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Why Is My Amazon Fire Stick So Slow

Amazon Fire TV Sticks are one of the top two streaming devices globally. However, they are not perfect by any means.

The small devices can feel as if they lag, and it can take longer for apps to open or freezes as it updates on screen.

If your FireStick begins feeling sluggish and your videos are continually buffering, you will be desperate to fix the issue as it can ruin your viewing.

While they have improved with the latest 4K model, the same Amazon loading slow issues can be seen when using the device to stream your latest movie.

Here, you can find out how to speed up your FireStick and prevent the slow loading of screens, apps, and movies. (Learn How to Jailbreak a Firestick)

Performance Issues with FireSticks

It doesn’t matter which model you have; you can see a performance degradation after automatic updates. Even though new features and fixes arrive, it often means more system resources are used.

One of the most significant issues being the device is overheating through extended use. You can find a fix for specific problems, yet using all the following resolutions, you can make your device perform the best it can

Your Amazon FireStick is slow aside from overheating because you have a bloated device and are almost full.

Finally, there is one reason your videos can buffer, and it has nothing to do with the devices. The solution to this you can see at the end after you fix device performance.

Restart FireStick

A FireStick doesn’t have a power-off button. Instead, when not in use, it goes into standby. Because of this, it remains plugged into your device and is always powered on.

A simple restart can free FireStick’s memory and fix some other small issues you didn’t notice.

To restart FireStick, use these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Home button for 3 to 5 seconds—click Settings.
  2. Navigate to My Fire TV
  3. Then select Restart
  4. Confirm to restart.

How Can I Speed Up My Amazon Fire Stick?

You have several options to resolve performance issues. Unused apps use resources and fill your storage.

Get rid of anything you don’t need. Clearing data and cache go a long way to making your FireStick snappy, and uninstalling any APK files after installation frees up space.

  1. Press and hold the Home button. Click Settings
  2. Navigate to Applications
  3. Click Manage Installed Applications
  4. Select any apps you wish to uninstall and click on them.
  5. You can Uninstall/ force stop or clear data and the cache of apps not in use.

Remove Bloatware or Features

Like any device, there is always bundled software and features that are of little use. You can comfortably get rid of Whispersynch or Amazon Photos, and FireStick mirroring isn’t used often. (Learn How to Delete Addons on Kodi)

All these useful resources and eat up space. Here are the basic steps to get rid of things you don’t use:

  1. Hold the home button. Click Settings
  2. Navigate to Applications
  3. Select Amazon Photos
  4. Switch off or disable (Turn off allow guest connections)
  5. Do the same for Gamecircle, Whispersynch for games, and anything else you may not use

Tweaking Preferences on FireStick

Although there are apps installed you don’t want, the most significant drain and power-hungry on your device resources are in the preferences and include monitoring and data collection.

  1. Press and hold the Home button for 3 to 5 seconds
  2. Click Settings
  3. Proceed to Preferences and then move to Privacy Settings
  4. Turn off the following settings, Collect App Usage Data, Device Usage Data, and Interest-based ads.
  5. While here, navigate, and turn off Data Monitoring.
  6. On your Preferences screen, click on the Data Monitoring option.
  7. Turn off Data Monitoring

How Can I Speed Up My Slow Fire Stick?

Two of the best Amazon stick hack solutions cover two very different areas.

First, a quick solution for your Fire TV Stick is a factory reset. If you carry out all the above, you will need to do it all again as you will get the rights reserved and all that as the apps you deleted will be there when you reboot.

Follow these instructions and then perform all the tweaks and fixes above.

  1. Press and hold the Home button for 3 to 5 seconds
  2. Click Settings
  3. Navigate to My Fire TV
  4. Select ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ and then confirm
  5. Let your device complete the reset actions and restart

The second hack is more hardware-based. Because of the overheating, many users resort to the following solution to fix slow sticks.

1. Use a flat screwdriver to pry open the case (It should be easy, though be careful as you won’t have any recall for damage or use the money-back guarantee)
2. Take a small drill and make some ventilation holes in the case
3. Assemble your Fire TV Stick and restart to see how much cooler it runs

How Do I Stop My Fire Stick Buffering?

There is nothing worse than buffering when watching a movie or TV show that is full of excitement. Here, you can find how to stop this buffering, and you can install third-party apps or access streaming apps not previously possible.

The best way to jailbreak FireStick is after you install a VPN. A good example being NordVPN on FireStick, though there are other premium VPNs.

These services encrypt and mask your connection, so your ISP won’t see you are streaming. Even installing a VPN on a router can stop your ISP from throttling your internet connection.

The three steps you need to take are:

  1. Install the best streaming VPN on your FireStick
  2. Enable ‘Apps from Unknown Sources” and ‘Turn off Amazon Usage Tracking’
  3. Install your free movie, TV, or sporting apps for streaming (Kodi a good example)

Once you do this, you will have a lean, mean streaming machine, and with a VPN on your device, you can stream what you want without restrictions or buffering issues.



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