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How to Jailbreak a Firestick

The Amazon Fire TV stick has become one of the most popular streaming devices around. Much of this has to do with the low price and the features it delivers.

This device offers a lot, but there is so much more that can be done with FireStick devices, especially when users begin jailbreaking them.

While this doesn’t mean someone modifies the FireStick in any way, and we would suggest you learn amazon firestick warranty at first, it is a loose term to mean that users install third-party apps and software.

While many other devices need this firmware installation, there are a few ways that the FireStick can be jailbroken without making these physical changes.

Here we will take a look at all you need to know how to jailbreak Fire TV and FireStick devices from here. We can side-load many apps that are not available inside the Amazon app store.

FireStick jailbreaking is straightforward and can be performed by young children if the directions are followed correctly. This works on Fire TV, Firesticks, and Fire TV Cube.

We will also take a look at the benefits of jailbreaking these devices.

Warning of Jailbreaking Your FireStick

ISP’s and governments track users’ internet activity. This means any copyrighted content you view or access will be seen and can land you in trouble with the MPAA.

Because of this, we recommend hiding your IP address so that you can remain anonymous, and you will be free to access any content you wish.

Second, these VPNs will bypass geo-restrictions for other countries so that users can access their streaming services. One prime example being the BBC iPlayer in the UK.

More on these VPNs once we have a jailbroken FireStick.

Reasons and Benefits of Jailbreaking FireStick’s

One of the main reasons for jailbreaking a FireStick is about being able to access more content. However, before this, have you ever calculated how much you spend on streaming service subscriptions?

This can mount up with all the popular ones, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, or HBO. All this to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

With these methods, you can do away with these subscriptions and access this content for free.

Aside from this, you can customize how your device operates much more than a stock device. Here are some other benefits you will encounter when you have a jailbroken FireStick.

  • You can listen to free music and play free games.
  • FireStick jailbreaking lets you access live TV channels for free
  • You can access multiple sports channels for free
  • You can watch 4K HD free streaming movies and shows

Is Jailbreaking a FireStick Illegal?

While jailbreaking a FireStick isn’t illegal as you are not modifying the device. There are still a lot of users who may be swayed to think it is.

When you follow the methods here, it is entirely legal. Further on, we will be using Kodi, but like many of the Kodi add-ons, these attract a lot of attention, so users need to protect themselves from prying eyes.

Your IP and identity will be publicly visible, and that is why we recommend the use of a VPN.

How Do You Jailbreak a FireStick?

There are several methods of jailbreaking a FireStick, and we will show you all of them. On occasions, one may not work because of your region, but you have a choice.

There are a few steps in each process, but they are easy to follow, so before you know it, you will have a jailbroken FireStick.

Method #1 Installing Kodi on FireStick

  1. Connect the power cord from your Smart TV to the socket and turn it on.
  2. Start your FireStick – and begin the installation process of Kodi 18.1 (Leia) on FireStick.
  3. From the home screen, hover over the Settings menu and click Preferences
  4. Click Privacy Settings
  5. Disable both the ‘Device Usage Data’ and ‘Collect App Usage Data.’
  6. Navigate back to the previous screen after turning these settings to “Off.”
  7. Click ‘Data Monitoring’ and disable Data Monitoring
  8. Select My Fire TV. Scroll to the side, then select the My Fire TV option. Here you can locate the developer options and other options.
  9. Select Developers Option. At this point, you need to make some changes. You will see both ADB debugging and Unknown Sources inside developer options.
  10. Toggle Apps from Unknown Sources to on. You can Enable ADB-Debugging to allow your FireStick to install third-party applications.
  11. Navigate back to the FireStick home screen
  12. Select the search option from your FireStick remote and head to the address bar.
  13. Type ‘Downloader’ in the search bar. Download the first app shown in the results.
  14. Start Downloader by clicking the Open button, or navigate to FireStick Home again to Apps and scroll till you notice the Downloader icon.
  15. In the URL bar, enter this address to download Kodi Leia (v18.1) Select Go.
  16. Once you have clicked Go, the file starts downloading. Wait until the downloading process has finished.
  17. In the later screen, select install to start Kodi installation.
  18. On the next screen, you’ll see the Kodi App is being installed on your FireStick. Could you wait until it finishes?
  19. Start Kodi by clicking the Open button, navigating to FireStick Home, then to Apps, and scroll till you spot the Kodi icon.

Kodi is now installed on your FireStick.

Method #2 Using Aptoid TV

This method uses step 1 to step 14 from above. Follow those and then proceed with step 15 from here.

  1. This is where you will download Aptoid TV for FireStick then install Kodi from the Aptoid TV store.
  2. Enter the URL: (Direct Download )
  3. Secondary URL:
  4. Select OK or Enable JavaScript
  5. Wait while the Aptoid TV Apk file downloads
  6. Once downloaded, select Install
  7. Select Install again
  8. Aptoid TV will now install
  9. Once fully installed, Open Aptoid TV search for Kodi
  10. Select Install twice
  11. Wait until Kodi is installed
  12. Select Open

Method #3 Jailbreak Firestick Using ES File Explorer

  1. Plugin the Smart TV power cable and boot it up.
  2. Launch your Amazon FireStick.
  3. Navigate to Settings and then Device by using side-scrolling.
  4. Choose the Developers Option.
  5. Toggle Apps From Unknown-Sources to enabled
  6. Toggle ADB-Debugging to enabled
  7. Navigates to the FireStick home screen
  8. Select Search.
  9. Type in ES File Explorer.
  10. Download and Install ES File Explorer.
  11. Go back to your apps
  12. Launch the ES File Explorer.
  13. Select Tools and then Download Manager.
  14. Enter this URL:
  15. Press OK
  16. Name the source path as ‘Kodi’ and click ‘Download Now.’
  17. When the download is complete, press Install.
  18. Navigate back to the FireStick home screen. You have now installed the latest version of Kodi on FireStick.
  19. You can watch free movies and shows by installing popular Kodi add-ons.

While any of the above methods may appear to be hard to carry out, they are, in fact, quite simple and are no harder than installing any number of Kodi-addons. You can discover many Kodi sticks for sale in certain localities.

But it is better to stay clear of these unless you know the source is reliable as these could contain malware or something worse.

Using a Jailbroken FireStick

Now your device has been jailbroken; you will want to extract the maximum from the device. Again, we will advise any user who has reached this stage to look at using a VPN service.

All the content you stream on Kodi is visible to governing bodies and ISP’s. Streaming sports, shows, and Movies can land you in trouble as the content could be copyrighted material.

While not encouraging any user to go out and stream copyrighted content, it can become a blur to find what is and what isn’t protected.

Before using a jailbroken Fire Stick, we will show how easy it is to use ExpressVPN for Kodi. This service will keep your online and streaming activities hidden from all prying eyes.

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN.
  2. This Kodi VPN comes with a no-argument, 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can use it for free for the first 30-days. If you are not satisfied, you can quickly ask for a full refund.
  3. Power ON the Fire TV / Firestick and go to ‘Search’ on the left.
  4. Type ‘ExpressVPN.’ Select it in the search bar when you see it in the search results.
  5. Click “Download” to install the ExpressVPN app for FireStick.
  6. Open the VPN app and enter the login details you created when signing up for ExpressVPN.
  7. Click ‘Sign in’
  8. Click the large ‘Power’ icon to connect the service to a VPN server.
  9. That’s all there is to it.
  10. Your internet connection is now as secure as it can be with military-grade encryption and with the fastest VPN for FireStick.

Channels List

When adding third-party channels onto your FireStick, it allows you to access their content for free. It is straightforward to install these when you follow a simple method.

While it would be a recommendation to install Terrarium TV, but unfortunately, this has shut down permanently.

However, there are plenty of recommendations to make up a FireStick Jailbreak channels list. Here are some of the best:

Best Jailbreak Channels List

Here is a few examples of the best Jailbreak channels:

  • Mobdro
  • Pluto TV
  • FreeFlix HQ
  • Crackle


This takes over from where Terrarium TV was before the developers said there would be no more development.

This app delivers thousands of Free movies, shows, and others. It comes with a super-easy interface and will deliver many hours of entertainment to any family member.

With this, you can stream or download for later viewing. Currently, this is the most popular app of this kind for FireStick devices.

Morph TV

No jailbreaking of a FireStick would be complete without this new app. There are thousands of on-demand movies and shows. The good thing about this app is that there are no ads while watching.

Morph TV also does a great job of synching to Trakt accounts. This allows users to keep a check on their watch lists.


This is climbing the popularity ladder. Both shows and movies are displayed in 720 or 1080p. Along with this, you can easily integrate a Real Debrid account as well as a Trakt account.

FireStick Jailbreak Apps for Live Streaming


This live streaming service works a treat on any FireStick device. When running, it trawls the net for live streams from around the globe.

These can then be accessed on your FireStick. This is a free service, but connections can be a little unstable at some times of the day.

Players Klub IPTV

While not free like Modbro, the service only commands a small charge that can easily swallow. It delivers the same as Modbro but better.

There are over 3,000 live channels to choose from, and many of these come from either satellite or cable services. The good thing about this is that it is superb for sports events. This makes the cost very cheap by comparison.

NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA can all be accessed. On top of this is their VOD service that dishes up some of the best shows and new movies.

Once you have used this, you quickly realize why it is a better service than free options. The company uses its subscriptions to invest in its infrastructure.

Amazon Free FireStick Channels

The great thing about jailbreaking a FireStick is that you have the freedom to access all the free channels.

You can have channels that have a faster streaming speed (no buffering), are easier to use, and have all the latest TV shows and movies.

These are must-have channels for a FireStick:

  • Snag Films
  • Pluto TV
  • Terrarium TV – shut down
  • Crackle
  • Modbro

These allow users to watch live IPTV streaming from around the globe. This is another reason to use a VPN, as you can easily bypass these geo-restrictions.

Once you bypass these restrictions, you have plenty of access to numerous kid’s movies, documentaries, and plenty of other TV shows and movies.

To top this, you can tune into lots of live sports from around the world.

FireStick Premium Channels

You may be thinking that you have lost access to premium services by jailbreaking your device, but this isn’t the case.

You can still access premium channels directly from the Amazon store. While these do need subscriptions, they can allow users to watch legal content to save any troubles.

  • HBO Go
  • Hulu with Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • DirecTV Now
  • Netflix

Local FireStick Channels

Local channels, in the majority of cases, don’t cost anything. These can be accessed from the Amazon store. The channels on offer cover Morning shows, cooking shows, Live TV, and all the local news.

FireStick Sports Channels

One of the best features of a FireStick is the sports channels on offer. These can be watched in HD, and you will have access to UFC PPV fights, World Cup coverage. Golf, boxing, and plenty more to keep any sports enthusiast happy.

Mobdro (Free)
Sky News (Paid)
LiveNetTV (Free)

You can also use the Fox Sports app for Fire TV to access UFC fights on FireStick.

Sling TV

Once you choose a base package on Sling TV, you can select from a large number of add-ons. On top of this, this streaming service delivers local channels like Fox and NBC in their base packages.

DirecTV Now

This streaming service covers four major networks. These are NBC, Fox, ABC, and CBS. This does vary between regions.

ExpressVPN allows you to change the location by city easily. This means you can quickly change your region, so you never lose content to view.

Hulu with Live TV

This is another internet service that delivers SVOD. There is a skinny bundle that is available for FireStick. It also comes with access to a plethora of local TV channels.


As you can see, there is a wealth of content available on a FireStick once it has been jailbroken. Up to this point, you can only access what Amazon says you can access.

Most applications you can download can’t be found in the Amazon app store, so you can find yourself very restricted.

The apps above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to third-party app installations. But, the more you have access to, the more your ISP can see.

As one final note, we again recommend every user of a jailbroken FireStick uses ExpressVPN. It delivers the best encryption, so no ISP will see what you are accessing, and no government prying will be able to point the MPAA in your direction.

The extent of what anyone can see is you may be streaming, the content of what you are streaming will remain a secret, and with a jailbroken FireStick, that is the best way to keep it.


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