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Amazon Trade-In Program: Get Credit for Your Old Firestick/Fire TV

If you‘re like most people, you‘ve probably upgraded your Firestick, Fire TV, Echo, Kindle, or other device at least once by now. But what did you do with the old one? If it‘s just collecting dust in a drawer, you‘re missing out! Amazon‘s Trade-In program lets you trade in used electronics for Amazon gift cards. Keep reading as I walk you through how it works and provide pro tips to maximize your trade-in credit!

How the Amazon Trade-In Program Works

The Amazon Trade-In program allows customers to send in their used devices in exchange for Amazon credit. Here‘s an overview of the simple process:

1. Select your product. Go to the Trade-In homepage and pick the category and specific model you want to trade from the dropdown menus.

2. Choose a condition. You‘ll need to specify if your item is Like New, Good, or Defective/Broken. Be honest here as Amazon will verify.

3. Get a value quote. Amazon will provide an estimated gift card amount for your item based on model and condition.

4. Confirm and submit. If happy with the quote, complete the online submission and print the prepaid shipping label.

5. Send in your device. Carefully package it up and ship using the label. Insure it to be safe!

6. Receive your credit. Once received and processed, an Amazon e-gift card matching the quoted value will be emailed to you.

It‘s super convenient and literally takes just a few minutes to initiate online. Within two weeks, that old gadget can turn into credit towards a new one!

What Devices Are Eligible?

While especially useful for Fire TV and Firestick owners looking to upgrade, the Amazon Trade-In program actually accepts a wide range of devices across many categories:

  • Fire TV and Fire Tablets
  • Kindle eReaders
  • Echo smart speakers
  • Ring and Blink security cameras
  • Tablets like iPad and Android
  • Streaming devices – Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast
  • Gaming consoles and accessories
  • Bluetooth speakers and headphones
  • Wireless routers and networking gear
  • Smartphones from any carrier
  • Laptop and desktop computers
  • Home security systems and smart home tech
  • Plus movies, books, video games and more!

Virtually any electronics and media that Amazon sells new versions of is likely eligible for trade-in credit. Check out the full list here.

What Are Devices Worth for Trade-In?

The amount of credit you will receive depends primarily on which specific product you are trading in, its age and condition.

Here are some approximate gift card amounts for popular Amazon devices:

Device Condition Trade-In Value
Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen Good $5
Fire TV Cube 1st Gen Like New $20
Kindle Paperwhite Working $25
Echo Dot 3rd Gen Good $10
Ring Video Doorbell Defective $3

For instance, trading in a used Firestick in good condition will typically get you between $3-$12 in Amazon credit. But sending in a defective or damaged unit will decrease the value. More recent models and "Like New" condition fetch the maximum amounts.

Amazon may also offer special promotional boosts like 20% off a new Fire TV Stick with trade-in. So be sure to check for any coupons that may increase the credit you receive.

According to data from Priceonomics, the average trade-in value across all categories is around $100. However, the median trade-in value is only $20. Outliers like high-end laptops and smartphones skew the average upwards.

Pro Tips to Maximize Trade-In Value

Follow these expert tips when trading in your used tech to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Reset to factory settings – This wipes all personal data so device is clean for next owner. Follow our reset guide for [Fire TV].

  • Verify it powers on – Make sure the device is still in working order or trade-in value decreases. Test batteries.

  • Inspect for damage – Small scratches won‘t hurt, but cracks or failed ports will significantly reduce value.

  • Clean thoroughly – Remove dirt, dust and grime. Carefully wipe down screens and exterior.

  • Honestly assess condition – Amazon will verify so don‘t exaggerate here. Under-promise and over-deliver.

  • Provide condition evidence – Take well-lit photos clearly showing the device condition before shipping.

  • Proper packaging – Use original box and materials if possible. Securely pack to avoid shipping damage.

  • Insure the shipment – In case of loss, insuring for full trade-in value protects you.

Follow these best practices and you can maximize the Amazon gift credit you‘ll earn from trading in used gadgets and electronics. It‘s a great way to clear out old tech clutter and put the credit towards new gear.

Trading In vs Selling Your Device

Another option to consider is selling your used electronics directly rather than trading in via Amazon. Sites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace allow you to list devices for sale yourself. Is this better than Amazon trade-in? Here‘s a comparison of the two approaches:

Amazon Trade-In

  • More convenient and easier – just ship device with label
  • No need to create listings or communicate with buyers
  • No seller fees – 100% of quoted value is yours
  • Can‘t get market value – set rates based on Amazon‘s needs
  • No option to reject offer and get device back

Selling Yourself

  • More work – photos, listing creation, shipping yourself
  • Have to negotiate with buyers and accept returns
  • Risk of scams or non-payments
  • Can research real-time market rates and get higher value
  • Always can change your mind and pull listing

For new and high-value items like the latest iPhone, you may get more selling directly. But for older and low-to-mid value devices, the simplicity and reliability of Amazon trade-in can be preferable.

Ready to Trade Up?

As you can see, trading in your used Fire TV, Firestick, and other devices is quick and rewarding through Amazon‘s program. In just a few clicks you can turn unused electronics collecting dust into gift card credit for the latest Amazon gear.

Now you know exactly how the trade-in process works, what products are eligible, typical value amounts, and pro tips to maximize your trade-in credit. Just be sure to factory reset and sanitize your device before shipping off.

Armed with your Amazon credit from trading in, enjoy shopping for an upgraded media streamer, smart display, e-reader or anything else that catches your eye! Stay tuned for our latest reviews and recommendations on the best gadgets available on Amazon.


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