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100% Free Mobile VPNs for Android (Fast & Safe)

Free Mobile VPNs for Android

Are you looking for the best mobile VPNs for Android to use for free? Then you are on the right page. The article below discusses some of the top free Android VPNs.

Overview of Free Mobile VPNs for Android

9 Best (Truly FREE) VPN for Android [Tested 2022]

Do you want to hide your information from hackers or want to circumvent censorship? Then using VPN is the way to go. Essentially, VPN provides an encrypted server and hides your IP address from corporations, government agencies, and would-be hackers.

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, routes all of your internet activity through a secure, encrypted connection, which prevents others from seeing what you’re doing. A VPN provides an extra layer of security and privacy. A VPN protects your identity even if you are using public or shared Wi-Fi. With a VPN, you can browse the internet anonymously.

Similarly, VPNs spoof your location, making it seem as if you are browsing from another place. That means you can get watch a movie which not available locally in your absolute location. Most of the VPN software are paid VPNs.

However, there are some VPN software for Android that you can use for free with some limitations. You can use these free VPNs if you do not have the money to pay for premium VPNs.

1. Hola  — Overall Best Android VPN app

Hola Overview

  • Price: Starting at $3.89 per month
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Location Support: Over 190 countries

Hola is one of the best android free VPN service providers in the world. With its advanced routing technologies, it should be your go-to service for android users. Hola works by sharing the contributed resources of its users for the benefit of all.

Its free plan provides limited daily use. This Daily usage is for the individual user. This Free Limited product is free of charge in exchange for safely using some of your device’s resources.

Essentially, Hola can be installed as a browser extension to Chrome, Opera, or Edge on Windows and Mac. Hola can also be installed as an app on IOS and is available as an application (.exe) for Windows. Hola VPN is currently not available on the Google play store.

2. Thunder VPN —   Best Unlimited Bandwidth

Thunder VPN Apps

  • Price: Starting at $8.20 per month
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Location: 8 Countries Supported

Thunder VPN is a lightning-fast app that provides free VPN service. It has the best Unlimited bandwidth. It does not need any configuration; just simply click one button. It gives you access to the Internet securely and anonymously. Thunder VPN encrypts your Internet connection so that third parties can’t track your online activity. Making it more secure than a typical proxy.

It also makes your Internet safe and secure, especially when you are using public free Wi-Fi. They have built a global VPN network including America, Europe, and Asia. Most of their servers are free to use. All you do is click the flag and change the server as many times as you want. Compare this to other similar apps that assign you servers.

3. TunnelBear VPN — Mobile VPN with the Best Data Encryption Technology

TunnelBear VPN Apps

  • Price: Starting at $3.33 per month
  • Free Plan: available
  • Location: 48+ countries

TunnelBear VPN is a free, incredibly simple app you can use to browse the Internet privately and securely. For TunnelBear VPN, weaker encryption isn’t even an option. Because it uses strong AES 256-bit encryption by default. Tunnelbear protects your online privacy from online threats, letting you access your favorite websites & apps.

TunnelBear’s secure VPN is trusted by over 45 million users. The secure VPN was recently rated the #1 VPN in 2020. When you use TunnelBear, your data passes through their secure VPN, letting you connect to WiFi hotspots without putting your data or device at risk.

This VPN provider gives 500MB of free VPN data every month. In comprising with to thunder VPN, whose bandwidth is unlimited.

4. Tomato VPN — Best Mobile VPN for Online Gaming

Tomato VPN apps

  • Price: Free
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Location: over 60 countries

Free VPN Tomato is a 100% fast, unlimited, stable, and useful VPN. It is even better than some paid VPNs. Its latency and speed make it ideal for gaming. You can unblock any sites, apps, or games with Free VPN Tomato. Bypass government censorship and geo-restrictions to access social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, PUBG, Free Fire, Twitch, or any other blocked websites from anywhere.

You can watch TV, movies, and live sports from any country, no matter where you are. VPN Tomato has servers in more than 60 countries, including Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Germany, and Russia. Tomato VPN has more locations in comparison with thunder VPN, which has few locations. Similarly, it is available only for android users, unlike tunnel bear, which is available to both android and desktop users.

5. PandaVPN Lite — Best Free VPN for Social Media

PandaVPN Lite Apps

  • Price: Free
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Location: 80+ countries

Trusted by millions, PandaVPN works hard to bypass blocking restrictions and firewalls to unblock websites, apps, social networks, and streaming services. It provides unique location base social content for you for social such as TikTok. Its claims that you can Connect to its streaming server and unlock Netflix.

It has 3000+ servers coverage in 80 countries. Its location is Free from the network intelligence sharing scope of Five Eyes, Nine Eyes. PandaVPN proves to be a reliable VPN proxy. PandaVPN’s privacy agreement states that the VPN has a strict no-logs policy and does not log or store any of your identifying information.

Furthermore, its mobile client has a Smart Mode that can bypass LAN and China websites in mainland China. This mode also bypasses LAN filters in other countries.

6. LomVPN — Best for unlocking websites and App

LomVPN Apps

  • Price: Free
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Location: Asia

No registration is needed; totally unlimited bandwidth. Super fastest and high VPN speed. Connect to any website or app on the internet. It Unlimited server switching – Switch between locations at no additional charge. Unlimited bandwidth – No bandwidth restrictions or download caps.

Unlike Tunnel bear with 500MB limited and Hola with limited daily usage. Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0. with one tap, we can browse the internet on our mobile without risking our data being leaked.

Its speed is Unlimited – No throttling, Ever. It is very fast, like thunder VPN. The only difference between it and thunder VPN is the simple user interface. Thunder VPN has fewer ad pop-ups compared to Lom VPN. Lom VPN as a no log policy.

7. Vast VPN — Fastest Free Mobile VPN for Android

Vast VPN Apps

  • Price: Free
  •  Free Plan: Available
  • Locations: Over 10 countries

If you are shopping for a fast and reliable android app, look no further, Vast Vpn is Fast and reliable. They provide free servers for you to use, guaranteed forever free and unlimited. Similarly, they Speed up your game and enhance the gaming experience.

Furthermore, you can visit websites such as Google, YouTube, and Twitter and Watch global HD videos from any location. You can Anonymity browse some websites anonymously without leaving any records. It Safeguards data transmitted using encryption technology to prevent privacy from being protected.

With Vast VPN, You can use the Internet with peace of mind at any time. It does not save any logs. It uses your encryption technology to transmit your traffic, allowing you to achieve anonymous access.

8. TouchVPN — Easy to Use Free VPN for Mobile

TouchVPN APpps

  • Price: Free
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Location: 90+ countries

With TouchVPN, you are safe and limitless online. Access any Website in any Country, bypass geo-restrictions to unblock any website wherever you are. The click-and-point user interface makes it easy to use. Touch VPN encrypts your data and provides you with banking-level security for the best protection while you’re connected to an unsecured wifi hotspot.

It Servers has 80+ Countries Worldwide With over 5900 servers in 90+ countries, we give you blazing-fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth. No more buffering, throttling from your Internet Service Provider, or proxy errors with our VPN connection.

9. Turbo VPN Lite — Best lite VPN Version

Turbo VPN Lite Apps

  • Price: free
  • Free Plan: Available
  • Location: Over 15 countries

Turbo VPN Lite is a free VPN lite! Save space on your mobile phone! Unblock sites & apps at a fast speed! Easily download! Protect your privacy and WiFi hotspot security. It has vital security and privacy features like AES-256 encryption. Similarly, it is an automatic kill switch. In addition, it’s quick to install, and you can quickly figure out your way around the app.

However, on several counts, Turbo VPN lite can’t match top-tier VPNs like hola VPN, Tunnel bear, and thunder VPN. It is A user-friendly VPN! Easy to use: One tap to connect to a free VPN proxy server. Easy to download: Small-sized. Fast & easily download VPN lite and save space. Works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers.


Q. Do I need a VPN on my Android phone?

Installing a VPN app on your Android is never a bad idea. If privacy is your primary concern, be sure to access a VPN. It will not only make browsing safer, particularly when logged into public Wi-Fi. A VPN on Android protects your privacy on the internet and defeats censorship.

It allows you to access your favorite streaming content when away from home. Furthermore, A VPN will keep your browsing history and internet searches private from your wireless carrier. So yes, you do need a VPN app on your Android phone. a VPN does not just offer some peace of mind, the cover your tracks online.

Q. Is VPN safe for Android?

Yes – it’s perfectly safe to use a VPN on your phone. A reliable and well-tested virtual private network app will shield you. VPN Encrypt and scrambles your data in a format that only the destination will be able to read. VPN on android extends your online functionality.

With the no-log policy by the VPN service provider, Be sure that your footprint is well covered. Similarly, some VPNs provide give two options either to keep it always on or connect any time you want to use it.


Looking at the above, you can see that there are a good number of free mobile VPNs you can use on Android. One thing you need to know is that for most of these free VPNs, there is some form of limitations or compromises you will make. Use these as a guide in choosing the best free Android VPN for you.


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