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How to Connect Firestick to Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones

Looking for a way to wirelessly stream audio from your Fire TV device to external speakers or headphones? The process is quick and easy thanks to built-in Bluetooth capabilities on the Firestick, Fire TV Cube, and other Amazon streaming gadgets. In just a few simple steps, you can pair Bluetooth speakers or headphones to take your Firestick listening experience to the next level!

Here‘s a quick overview of how to make the wireless connection:

  1. Enable pairing mode on both your Fire TV and the Bluetooth accessory.
  2. Open Bluetooth settings on the Firestick and select “Add Device”.
  3. Choose the Bluetooth speaker or headphones from the available list.
  4. Confirm the pairing and wait for the devices to connect.

And that‘s it! The external Bluetooth device will now receive audio transmitted from the Firestick. Keep reading for more details on these steps, top gear recommendations, troubleshooting advice, and Bluetooth technology insights to help create the best cord-free, private listening sessions.

Why Go Bluetooth?

Recent studies show that over 70% of consumers now own at least one Bluetooth device, with sales of wireless headphones alone expected to hit over $22 billion by 2025.

This growth in Bluetooth adoption is driven by the convenience and flexibility of streaming audio wirelessly. Freedom from cords means you can place speakers anywhere in your home and not worry about sitting next to the TV to use headphones.

Bluetooth connectivity gives Firestick owners options like:

  • Listening in bed without disturbing others
  • Adding surround sound with multiple speakers
  • Boosting volume and audio quality for movies
  • Optimizing the sound profile based on room size
  • Portable listening outdoors around the house

How to Pair a Bluetooth Speaker

With all new Fire TV models supporting Bluetooth 5.0, making the wireless connection is quick and painless.

1. Enable Pairing Mode

Put your speaker or headphones into pairing mode first – there will usually be a button to initiate this. You may see an LED indicator flash, tone sound, or voice prompt when ready.

Then on your Firestick or Fire TV:

  1. Go to "Settings" from the main menu.
  2. Select "Controllers & Bluetooth Devices".
  3. Choose "Other Bluetooth Devices".

2. Select "Add Bluetooth Device"

Your Firestick will now start scanning for unpaired gadgets in range:

Firestick Add Bluetooth Device

Once your speaker shows up in the list, select it to begin pairing.

3. Confirm Connectivity

After choosing your speaker, the Firestick will take a few seconds to sync the connection and confirm it‘s paired.

You‘ll get an "Audio Device Connected" notification when successful:

Bluetooth Paired Notification

Now you‘re all set to start streaming audio wirelessly from your Fire TV to the Bluetooth speaker!

Reconnecting Previous Devices

The Firestick will automatically remember any speakers, headphones, and other Bluetooth devices you‘ve paired previously.

To reconnect a gadget, simply open the Bluetooth menu again and select it from the list of synced devices. The two will instantly link up without needing to go through the pairing process again.

Tips for Reliable Connections

While Bluetooth technology has improved connectivity over the years, there are still some key factors that can affect wireless performance:

  • Proximity – Keep your paired devices within 30 feet for the most stable signal. Walls and interference hurt range.
  • Line of sight – Try to have an unobstructed path between gadgets, away from appliances.
  • Volume level – Turn the volume down during initial pairing to improve sync reliability.
  • WiFi interference – Position your router further from Bluetooth devices to reduce signal congestion.
  • Power cycling – Restart both the speaker and Firestick if struggling to connect or drops keep occurring.

Following these best practices will help avoid choppy audio or devices falling out of sync mid-stream. Patience and playing with positioning go a long way!

Top Bluetooth Speakers for Firestick

With so many wireless speakers on the market now, which are best to pair with your Fire TV device? Here are some of our top recommendations across pricing tiers:


  • Anker Soundcore ($27)
  • OontZ Angle 3 ($34)
  • Tribit XSound Go ($32)


  • JBL Charge 3 ($120)
  • Anker Soundcore Flare ($60)
  • Bose SoundLink Color II ($129)


  • Sonos One ($199)
  • Bose Home Speaker 500 ($399)
  • Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 ($349)

Ideally look for compact, portable speakers with over 12 hours of battery life, bold sound with bass, and easy-pairing technology. Of course, also consider features like smart assistants, voice control, speakerphone, and stereo pairing if desired.

Connecting Bluetooth Headphones

In addition to speakers, you can also pair Bluetooth headphones directly with the Firestick for private listening without disturbing others. This is perfect for night-time viewing or when family members have different shows to watch.

The pairing process is the same – simply put your wireless headphones in pairing mode and connect through the Fire TV‘s Bluetooth menu. Make sure to disconnect or turn off any prior paired gadgets first.

Bluetooth transmitters are another handy option – these connect to the Firestick via wired audio jack and then allow you to pair Bluetooth headphones with the transmitter instead.

Adjusting Firestick Bluetooth Settings

After syncing up an external Bluetooth audio device, you can customize sound output and settings:

  • Enable volume leveling to avoid loud commercials
  • Turn on Dolby Atmos for surround sound (Firestick 4K)
  • Configure Alexa or other voice assistant access
  • Set max volume limits for headphones
  • Optimize speech clarity for hearing aids
  • Disable media playback control from Bluetooth device

Take some time to play around with these audio preferences while streaming content to find your perfect listening experience.


The ability to add Bluetooth connectivity to your Fire TV opens up a whole new world of cord-free audio possibilities. You can easily transmit sound to speakers placed around your home or privately listen with wireless headphones.

Just remember the tips above for reliable pairing, invest in a quality Bluetooth speaker, tweak audio settings to your liking, and you‘ll be immersed in rich, vibrant sound whenever streaming movies, shows, music, and more on your Firestick. Cut the cord and go wireless for freedom and flexibility!


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