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Kapang TV – How to Install on Firestick/Android for Free Live TV & Movies

This comprehensive guide will show you how to install and use Kapang TV on Firestick, Fire TV, Android, and other devices. Kapang is a free streaming app for watching live channels, movies, TV shows, and more.

Kapang TV provides users in the United States and United Kingdom with free access to live television channels and on-demand video content without a subscription or login. According to their website, Kapang aims to "watch TV everywhere for free" with their interactive TV platform and streaming technology.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Kapang TV including:

  • What is Kapang TV and how does it work?
  • Installing the Kapang app on Firestick, Fire TV, Android, etc.
  • Creating a free Kapang account
  • Kapang channel list and content overview
  • Using a VPN with Kapang for more channels
  • Kapang vs. other free streaming apps
  • FAQs about Kapang TV

Let‘s get started!

What is Kapang TV and How Does it Work?

Kapang TV is a free IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) service that offers live TV channels, movies, series, documentaries and more.

The app works by tapping into various free online streaming sources and aggregating them into an easy-to-use interface. Kapang uses streaming technology to provide interactive channels and video-on-demand content without needing a subscription or login.

Some key things to know about Kapang TV:

  • 100% free – no subscription, sign-up or fees required
  • No account needed – can be used without creating an account
  • Ad-supported – contains ads to keep the service free
  • Legal and safe – streams content from legal public domain and other free sources

The service is available as a standalone app for various devices and platforms. Kapang also offers web access from their official website.

Kapang TV is supported on Android smartphones/tablets, Android TV boxes, Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, Apple devices, smart TVs and web browsers.

Next, let‘s look at how to install and use Kapang TV on popular streaming platforms.

How to Install Kapang TV App

Kapang provides dedicated apps for various devices and platforms like Firestick, Android TV and more.

Here are guides to install Kapang on different devices:

Install on Firestick / Fire TV

  1. From your Firestick home screen, go to the Search option.
  2. Search for "Kapang".
  3. Select the Kapang app from the results list.
  4. Click Download to install the app.
  5. Once installed, launch the Kapang app.

That‘s it! Kapang will now be installed on your Firestick device.

After opening the app, you can start streaming immediately or login to an account for added features.

Install on Android TV / Box

  1. On your Android TV/box, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for "Kapang TV".
  3. Select the Kapang app and click Install.
  4. Wait for the installation to finish.
  5. Launch the app from your apps menu.

Kapang will now be ready to use on your Android TV or box.

Install on iPhone / iPad

  1. Open the App Store on your iOS device.
  2. Search for "Kapang".
  3. Tap Get to install the Kapang app.
  4. Wait for the app to finish downloading.
  5. You can now open Kapang and start streaming.

Install on Android Phone / Tablet

  1. On your Android device, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for "Kapang TV".
  3. Tap Install to download the app.
  4. Once installed, open Kapang from your apps menu.

You can now start watching free live TV and video-on-demand content.

Access Online from PC/Mac Web Browser

You can also access Kapang TV from any web browser on your PC or Mac.

Simply visit and click "Watch Online Now" to start streaming. No download or registration needed.

Now that you know how to install and open Kapang on various devices, let‘s look at creating a free account.

Creating a Kapang TV Account

While Kapang can be used without an account, signing up for a free account unlocks added features and customization.

Here are steps to create your Kapang TV account:

  1. Install and open the Kapang app on your device. Or visit

  2. Click on the profile icon in the top-right corner.

  3. Select "Register" from the menu.

  4. Enter your Name, Email and create a Password.

  5. Check your email to verify your Kapang account.

  6. Log back into the app using your new credentials.

Once you login, Kapang will remember your account across devices. You can also recover your password via email if needed.

Having an account allows you to create multiple user profiles, bookmark content, continue watching from where you left off, and more.

Kapang TV Channels & Content

Now, let‘s take a look at the channels and content available on Kapang.

The selection of channels and videos will vary based on your location.

United States

For users in the United States, Kapang currently provides around 80+ live TV channels.

The US channel lineup includes major networks like:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • Fox
  • NBC
  • PBS
  • The CW

Along with popular channels such as:

  • AMC
  • Bloomberg
  • CMT
  • Comedy Central
  • Discovery
  • Food Network
  • A&E
  • History
  • TBS
  • TNT

And more. Check Kapang frequently as they add new channels.

For on-demand content, Kapang USA offers a collection of movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy specials and more. Much of the VOD library consists of older classic movies and shows available for free streaming.

United Kingdom

Users in the UK get access to over 170 live channels on Kapang TV spanning entertainment, news, movies, sports, kids, lifestyle and more.

Some notable channels available include:

  • BBC One
  • BBC Two
  • ITV
  • Channel 4
  • Channel 5
  • Sky News
  • Sky Sports
  • BT Sport
  • Dave
  • Discovery
  • National Geographic
  • MTV
  • Comedy Central

Plus many more popular UK channels. Check the app for the full lineup.

For video-on-demand content, Kapang UK provides a large library of movies, shows, classics, documentaries, comedy and other programs.

kapang uk channels

In addition to the standard channel lineup, Kapang also offers extra channel packages and international content for an added fee. However, the base service remains 100% free.

Now let‘s look at how a VPN can help access more channels.

Using a VPN to Get More Channels

Since Kapang TV content varies by region, you can use a VPN to access more channels from other countries.

A VPN or "Virtual Private Network" allows you to change your real location and IP address to match a server in another country. This tricks apps like Kapang into thinking you are in a different location.

For example, by connecting to a server in the UK with a VPN, you can watch the full 170+ UK channel lineup on Kapang even if traveling or living elsewhere.

The same works in reverse – connect to a US server with a VPN to get the American channels from anywhere.

Some top VPNs to use with Kapang TV include:

  • ExpressVPN – Fast speeds for HD streaming. Apps for Firestick, Android, iOS, and more. Unblocks Kapang geo-restrictions.

  • NordVPN – Large server network in 60+ countries. Allows changing locations easily.

  • Surfshark – Unlimited device connections. Works with Firestick and all major platforms.

Follow these steps to set up a VPN with Kapang:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN provider like the options mentioned above.

  2. Install the VPN app on your streaming device.

  3. Launch the VPN app and connect to a server in your desired country.

  4. Open the Kapang TV app. It will now show channels based on your VPN location.

Using a quality VPN expands your channel options and allows accessing Kapang TV from anywhere.

Kapang TV vs Other Apps

How does Kapang compare to some other popular free streaming apps?

Kapang vs Pluto TV – Pluto TV has more linear channels but lacks as much on-demand content. Kapang has a larger VOD selection. Both are free ad-supported options.

Kapang vs Peacock – Peacock requires a paid subscription for much of its content. Kapang is 100% free but has more limited programming overall compared to Peacock.

Kapang vs Plex – Plex relies on your own media library. Kapang provides its own channel streams and on-demand catalog. Plex does have more advanced features for owned content.

Kapang vs The Roku Channel – The Roku Channel has a larger selection of movies and shows but no live TV component. Kapang provides both live channels and on-demand viewing.

Kapang vs Crackle – Crackle has more original content but fewer live options. The VOD libraries are comparable but Crackle may be better for on-demand movies.

Kapang vs Tubi – Tubi has a much larger catalog of on-demand content. Kapang‘s focus is more on live TV with some supplemental VOD.

So in summary, Kapang TV competes well among free streaming options thanks to its live channels and broad content selection. The availability worldwide is also a benefit over region-locked alternatives.

Kapang TV Review / Pros and Cons

Here is a quick rundown of some of the key pros and cons for Kapang TV:


  • 100% free access. No fees or subscriptions.
  • Huge selection of live TV channels. 80+ in US and 170+ in UK.
  • Large on-demand library with movies, shows, comedy, docs and more.
  • Available on many platforms – Firestick, Android, iOS, Roku, browsers.
  • No account required. But free signup unlocks added features.
  • Ad-supported instead of paid subscription.


  • Limited to mainly US and UK content. Need a VPN to access worldwide.
  • Streams max out at 1080p HD quality. Lacks support for 4K or HDR.
  • Some channels and on-demand content can be geo-restricted.
  • Interface is fairly basic compared to paid streaming platforms.
  • Need to watch ads to keep the service free.

Overall, Kapang TV provides excellent free live TV streaming given you are located in the US or UK. While channel selection falls short of paid cable and satellite, it gives cord cutters a viable option to watch top channels 100% free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Kapang TV.

Is Kapang TV completely free?

Yes, Kapang TV is 100% free to use. No registration, credit card or fees required. It is ad-supported.

What devices support Kapang TV?

Kapang works on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV, Android phones/tablets, iOS, Roku, PCs, Macs and all major platforms.

How many channels does Kapang have?

Kapang offers around 80 live channels in the US and 170+ channels in the UK. Channel count is increasing.

Can I use Kapang TV outside the US and UK?

Yes, by using a VPN you can access worldwide channels. Connect to a UK or US server to stream that region‘s content.

Is Kapang TV legal?

Yes, Kapang is a legitimate streaming provider operating within the law by only using free public domain content.

Does Kapang have DVR to record shows?

No, Kapang does not currently support recording or DVR capability to save shows.

Can I watch Kapang on my TV?

Yes, Kapang works with smart TVs, streaming devices like Firestick that connect to your television, or casting from mobile apps.

Is Kapang available worldwide?

Kapang is designed primarily for US and UK viewers. A VPN can provide worldwide access by changing your location.

Final Thoughts

That sums up this complete guide to using Kapang TV for free live channel streaming and on-demand viewing.

In review, Kapang provides an easy way to cut the cord while still watching top US and UK channels totally free. The installation process is quick across all major platforms. Creating an optional account unlocks added functionality.

While channel selection is capped compared to paid services, Kapang delivers quite a bit for a 100% free option. And the on-demand video library continues improving as well.

Overall, Kapang TV is a must-try app for any cord-cutter looking to replace their expensive cable or satellite subscriptions. The free access worldwide makes it easy to start streaming live TV and enjoying free movies/shows right away.

I hope this guide has helped explain what Kapang TV is, how it works, tips for getting set up, and what you can expect from the streaming service. Tap or click the banner below to visit Kapang TV and start watching free live and on-demand content now!


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