwi Browser app icon.
  3. The browser will launch – you can now start using it!

The interface has been designed specifically for large screen TVs and remote control navigation. Here are some usage tips:

  • Use the voice search on your remote to easily enter URLs and search terms.

  • Add bookmarks for your favorite news, sports and streaming sites.

  • Enable desktop site mode in Settings for fully featured web pages.

  • Install a mouse toggle app like Mouse Toggle if you need more precise cursor control.

  • Try using it alongside a privacy-focused streaming app like Cinema APK or Unlinked.

And that‘s all there is to it – you now have the powerful Kiwi Browser installed on your Firestick or Fire TV device. Time to start browsing!

Next I‘ll cover the installation process for Android phones and tablets.

Installing Kiwi Browser on Android

Getting Kiwi Browser up and running on an Android device like a smartphone or tablet is quick and simple:

Enable Unknown Apps

First you need to enable Unknown App Installation:

  1. Open Settings and select Security & Privacy.
  2. Turn on the setting for Install Unknown Apps.

This allows sideloading apps from outside the Play Store.

Download from the Play Store

Then you can install Kiwi Browser directly from the Google Play Store:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your device.
  2. Search for Kiwi Browser.
  3. Tap the Kiwi Browser search result.
  4. Select Install.
  5. Accept any requested permissions.

Kiwi Browser in the Google Play Store

Within seconds, the Play Store will finish downloading and installing Kiwi Browser to your Android device!

You‘ll now find the Kiwi Browser app icon in your home screen or app drawer ready to use.

Customizing & Optimizing Kiwi Browser

One of the best features of Kiwi Browser is all the customization and optimization options it provides:

Enable Ad Blocking

The built-in ad blocker helps create faster, cleaner web pages:

  1. Tap the Menu icon > Settings > Ad Blocking.
  2. Toggle on the option for Enable ad blocking.

Install Extensions

Powerful Chrome extensions like video downloaders, VPNs and pop-up blockers are available:

  1. Go to Menu > Extensions.
  2. Enable Allow extensions from Chrome Store.
  3. Search for and add useful extensions.

Dark Theme

Switch to a stylish dark theme for comfortable nighttime viewing:

  1. Tap the main Menu icon.
  2. Choose Themes > Dark mode.

Custom Homepage

Set a custom home page like YouTube or Reddit:

  1. Go to Settings > General.
  2. Tap Home page URL.
  3. Enter your desired website URL.

Clear Browser Data

Free up space and protect privacy by regularly clearing cache/history:

  1. Select the Menu icon.
  2. Choose History & privacy > Clear browsing data.
  3. Pick data types to delete and tap Clear.

Take some time to dive into all of Kiwi‘s settings to optimize it exactly how you like.

Expert Tips for Using Kiwi Browser

Here are some pro tips for getting the best performance out of Kiwi Browser:

  • Use incognito browsing when accessing sensitive sites like banking or email.

  • Enable desktop site mode for full access to all features on mobile sites.

  • Add bookmarks for your most-visited websites so they‘re always one click away.

  • Turn on Kiwi‘s content blocker to save data on metered connections.

  • Set Kiwi as your default web browser in Android/Fire OS settings.

  • Try the Kiwi Browser desktop extension to sync tabs/history across devices.

  • Use good judgment when downloading files or plugins within Kiwi to avoid malware.

  • Manage app permissions carefully in Settings and only allow what‘s necessary.

  • Browse securely on public WiFi using a trustworthy VPN service like NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Following best practices like these will keep your identity and data safe when using Kiwi Browser on mobile devices.

Kiwi Browser Pros vs Cons

Like any web browser, Kiwi Browser has both advantages and disadvantages:

Pros Cons
Very fast page loading Limited desktop site support
Slick mobile interface Fewer extensions than Chrome
Ad blocking built-in Can‘t play some DRM media
Incognito browsing iOS version lacks many features
Supports Chrome extensions Anonymous developer
Customizable options Potential privacy issues
Completely free Less name recognition than Chrome/Firefox

Experts recommend leaning into Kiwi‘s strengths like speed and flexibility while being mindful of its limitations, especially on iOS and with certain media sites.

Troubleshooting Kiwi Browser

In general, Kiwi Browser is stable and shouldn‘t give you many problems. But here are some troubleshooting tips for common issues:

Site loading errors

  • Clear cookies/cache in Settings > Privacy
  • Enable desktop site mode
  • Check connection speed

Playback issues

  • Install media handling extensions
  • Switch to a dedicated streaming media app

Remote not responding

  • Re-pair remote in Firestick Settings
  • Enable "Focus" option to improve remote accuracy

Pop-ups and redirects

  • Install ad blocking extension
  • Avoid suspicious downloads
  • Reset privacy/security to defaults

App crashing or freezing

  • Force close and relaunch
  • Uninstall/reinstall latest version
  • Restart your Firestick/Android device

In most cases, basic troubleshooting steps like these will get Kiwi Browser back up and running smoothly. But it never hurts to contact the Kiwi Browser support team on Twitter @kiwibrowser if you‘re having persistent issues.

Closing Thoughts on Kiwi Browser

So there you have it – everything you need to know to successfully install Kiwi Browser on your Amazon Fire TV or Android device!

With its speed, flexibility, security and thoughtful design, it‘s easy to see why Kiwi has become a favorite mobile browser for over 50 million people.

I hope this guide has made the installation process easy to follow. And now you‘re ready to start customizing Kiwi to perfectly fit your browsing needs.

Here‘s to happy, seamless web surfing on your Firestick and mobile devices! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions about using Kiwi Browser. I‘m always happy to help fellow cord-cutters!


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