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Just One Click for Full Network Access:

HOB RD VPN NetAccess!

Secure remote access from or to your home office:

  • For any client running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • No software installation on the client necessary
  • Just an "out-of-the-box" PC with an Internet capable browser is needed
  • SSL-encrypted and, via compression, highly performant


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Single Sign-On with Kerberos for 3270 Mainframe Applications

  • One single sign-on to the client is all you need
  • Relieve your IT helpdesk and save on costs
  • Deployment of Kerberos with RACF Passticket
  • Automatic logon to CICS, TSO or IMS
  • HOBCOM as authentication server with or without LDAP
  • 3270 emulations HOBLink J-Term (Java) or HOBLink Terminal Edition (Native)
  • Simple to rollout and to use

Only solution in the world for 3270 applications!

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A Dream Comes True !!!
Remote Access with Mobil Devices
- truly secure and easy to administrate

  • Easy access via smartphone or tablet PC
  • Maximum speed
  • Greatest ease
  • No data saved to the mobile device, if the device is lost or stolen, no data are lost
  • Central administration
  • Enterprise solution from the security experts at HOB
  • iPhones and iPads easily integrated into Windows environments

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Work with your Windows deskktop PC whenever and wherever you want...

... with HOB Desktop-on-Demand.

  • From your home PC
  • From your laptop wherever you are
  • From any computer with Internet access
  • Using the "Wake-on-LAN" function, your desktop PC can be remotely booted and shut down
  • No installation on the client device required
  • An "out-of-the-box" PC with a browser is all you need

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HOB MacGate - The Best Solution for Remote Access to Macs

  • Remote Desktop access to Mac OS X
  • High performance, works just as if on a local Mac
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Strongest security via strong encryption
  • Available from any client platform: Windows, Linux, ThinClients, Mac, ...
  • Print on the client
  • Access the Mac even if it's in sleep mode

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3270 Emulation for Windows 8

  • Optimized for use in modern system environments
  • Future-proof via IP6 support
  • Central administration with HOB Enterprise Access
  • Data encryption by HOBLink Secure


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* The HOB Security Suite is certified in acc. with
    the Common Criteria
    (HOBLink Secure BSI-DSZ-CC-0260-2004)





The Missing Piece of the Puzzle to Optimize Your Windows Remote Desktop Services

HOB RD Selector - The Unique Load Balancing Solution for Windows Servers

  • Optimum load distribution over all servers in a server farm
  • Effective utilization of available hardware resources
  • Maximum performance for all users
  • Reconnection of disconnected sessions



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HOB Software is specially designed to meet their requirements:

  • Secure Remote Access
  • Home office
  • Mobile access for mobile workers
  • Business continuity
  • Pandemic preparation
  • Common Criteria certification*


* The HOB Security Suite is certified in accordance with the Common Criteria (HOBLink Secure BSI-DSZ-CC-0260-2004)


HOB RD VPN - New Freedom Through Higher
Fail Safety and Performance

  • Higher performance via clustering
  • Highest fail safety
  • No special hardware for cluster management required
  • Geo-Clusters can be made
  • Easy addition or removal of cluster members
  • Efficient load balancing
  • Low overhead for synchronization
  • No unused hardware, that doesn't work when
    you need it.


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World First: The Universal IPsec VPN Client

HOBLink VPN Anywhere Client

  • Flexibly deployable IPsec VPN Client
  • Compatible with all VPN Gateways of the leading manufacturers
  • No Client-Side Installation nor Admin. Rights needed
  • No additional Driver Installation
  • Supports Current Security Standards



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HOBLink JWT for Macs

HOB Products Are Not Affected by the Security Vulnerability "Heartbleed" in OpenSSL

The security vulnerability "Heartbleed" allows main memory to be read out. Thus attackers can get passwords, certificates, private keys and unencrypted messages from servers.


HOB is not based on OpenSSL . HOB uses its own SSL implementation, the security of which is confirmed by the German Federal Office for Information Security with a certificate in acc. w. the Common Criteria EAL 4+ (Certificate # BSI-DSZ-CC-0832-2014).




Security Vulnerability

Security Vulnerability



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Secure Remote Access

for Your Enterprise, Too!

Connect your employees and partners securely to your corporate IT infrastructure — with HOB RD VPN blue edition

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HOB Partner Program

Win new customers and open new markets. Discover the possibilities of the HOB Partner Program.

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  HOB Speedtest for JavaScript Engines

HOB Speedtest

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Quality Made in Germany

HOB is Awarded the Quality Mark "IT Security Made in Germany"




Visit HOB at the Simo Educacion Learning Technology Exhibition, from 16 to 18 October, 2014



Case Studies


University of Wisconsin:

Secure remote access to computer labs.


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Case Studies

Versorgungsanstalt des Bundes (VBL):


Remote Access Lösung mit HOB RD VPN.


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Case Studies

HUK Coburg


Messaging-Lösung zum Druck, Fax und E-Mail-Versand aus einer Hostanwendung mit HOBCOM.

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IBM 3270 emulation - optimized for use in modern network environments
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