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How to Watch In-Theater Movies On Kodi

Watch In-Theater Movies On Kodi

Movie fans are forever on the hunt for the latest blockbusters. One of the easiest ways to watch the latest movies is to watch in-theatre movies on Kodi using add-ons. When you use these, you have a choice of more than enough theater movies and TV shows these addons provide.

To save endless hours of searching, you can quickly use the best Kodi addon to do the job of searching for a movie that is in the theater for you. With the best Kodi addon to do this, you will have the latest blockbusters as they become available on the big screen and you don’t need to wait.

In this guide, you can learn how to add the best theater movie addon on Kodi, and as a bonus, you can see how to stay safe as well as access another excellent place for world-class movies and TV shows.

It should be noted; that every Kodi user has to take some precautions when using a third-party Kodi addon. You will find many copyright trolls or governing bodies, who are too keen on locating anyone who accesses theater movies free on Kodi.

What Is Movie Theater Butter?

Kodi Movie Theater Butter is a third-party video addon offering a unique library content full of movies, TV shows, documentaries with some exciting specials.

The addon is available in two variations. First is Movie Theater Butter, and as the name suggests, it works like your usual addon obtaining numerous links and enabling you to pick the one you wish to stream.

Unfortunately, with recent updates, the Movie Theater Butter addon is no longer available. While it is no longer possible to install Movie Theater Butter Kodi addon, you can nevertheless, install the Greased Lightning Reborn addon (recently renamed).

The Greased Lightning Reborn addon originates from the same developers, allowing you to stream content automatically instead of manually selecting the links.

The addon features quick automatic playback and fulfills all its promise. It employs multiple scrapers, which scan for the best working links and automatically play movies within a second or two.

In addition to the fast playback of new movies, there is also a vast content library of the Greased Lightning Reborn Kodi addon that is full of Kodi theater movies, TV shows, and more.

How to Install Greased Lightning Reborn Kodi Addon

The process of installing the Grease Lightning Reborn addon for Kodi covers the below:

  • Enable Unknown Sources
  • Add the repo source path
  • Install the Diamond Wizard Repo
  • Install the Greased Lightning Repo addon

Next, we will review the step-by-step guidelines for each section.

Enable Unknown Sources

By default, Kodi blocks the installation of unknown sources, here’s how you enable this so you can add your Kodi addons.

  • Go to the Kodi app Settings (click the cog icon in the top-left corner of your main screen)

Kodi home screen

  • Navigate to ‘System’ (if you use Kodi 18.8 Leia. If using Kodi 17.6, click System Settings)

Navigate to ‘System’

  • Select the Add-ons option on the right-hand side
  • Toggle Enable Unknown Sources to on
  • Once you see the warning message, select Yes to proceed with addon installation

Adding the Source Path

Here we will add the source URL from where we will download the addon.

Follow these straightforward steps:

  • Head to the Kodi Settings and access File manager
  • Click Add source

 Add source

  • In the next window. Click None

Click None

  • Here you enter the source URL. Enter this URL exactly:
  • Check you entered the path correctly, and click OK
  • Next, you need to name the source: Give this any name you can remember or call it Ruby after the name of the repo
  • Click OK to proceed

Install Repository and Greased Lightning Reborn addon

Run through these instructions to install the Kodi addon:

  • We go back to the Kodi home screen. From there, we open the Settings option again. If you are using Kodi 17.6 Krypton, click Add-ons in the left section
  • Kodi 18 users will now click Add-ons on the following window.

click Add-ons in the left section

  • Click Install from zip file

Click Install from zip file

  • Now click ruby or the name you cave the source
  • Select and click on Repo-1-Main-Server-Install-Zip
  • Install from zip file (file version is represented by x.x.x as they can change)

Install from zip file repository

  • Wait for the installation pop-up notification box
  • Click Install from repository

Click Install from repository

  • Open the Diamond Build Repo

Open the Diamond Build Repo

  • Scroll down to movie Video add-ons and select it. Scroll down and select Greased Lightning Movie Cinema

 Video add-ons

Greased Lightning Movie Cinema

  • Click on Install in the following window
  • Click OK on the next screen showing you the list of the additional addons

Click OK on the next screen

  • Wait for the pop-up notification box the add-on has installed successfully

You have successfully installed the Greased Lightning addon on Kodi.

Using Greased Lightning Reborn Addon

Now you have seen how to download movies on Kodi using this best of Kodi addons; you will want to use it for streaming theater movies. The Kodi addon can be found on the home screen of Kodi. Just select the add-ons in the left section. To the right, you will discover Greased Lightning Reborn in the Video add-ons section.

Here is the main screen of the Greased Lighting Kodi add-on, and it offers you more than 30 options to find content links for your desired movies to stream. In addition to the regular Kodi movie and TV show folders, the addon has several special categories such as movie collections, actor collection, boxset, etc.

Browse movies and TV shows by decades, from the 50s to 1999, and even search by multiple ‘Advanced’ categories, like Movie Time, Kung Fu, Kids Corner, Kings of Horror, Fitness and more. Every section can contain many encapsulated categories and more content, such as reviews, trailers, genres, year, people, and languages.

Install BBC iPlayer WWW

BBC iPlayer offers lots of movie content and is available in the official Kodi repository.

Like the above add-on, you need a VPN to make full use of the add-on. The BBC checks your IP address and stops anyone outside the UK watching the service.

The above addon will contain copyright-protected movies. iPlayer is just to stream legal movie content after grabbing the add-on from the repository.

  1. Open Kodi and select Add-ons from the Kodi home screen
  2. Select the File manager package icon in the top left corner
  3. Select Install from Repository
  4. Select official Kodi Add-on repository
  5. Now, select Video add-ons
  6. Select iPlayer WWW from the list
  7. Select Install at the bottom right
  8. Wait for the add-on installed notification

Even though you still need to head to the repository to install these addons, the official repository makes addon installation much more straightforward.

However, you will need a VPN for bypassing geo-restrictions, as many of the official addons are geo-restricted.

You will need a great Kodi VPN for unofficial addons because using these to watch a free theater movie could land you in trouble. Use a VPN, and you can enjoy Kodi no matter where your addons come from.


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