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Hey there fellow anime fan! If you‘ve landed on this page, then you‘re probably looking for a new site after KissAnime‘s shutdown. Not to worry, I‘ve got you covered.

As a longtime anime enthusiast myself, I was disappointed when KissAnime closed. At its peak, it was arguably the most popular free anime streaming site in the world. But over the years, it attracted the ire of various copyright holders who requested its closure.

In this guide, we‘ll take a walk down memory lane reliving KissAnime‘s glory days. Then I‘ll share the best working alternatives I‘ve found to fill the void along with tips to stay safe and secure while streaming. Let‘s dive in!

A Brief History of KissAnime

Before jumping into the KissAnime replacements, it helps to understand what made the site so special in the first place.

KissAnime first launched in 2012 out of Tokyo, Japan. The founders remain anonymous to this day.

Within just a few years, KissAnime exploded in popularity around the world. By 2016, it was fielding over 42 million visits per month.

What drove this insane growth? A few key factors:

  • Huge content library – KissAnime offered over 45,000 anime episodes and 15,000 manga chapters for free viewing. From the latest seasonal simulcasts to older classics, it had everything an anime fan could want.

  • Intuitive interface – The site was well organized and easy to navigate. You could filter and search shows by season, genre, status, etc.

  • Active community – KissAnime developed a passionate community of users who contributed subtitles, promoted shows, and interacted in forums.

  • Streaming technology – Utilized cyberlockers and torrents to offer high-quality streams in 1080p. Integrated HTML5 and WebRTC players for smooth playback.

At its peak, KissAnime sat among the 100 most visited websites in the entire world. It served millions of daily users across North America, Europe, Asia and beyond.

But gradually, pressure mounted from anime production companies in Japan. After receiving numerous DMCA takedown notices, KissAnime ultimately went dark for good in 2020.

Many copies and mirrors popped up, but most have since disappeared. So where should we turn now? I‘ve reviewed dozens of options and want to share my picks for the best KissAnime alternatives currently available.

9 Best KissAnime Replacement Sites

I‘ve spent countless hours testing potential KissAnime successors to come up with this list of leading candidates:

I evaluated each site based on factors like:

  • Content library size and breadth
  • Streaming quality and performance
  • Interface design and functionality
  • Annoying or intrusive ads
  • Overall user experience

Here‘s an in-depth look at each of my top 9 recommended alternatives:

1. 9Anime – Best Overall KissAnime Replacement

In my experience, 9Anime comes closest to replicating that classic KissAnime magic. It offers a smooth interface and massive on-demand library.

Some highlights:

  • 60,000+ anime episodes – Massive selection of subbed and dubbed shows. All genres including action, romance, sci-fi.

  • HD quality – Streams up to 1080p resolution. Options for different servers if one lags.

  • Minimal ads – Site is ad-supported but fairly clean compared to others. No pop-unders.

  • Intuitive design – Logical navigation and filtering. Toggle season/genre tabs to quickly find shows.

  • Active community – Comments section on each title. Most have fans discussing episodes and reacting.

9Anime emerged around the same time as KissAnime and has a similar vibe. It‘s my personal favorite anime site for seamlessly picking new shows to watch for free.

2. Crunchyroll – Best Legal KissAnime Alternative

If you‘re willing to pay, Crunchyroll is hands down the leading legal anime streaming service. It offers everything from simulcasts straight from Japan to popular dubs.

Highlights include:

  • 15,000+ anime episodes and movies – Focused collection of popular contemporary titles.

  • HD streams – Watch in up to 1080p quality with no lag or buffering.

  • Ad-free experience – Paying subscribers ($7.99/month) enjoy anime completely free of ads.

  • Simulcasts – New episodes available shortly after airing in Japan.

  • Apps across devices – Stream via Roku, Apple TV, game consoles, phones and more.

While the library isn‘t as massive as KissAnime‘s, you‘ll find most popular contemporary anime. Being legal, Crunchyroll is also safer without the threats of malware or ISP notices.

3. VRV – Great Crunchyroll Alternative

For just a couple bucks more per month, VRV gives you Crunchyroll bundled with other niche streaming services. It‘s a great one-stop shop for all things anime and animation.

Key perks:

  • 15,000+ anime episodes – Combines Crunchyroll, HiDive and other services‘ content.

  • Additional channels – Also includes channels like Rooster Teeth, NickSplat, Boomerang.

  • Original content – Some exclusive shows like HarmonQuest you won‘t find elsewhere.

  • Apps across devices – Available on all popular streaming platforms.

  • Ad-free experience – $9.99 monthly subscription removes all ads.

VRV costs slightly more but the additional content diversity and originals are worth it in my opinion. You can always take advantage of the 30-day free trial first.

4. Funimation – Ideal for Dubbed Anime

Most hardcore anime purists prefer subtitles, but Funimation caters to those who love dubbed shows. It‘s filled with official English dubbed versions of popular anime.

Let‘s look at some Funimation perks:

  • 15,000+ dubbed episodes – Massive collection of hit anime with English dubbing.

  • Simuldubs – New episodes get dubbed shortly after airing in Japan.

  • Ad-free option – $7.99 per month subscription removes all ads.

  • Apps across devices – Stream Funimation via Roku, Fire TV, Android, Apple TV, Xbox and more.

From Dragon Ball to My Hero Academia, Funimation is dubbed anime heaven. The $7.99 monthly cost is comparable to Crunchyroll but with a focus on dubs vs. subs.

5. AnimeLab – Best Free KissAnime Alternative

If you‘re looking for a free option, AnimeLab deserves your attention. Despite being 100% free, it actually has a clean interface and solid content selection.

Some AnimeLab highlights:

  • 300+ anime series – Smaller library but quality over quantity. All shows are official streams.

  • HD options – Streams in 720p and 1080p without sacrificing performance.

  • Minimal ads – Site uses a few banner/video ads but minimal compared to most free sites.

  • App availability – Apps for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast make streaming easy.

Being backed by Anime distributor Madman, AnimeLab offers official streams. The interface is polished and watching free anime here has been a smooth experience for me.

6. Netflix – Mainstream KissAnime Alternative

Chances are you already have a Netflix subscription. While not dedicated specifically to anime, it does have a solid (and growing) anime library these days.

Some benefits of watching anime on Netflix:

  • Mainstream hits – Carries popular franchises like One Punch Man, Bleach, Death Note.

  • Original anime – Produces its own Netflix exclusive anime like Castlevania.

  • HD quality – Streams anime titles in up to 4K for subscribers.

  • Intuitive interface – Easy browsing by season, genre. Handy recommendations.

  • Offline viewing – Download anime episodes to watch anywhere without internet.

Netflix makes it super convenient to incorporate some anime viewing into your regular entertainment routine. Worth considering even as an add-on to dedicated anime streaming sites.

7. Hulu – KissAnime Replacement for Casual Anime Fans

Like Netflix, Hulu offers a healthy serving of anime shows alongside its broader entertainment library. It‘s a suitable casual option.

Some positives about watching anime on Hulu:

  • Top franchises – Leading hits like Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, and One-Punch Man.

  • Simulcasts – New episodes shortly after airing in Japan for some series.

  • Multiple plans – Entry ad-supported plan only $7.99 per month (or $69.99 annually).

  • Apps and devices – Access Hulu on virtually any streaming device.

Hulu might not satisfy diehard anime fans, but its convenience and strong selection of popular titles shouldn‘t be underestimated.

8. Tubi – 100% Free KissAnime Alternative

If you‘re looking for a completely free option, Tubi TV offers over 200 anime series via their website and apps. You can‘t be too picky given the limited library, but it‘s usable especially given the $0 price.

Tubi TV Quick Notes:

  • 200+ anime series – Enough content to casually browse, though missing newer releases.

  • 100% free – Totally free but need to watch ads throughout shows.

  • Apps – Available on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and more.

  • Media partnerships – Content includes shows from Viz Media, Starz, and others.

Tubi TV is worth considering if you want to casually stream anime titles for free without any subscription. Just don‘t expect the latest seasonals.

9. Yahoo View – Limited but Free KissAnime Alternative

Yahoo View offers select anime series for free with ads. The content selection is incredibly limited, but it‘s another option if you want to watch a few shows free.

Quick Yahoo View notes:

  • Very small library – Less than 50 anime series available.

  • Completely free – Watch anime free but with ads.

  • Legal streams – Content is officially licensed.

  • Limited devices – Website only, no apps.

The extremely small library keeps Yahoo View from being a true KissAnime successor. But it can supplement other services if you want more legal free anime options.

So there you have it – the top 9 anime streaming sites to help fill the KissAnime void. I‘d say 9Anime is the closest overall replacement thanks to its smooth interface and huge library. But legal options like Crunchyroll and VRV are compelling in their own right for going the premium route.

Now, let‘s talk about how to safely access these KissAnime alternatives.

Stream Anime Safely With a VPN

When streaming from free sites, it‘s essential you use a VPN – especially if accessing unofficial mirrors like 9Anime and AnimeLab.

A VPN will keep you protected in a few key ways:

Bypass ISP Throttling – Your ISP can detect streaming activity and slow down speeds. A VPN prevents that.

Avoid Copyright Notices – Hide your IP address so copyright trolls monitoring swarms can‘t identify you.

Enhanced Privacy – Prevent sites from tracking you and protect against hackers on public WiFi.

Unblock Geo-Restrictions – VPNs allow you to access region-blocked content.

I recommend ExpressVPN but NordVPN and Surfshark are also excellent options. My full VPN rankings for streaming can be found here.

Installing the VPN app on your streaming device like Firestick or Apple TV only takes a minute. It provides essential protection. Don‘t take risks streaming without it!

Okay, time for your anime streaming questions answered.

Common Anime Streaming Questions

Here are some helpful answers around using KissAnime replacements, staying secure, and more:

What happened to KissAnime? Will it come back?

KissAnime was taken down for copyright reasons. The original site is unlikely to return, though mirrors continually pop up.

Can you get in trouble for streaming anime on these sites?

There is some risk when using unofficial sites, but users rarely face consequences. Using a VPN provides additional protection.

Why do these sites have so many ads? Are they safe?

Most free streaming sites rely on ads to pay the bills. I recommend an ad blocker extension and antivirus software when visiting third-party streaming platforms.

I can‘t get a site to load – any tips?

Try clearing cookies/cache and connecting through a different server with your VPN. The site may be having technical issues or ISP blocks if it still doesn‘t load.

Should I create an account and register?

I typically recommend not registering on third-party streaming platforms whenever possible. This gives them less of your personal data.

What is the best free KissAnime replacement?

Among pure free options not requiring a paid subscription, I believe AnimeLab is the top replacement thanks to its clean interface and strong content.

I hope these answers help you out. Feel free to reach out with any other anime streaming questions!

Final Thoughts

It‘s unfortunate KissAnime is gone for good, but thankfully we still have plenty of ways to access great free and premium anime. I highly recommend giving 9Anime a try to get that nostalgic KissAnime feel. And consider signing up for Crunchyroll or VRV if you don‘t mind paying a reasonable monthly fee for high-quality streams.

No matter which site you choose, make security your top priority. A quality VPN like ExpressVPN is vital for streaming anonymously and circumventing any blocks.

Come chat about your favorite anime sites any time! I‘m always happy to help fellow anime fans and point you toward great content. Until next time!


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