HOB is a mid-sized software enterprise headquartered in Germany, and develops and markets world-wide innovative solutions, particularly for secure remote access. HOB's core competence is in server-based computing with the RDP protocol. As regards the RDP protocol, HOB is, after Microsoft, the software manufacturer with the greatest know-how, which is reflected in many of our products and solutions. In our remote-access solutions, encryption technology is used; HOB has IPsec and SSL products in its portfolio. Many of the HOB client products are Java-based.

HOB is also active in the modern technologies VoIP/SIP and virtualization. In many HOB products, Secure Single Sign-On with Kerberos is supported. HOB has considerable experience with print solutions, especially for remote access. HOB aims at keeping the number of employees, both in Germany and abroad, at about 159, which has for many hundreds of years been proven to be the ideal size of a working group. Many of the highly qualified employees have long years of experience in HOB's core competence areas, and have been with HOB for much of this time. Approximately half the HOB employees have a college degree or higher.

HOB solutions are designed for small, mid-sized and large enterprises, which are serviced over various distribution channels. Particularly for large-sized customers with correspondingly wide-ranging installations, HOB can provide stable solutions; HOB has acquired the necessary know-how in the Mainframe area. HOB provides comprehensive support and services for the HOB products; in HOB Headquarters in Cadolzburg there is a complex network with about 80 servers from all the leading manufacturers in use. Thus HOB can perform intensive testing of its products and re-create customer scenarios for customer-specific testing.

HOB has an integrated Networking department, where the planning, installation and distribution of LAN- and WAN-networks, as well as VoIP solutions are provided. The Networking department complements the leading position in the Remote Access Area and creates synergy effects for the development and support of HOB products.

HOB Vision

Our company’s vision is to help businesses securely connect users and devices between internal networks and the outside internet, worldwide. This includes being able to connect mobile user from the outside, join branch offices together, facilitate secure collaboration between customers and suppliers, and securely integrate Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices.

HOB is a software technology leader for large servers and installations in the areas of remote access, VPN, Web technology and IoT, and also provides the required cyber security. HOB offers the most comprehensive SSL VPN solution on the market, which impresses with its stability and performance. This outstanding performance is a result of HOB’s own server architecture which, with its sophisticated design, is custom made to meet today’s demands in a globally interconnected and mobile world. HOB’s proprietary, certified SSL implementation “HOB-SSL” additionally increases communications security. Thus the HOB solution is especially well-suited for Private Cloud and IoT application scenarios.

Certificates and Awards


The BSI (German Federal Office for Information Security) has certified software from HOB in accordance with the Common Criteria.
This lets HOB prove that the offered solutions fulfill very strict security guidelines

HOB remote access solutions have received the quality mark “IT Security Made in Germany” from the German Association for IT Security “TeleTrust.”


HOB is also a member of the "Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit" ("Alliance for Cyber Security")

HOB's Managing Directors

Klaus Brandstätter

Klaus Brandstätter

Zoran Adamovic

Zoran Adamovic











Core Competence Areas and the Corresponding Products:

Corporate History

HOB GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1964, as an electronics concern, by Horst Brandstätter. The name HOB is an acronym formed from his name.

In 1981, HOB began developing software and terminals for IBM Mainframe computers. HOB employs in its Cadolzburg Headquarters and branch offices in Germany approx. 159 people, which has for many hundreds of years been proven to be the ideal size of a working group. In addition, HOB has affilitates in the USA and Malta.


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HOB GmbH & Co. KG
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