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TROYPOINT Acquires Downloader App from AFTVnews

As someone who has been sideloading great apps on Fire TV for years, I was thrilled to hear that TROYPOINT has acquired the popular Downloader app from AFTVnews and Elias Saba. This app has been a total game-changer, and ensuring its future is tremendous news for the cord cutting community.

Let me start by giving you some background. Downloader has been installed on over 650,000 Fire TV devices to date. Its 4.5 star rating on the Amazon Appstore is richly deserved – the app makes sideloading of apps on Fire TV almost foolproof. No more manual ADB commands or convoluted workarounds. Just install Downloader, enter a URL or upload an APK, and voila – nearly any app can be installed with just a few clicks.

Over the years, Downloader became an essential tool recommended on CordCuttersNews, How-To Geek, XDA Developers, and every major Fire TV resource. It allowed easy installation of famously missing apps like YouTube, Firefox, Kodi, and countless others not found in the Amazon Appstore. Even apps requiring mouse input like web browsers could now be readily accessed on Fire TV.

So how does Downloader work under the hood? It utilizes a creative technical approach to sideload unfettered. Downloader spoofs the signature of the stock Amazon Appstore to trick Fire OS into thinking any installed APK is approved. This bypasses restrictions on sideloaded apps. It also intelligently parses APK files, extracts important metadata like app names and icons, and adds homescreen shortcuts automatically. The process feels seamless as a user.

Downloader solved a real problem – the closed nature of Amazon‘s Appstore. Likely due to underlying deals with studios, many popular apps have long been missing from Amazon‘s official catalog. Downloader became the workhorse to fill this gap. It unlocked the true open potential of Fire TV.

Now with TROYPOINT acquiring the app from AFTVnews, Fire TV enthusiasts like myself can breathe easy knowing Downloader will live on. TROYPOINT has been a longtime sponsor of the app, and uses it nearly ubiquitously in its tutorials for installing apps like Kodi. Buying Downloader was a natural move to ensure its continued availability.

I‘m also thrilled by the possibilities of what could come next. Integrations with TROYPOINT‘s other apps could streamline the sideloading process further. Advanced parsing of app technical details could simplify installations even more. And the user interface could see tweaks and options tailored for power users like myself. TROYPOINT has proven responsive to user feedback on their apps, so I‘m excited to see Downloader evolve.

And how about the opportunity beyond utility apps? TROYPOINT is uniquely positioned to potentially develop original entertainment and streaming apps. Imagine an app avalanche of cord cutting channels and content curated by a team intimately familiar with our needs. Downloader could be just the first step in an exciting expanded app strategy.

Of course, the other major news is AFTVnews creator Elias Saba moving to work at Amazon directly on Fire TV. Saba has demonstrated remarkable development skills. Having the creator of my beloved Downloader sideloading app now working internally at Amazon is great news for advancements across Fire OS. He could advocate for changes that enable broader app adoption. I‘m hopeful his hiring signals Fire TV is opening up further.

In closing, I think this acquisition is an exciting milestone for our community. Downloader has long been a secret weapon for Fire TV owners to enjoy the apps and content we love. With TROYPOINT now at the helm, I know this special app helping us unlock the true capabilities of Fire is in good hands. I can‘t wait to see where they take it next.

Let me know your thoughts on this news! As cord cutters and streamers, apps like Downloader are what empower us to cut the cord on our terms. I‘d love to hear your experiences with this awesome app. And if you haven‘t installed Downloader yet, it‘s an absolute must! You can grab it here from the Amazon Appstore. Happy sideloading!


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