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How To Test Internet Speed On Firestick or Fire TV in 2022 (Bonus Video)

Testing your Firestick or Fire TV‘s internet speed is quick and easy – simply use a dedicated speed test app, web-based test, or built-in tool. Read on as we compare popular testing methods plus steps to measure and improve your streaming device‘s network performance.

To check internet speed on Firestick or Fire TV, use one of these three methods:

  1. Install the Analiti speed test app from the Amazon Appstore and run network diagnostics tests.

  2. Launch the Silk or Firefox browser, go to or, and run their web-based speed tests.

  3. Open the pre-installed TROYPOINT app, go to the Speed Test tool, and kick-off quick bandwidth measurement.

Now let‘s explore these options in more depth so you can monitor and troubleshoot your Fire TV‘s network performance.

Why You Should Test Firestick/Fire TV Internet Speeds

Have you ever tried streaming a 4K movie on your Firestick only to be plagued by perpetual buffering wheels? Frustrating right?

Sluggish video, constant rebuffering, and playback failures are often symptoms of insufficient internet bandwidth.

But how can you determine if poor streaming is caused by slow speeds rather than the app itself? By directly measuring the throughput to your Fire TV device using a speed test.

Beyond diagnosing streaming problems, regular speed tests help:

  • Verify your ISP‘s promised speeds match reality
  • Evaluate impact of VPN connections on performance
  • Detect network equipment issues like a faulty router
  • Monitor speeds over time to catch problems
  • Validate infrastructure changes improve throughput

So don‘t just assume your internet is fast enough or working properly. Quantify speeds with real metrics using the methods below!

Recommended Minimum Speed for Streaming

First, what internet speeds are considered sufficient for streaming video without buffering?

The table below provides general bandwidth recommendations for different streaming resolutions:

Video Quality Minimum Download Speed Ideal Download Speed
SD 480p 3 – 5 Mbps 5+ Mbps
HD 1080p 5 – 10 Mbps 10+ Mbps
4K UHD 15 – 25 Mbps 25+ Mbps

Key Notes:

  • Download speed is the most important metric, though upload and latency also contribute to streaming performance.

  • These are rough guidelines – real-world results depend on video source, encoding, and other variables.

  • 10 Mbps download bandwidth should provide buffer-free HD streaming for most content.

  • Gaming and multi-user households need speeds at the higher end of the recommendations.

Now let‘s go over the easiest ways to measure your Firestick‘s current internet speeds using popular speed test tools.

Method 1: Analiti Speed Test App

For the most detailed Fire TV speed test results, we recommend using the Analiti Speed Test app.

Analiti is purpose-built for diagnosing streaming performance issues. The lightweight app has no ads or bloatware too.

Here are the steps to install and run Analiti on your Firestick or Fire TV:

  1. From the home screen, select the "Find" option and search for "Analiti".

  2. Choose the "Analiti Speed Test" app from the search results.

  3. Select the "Download" button to install Analiti.

  4. Once installed, launch the Analiti app to kick off your first test.

  5. The speed test will first measure ping and latency, then download and upload bandwidth using multithreaded testing.

  6. Results summarize download speed, upload speed, ping times, jitter, and packet loss metrics.

Analiti Speed Test Results

Tip: Run at least 3 consecutive Analiti tests and average the results for an accurate reading.

The Analiti app also features useful power user options like:

  • Saving results history to track performance trends over time.
  • Detailed streaming quality diagnosis based on your network conditions.
  • Ability to schedule periodic speed tests.
  • Options to share and export full test reports.

For those reasons, Analiti is my top recommendation for monitoring Firestick/FireTV internet speeds.

Method 2: Web Speed Test

A quick and easy way to test internet speed is using the web site. is operated by Netflix and optimized for speed test simplicity.

Here‘s how to use to measure your Firestick‘s download bandwidth:

  1. From the home screen, open the Silk or Firefox browser.

  2. Navigate to

  3. Once the site loads, the speed test will immediately begin.

  4. Let the test run for at least 30 seconds to get an accurate result.

  5. displays your real-time download speed in large text, updating each second.

The streamlined test reveals your download speed but doesn‘t measure other metrics like upload bandwidth and latency. However, the one-click simplicity makes it super fast and convenient. Speed Test

For full coverage, use to test both download and upload speeds. Just load the site in your Firestick‘s browser and kick-off the test.

Method 3: TROYPOINT App Built-in Speed Test

The popular TROYPOINT app for Firestick and Fire TV includes its own integrated speed test feature.

Follow these quick steps to use it:

  1. Install the latest TROYPOINT app if you don‘t already have it.

  2. Launch the app from your Firestick‘s home screen.

  3. Agree to the terms and select "Speed Test".

  4. Click the "Run Speed Test" button to begin.

  5. The speed test will first ping your connection then measure download and upload speeds using multithreaded testing.

  6. Once complete, your results will be displayed along with a speed rating.

TROYPOINT App Speed Test

The TROYPOINT speed test delivers a quick one-tap test with no typing or navigation required. Use it for frequent speed checks, then run Analiti periodically for more detailed monitoring.

The app also includes many other useful tools like VPN installation, free streaming apps, benchmark tests, and more.

Tips to Improve Slow Firestick/FireTV Internet Speeds

If your speed tests show lower than expected performance, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart your modem and router – Power cycle your networking equipment as the first step.

  • Use a wired ethernet connection – Wired speeds are faster and more reliable than WiFi. Connect your Firestick via OTG adapter.

  • Change the WiFi channel – Switch to a different channel if your current one has too much interference.

  • Update network drivers – On Fire TV, check for new firmware updates for your wireless adapter.

  • Disable VPN connections – Turn off VPN services temporarily to verify they aren‘t throttling your speeds.

  • Eliminate bandwidth hogs – Ensure other devices aren‘t using up your full bandwidth for non-critical tasks.

  • Compare results across time of day – Speeds often dip during peak ISP usage hours in evenings.

  • Contact your ISP – If speeds are consistently below your plan rates, request your ISP to troubleshoot.

Testing under different conditions helps isolate the cause of issues. Persisting problems usually require professional help from your ISP.

How to Check Internet Speed on Fire Tablet

Testing your Fire tablet‘s internet speed uses the same methods as Fire TV.

The quickest way is to download the Analiti speed test app from the Amazon Appstore:

  1. On your Fire tablet, open the Appstore from the home screen.

  2. Search for "Analiti Speed Test".

  3. Select the Analiti app and tap "Get".

  4. After installing, open Analiti to measure your first speed metrics.

You can also use browser-based tests at or Just launch the pre-installed Silk browser and navigate to those sites.

Be sure to close any VPN or firewall apps before testing for accurate uncapped results.

How to Check Internet Speed on Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube supports all the same speed testing options as other Fire TV models.

But the Cube‘s hands-free Alexa voice assistant makes web-based testing even quicker!

Follow these voice commands:

  1. Say "Alexa, open Silk Browser".

  2. Say "Alexa, go to".

  3. Say "Alexa, run speed test".

Your speed test will start immediately after Step 3. Say "Alexa, go to" to check upload speed too.

Of course, I still recommend Analiti for the most detailed Cube speed metrics and troubleshooting. But voice commands make web tests super fast.


Testing your Firestick or Fire TV‘s internet speeds takes just minutes but provides the data needed to troubleshoot buffering.

Make speed tests part of your regular streaming device maintenance and leverage tools like Analiti for monitoring over time.

Remember, fast video streaming starts with a quality network connection. Use these methods to optimize your Firestick and Fire TV performance.

Now get out there, test those speeds, and start streaming!


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