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How to Install Zoro Kodi Addon on Firestick & Android TV: The Complete Guide

If you‘re looking to expand your streaming options beyond services like Netflix and Hulu, the Zoro Kodi addon is a great choice. With access to an enormous library of movies and shows, Zoro supercharges your Firestick, Fire TV or Android TV device.

But since it‘s not an official Kodi addon, you have to install Zoro from an outside source. This raises some security concerns.

In this detailed guide, you‘ll learn how to safely install Zoro on your streaming device. I‘ll walk you through integrating Real-Debrid, compare Zoro to top Kodi addons, explain the legal risks, and give tips to protect your privacy.

By the end, you‘ll have mastered Zoro and can enjoy unlimited entertainment with peace of mind!

An Introduction to Kodi and Third-Party Addons

If you‘re new to this, let me quickly explain what Kodi is.

Kodi is a free, open-source media center software. It lets you organize and play your personal media library, as well as access online streaming content through addons.

Kodi itself is perfectly legal. But it has a reputation for piracy because some third-party addons provide access to pirated movies, shows and live TV.

Installing these unofficial addons means enabling "unknown sources" in Kodi‘s settings. Since these addons aren‘t reviewed by Kodi, there are some risks:

  • Copyright lawsuits: Accessing pirated streams is illegal. Your ISP can monitor traffic, and copyright trolls do sue Kodi users.
  • Malware infections: Unverified addons could inject malware without you realizing. This gives hackers access to your device and home network.
  • Account hacking: Addons may collect personal data like Kodi login credentials that could lead to identity theft.

That‘s why I always recommend protecting yourself with a top-rated VPN like Surfshark. It encrypts your traffic to keep you anonymous while streaming on Kodi. Surfshark provides a kill switch and malware protection for extra security.

Now let‘s dive into the Zoro Kodi addon itself and get it installed on your device!

Overview of the Zoro Kodi Addon

Zoro is one of the most popular video addons for Kodi right now. Here‘s an introduction to what it offers:

  • Huge library of movies and TV shows, including many recent releases in HD quality
  • Intuitive interface makes searching and playing content very straightforward
  • Real-Debrid integration provides a ton of high-quality streaming sources
  • Trakt sync lets you track and sync watched content across devices
  • Supports requests so you can ask the developers to add specific titles

I‘ve been using Kodi for years and Zoro has become my go-to addon because of the large catalog and great user experience. The ability to connect Real-Debrid takes the streaming quality to the next level too.

Speaking of Real-Debrid, it‘s a "debrid" service that gives you premium access to torrents and file hoster links. I‘ll explain how to connect it later in this guide.

Is Zoro Kodi Addon Legal to Use?

Now I have to give the obligatory warning that Zoro itself is not illegal, but it can be used to access illegal content. The sad truth is that many third-party Kodi addons are created specifically to stream pirated movies and shows.

You should never access illegal streams, as this poses risks ranging from DMCA notices to lawsuits. Content that you have the rights to is fair game, but copyrighted stuff without permission is asking for trouble.

Some tips to stay on the right side of the law:

  • Only stream content in the public domain or that you own
  • Be especially careful with live TV streams, as these are commonly monitored
  • Avoid addons modeled after piracy services like Neptune Rising (defunct)
  • Don‘t install "builds" that come pre-loaded with lots of shady addons
  • Use a VPN to keep your streaming activity private

Bottom line – be smart and you can avoid any legal issues. Now, let‘s get Zoro installed!

Installing Zoro Kodi Addon on Firestick / Fire TV

Here is the full step-by-step process to install Zoro on your Amazon Fire TV device:

Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Open the Kodi app on your Firestick and click the Settings icon (looks like a gear)
  2. Go to System > Add-ons
  3. Toggle on Unknown Sources – this allows installing from outside repositories

You‘ll get a scary warning here about add-ons having access to data on your device. This is standard, but a good reason to use a VPN!

Add the Zoro Repository

  1. Return to the Home menu and open File Manager
  2. Click Add source > None
  3. Enter and name it "unhinged"
  4. Back on the Home screen, open Add-ons
  5. Select Install from zip file
  6. Choose the unhinged source > file
  7. Wait for the "Zips installed" notification

This installs the Chains Repository that hosts Zoro. You‘ll see an error at first, but just wait for it to process and get the final enabled message.

Install Zoro Addon

  1. Go to Install from repository > Chains Repository > Video add-ons
  2. Select Zoro > Install
  3. Confirm the installation when prompted

That‘s it! Zoro should now show up in your Kodi video addons section, ready to use.

Here is a quick visual guide to the steps:

Install Zoro on Firestick

Enable Unknown Sources

Add Zoro Repository

Install Zoro Addon

The process is nearly identical on an Android TV box like the NVIDIA Shield. Just use the built-in File Explorer instead of Kodi‘s file manager.

Now let‘s get Real-Debrid configured to take your streaming experience to the next level!

Integrating Real-Debrid with Zoro

While Zoro works fine without it, connecting your Real-Debrid account unlocks way more high-quality streams from file hosters and torrents.

Here are the steps to integrate Real-Debrid:

  1. In Zoro, go to Tools then select SETTINGS: Accounts
  2. Under Real-Debrid, choose Authorize
  3. Make note of the code provided on your screen
  4. Visit and enter that code to link your account
  5. Return to Zoro in Kodi and click OK to finish linking

Once connected, you‘ll see Real-Debrid links at the top of your results in Zoro for fast buffer-free streaming. Enjoy!

Of course, you‘ll need an active Real-Debrid account. Read my full Real-Debrid review for details and pricing information. Their lowest tier is only $3 a month.

How Does Zoro Compare to Other Top Kodi Addons?

Zoro has become hugely popular, but it‘s not the only Kodi addon around. Here‘s how it compares to some other top options:

Addon Content Library Streaming Quality Speed Real-Debrid Trakt Sync
Zoro Excellent Very good Fast Yes Yes
The Crew Very good Excellent Very fast Yes Yes
Seren Very good Excellent Very fast Yes Yes
Venom Good Good Slow Yes Yes
Scrubs v2 Small Mediocre Slow No Yes

As you can see, Zoro holds its own against the competition. Its huge catalog of content is a major draw, and being able to integrate Real-Debrid is important.

However, addons like The Crew and Seren generally provide higher quality streams and faster scraping results. Their integration with Trakt for watched tracking is also smoother.

So while Zoro is great, I always recommend having multiple working addons installed as backups. They each have their own pros and cons.

Advanced Tips for Getting the Most Out of Zoro

Here are some bonus tips to take your Zoro experience to the next level:

  • Enable "Automatic Cache Assistance" in Zoro‘s tools for faster streams
  • Set "Results Display" to show 50 results per page for more browsing
  • If captchas come up, use a VPN or Real-Debrid for access
  • Authenticate Trakt so you can sync watched content across devices
  • Add your Real-Debrid account for premium streaming
  • Enable "Provided Cached Torrents" in settings for more streams
  • Try adjusting the "Scraping Duration" setting based on your device‘s speed
  • Clear function cache periodically to keep page loading fast

And here are some general Kodi tips beyond Zoro:

  • Use a powered HDMI splitter for the fastest 4K HDR streaming
  • Force refresh rate to match content for smoother playback
  • Disable auto-updates so Kodi doesn‘t break addons after updates
  • Set buffering mode to 0 in advancedsettings.xml for faster scraping
  • Clean Kodi cache and packages to improve performance over time
  • Use Arctic Zephyr or AuraMod skins for a better experience than default
  • Install atexit script to clear memory on exit and keep things speedy

Tweaking these advanced settings takes a bit more work, but helps Zoro and Kodi run as smoothly as possible.

Is it Legal? How Can I Stay Safe Using Kodi Addons?

I have to circle back and reiterate that you should avoid any illegal or pirated streams using addons like Zoro and be extra careful with sketchy "builds".

But if you do decide to sail the high seas, please take steps to protect yourself:

  • Always use a VPN – I recommend Surfshark
  • Don‘t use your real name or location in Kodi user profiles
  • Be careful when granting any apps access to storage or data
  • Use a firewall app like NetGuard to block invasive traffic
  • Setup a guest network on your router for streaming devices
  • Never enter real credentials in third-party addons
  • Scan repos with VirusTotal before installing unknown addons
  • Factory reset devices after testing risky addons

Following security best practices helps minimize your risks. But ultimately, sticking to legal streams is the foolproof option.

What Are Some Good Alternatives to Zoro?

If you decide the risks of third-party Kodi addons aren‘t worth it for you, check out these great legal streaming options:

  • Plex – Media server software with tons of free content
  • Tubi – On-demand movies/shows with commercial breaks
  • PlutoTV – Ad-supported live TV with 1000+ free channels
  • IMDb TV – Ad-supported movies and shows from Amazon
  • The Roku Channel – 10,000+ free movies and shows
  • Crackle – Sony‘s free streaming service
  • Vudu – Ad-supported movie/TV catalog with free content

The selection isn‘t as huge as what Zoro offers. But you can enjoy these services knowing you‘re safely streaming 100% legal content.

For live sports and premium channels, you‘ll need to subscribe to services like Sling TV or YouTube TV. Consider sharing logins with family to save money.

Final Thoughts on Zoro Kodi Addon

I‘ll wrap this up by saying Zoro is an amazing addon that makes Kodi feel like an unlimited buffet of movies, shows and more. But I would never condone actually accessing illegal streams, as tempting as it may be.

If you choose to install Zoro, please take precautions like running a VPN 24/7. And explore the legal alternatives mentioned here for a safer streaming experience.

I hope this detailed guide has given you everything you need to successfully install Zoro Kodi addon on your Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield or any device! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Now get out there and start streaming! But do it safely 🙂


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