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YeahIPTV Review – Over 6,000 Live Channels for Under $13/Month

Internet Protocol Television or IPTV has exploded in popularity over the past few years as a low-cost alternative to expensive cable and satellite subscriptions. YeahIPTV is one of the most well-known IPTV services, offering over 6,000 live TV channels for less than $13 a month. In this detailed review, I‘ll cover everything potential subscribers need to know about the features, channel lineup, supported devices, stream quality, pricing, and more.

A Brief History of YeahIPTV

Let‘s start with some background on the service. YeahIPTV first launched in 2018 according to online records. The service appears to be run by a team based out of Europe, however not much is known about who exactly is behind it.

While relatively new compared to competitors, YeahIPTV has quickly grown to become one of the top IPTV providers on the market in terms of channel selection. As streaming over the internet becomes more accessible, services like this offer a way to cut the cord from bloated cable packages.

According to recent surveys, over 33 million US households have now cancelled cable or satellite TV in favor of lower-cost online streaming alternatives. The global IPTV market is estimated to be valued at over $140 billion USD by 2027, up from just over $50 billion in 2019.

The rapid growth demonstrates that streaming is the future of television. YeahIPTV offers a way for consumers to access tons of live TV content without breaking the bank. Now let‘s explore exactly what channels are included.

YeahIPTV Channel Lineup & Highlights

The YeahIPTV channel lineup consists of over 6,000 live TV channels spanning a wide range of categories such as:

  • Entertainment: HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, BET, MTV, Comedy Central and many more top US channels.

  • Sports: ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, NFL RedZone, NBA TV, MLB Network, WWE Network, UFC Fight Pass, and individual team channels. International sports channels like BT Sport (UK), Sky Sports (UK), Sportsnet (Canada), and more.

  • News: CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC News, Sky News, CTV News, Euronews and many others from around the world.

  • Documentaries: Discovery, History, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery.

  • Lifestyle: HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel, TLC, Hallmark, Lifetime.

  • Movies: HBO, Cinemax, Starz, IFC, Sundance TV, AMC.

  • Kids & Learning: Disney Channel, Disney Jr, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, Universal Kids.

  • International Channels: UK, Canada, Europe, Arabic, Indian, French, German, Italian, African, Filipino, Latino, and more.

In addition to the standard channels, the service also offers premium sports packages like NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Center Ice and NBA League Pass so you can follow your favorite teams.

There‘s also a solid selection of pay-per-view events and over 1000 movies available on demand if you want to watch the latest blockbusters.

As you can see, the sheer amount of channels covering all types of programming is incredibly impressive for the low monthly pricing. The service adds new content on a regular basis too.

Just some of the many channels and categories offered by YeahIPTV

Subscription Pricing and Plans

When it comes to payment options, YeahIPTV keeps things simple. There are no contracts so you can cancel anytime. Here are the current monthly pricing plans:

  • $12.99 per month

  • $34.99 for 3 months ($11.66 per month)

  • $79.99 for 6 months ($13.33 per month)

  • $139.99 for 12 months ($11.66 per month)

The base subscription includes 1 simultaneous stream. You can add extra connections for $3 per month for each additional device you want to use.

There‘s also a useful 24 hour free trial available for just $3 if you want to test out the service first.

YeahIPTV currently only accepts Bitcoin for payments. Using cryptocurrency helps maintain anonymity when subscribing to IPTV services. I recommend also using a secure VPN for extra privacy.

For comparison, a typical cable TV package can cost $100 per month or more for just a fraction of the channels. Streaming IPTV provides massive savings over traditional TV.

Pricing comparison of YeahIPTV vs average cable TV costs

Supported Devices and Platforms

When it comes to watching YeahIPTV, you have options across all major streaming platforms:

  • Fire TV: Install directly through the Downloader app on Firestick, Fire TV, and Fire Cube models.

  • Android TV/Box: Download the YeahIPTV app from the developer‘s website to view on Android-based smart TVs like Sony, Philips, and operators like Xiaomi, Nvidia Shield etc.

  • Apple TV: Requires a third party IPTV player app capable of using M3U links, such as iPlayTV store available in the App Store.

  • Smartphones/Tablet: iOS and Android apps provided by the service for mobile viewing.

  • Computer/Web Browser: Can be accessed directly in a desktop browser like Chrome, Firefox etc.

  • IPTV Media Players: The service can be loaded into other popular IPTV media players like Tivimate, Smarters IPTV, Kodi, Perfect Player, GSE IPTV, etc for the best experience.

The service provides an M3U playlist URL that can be added into any compatible IPTV player. Very flexible across all types of devices you may own.

Stream Quality and Reliability

One of the most important aspects of any IPTV service is how reliably it streams channels, and the overall video quality.

According to user reviews, YeahIPTV delivers smooth HD streams in 1080p resolution when your internet speeds are sufficiently fast. Streams are delivered using HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and are well-optimized.

The service is powered by high-capacity servers that help minimize buffering and downtime even during peak hours when demand spikes. Advanced IPTV features like Catch Up TV allow you to watch shows aired over the past few days in case you missed it live.

Internet speeds of at least 25 Mbps are recommended for the best experience streaming HD IPTV. Faster internet means less buffering issues. YeahIPTV delivers excellent stream quality given sufficient bandwidth capabilities.

Is It Legal to Use YeahIPTV?

When evaluating any IPTV service, an important question is whether it is legal and licensed. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to verify the legality of most IPTV providers.

Services like YeahIPTV operate in a legal gray area, and may be redistributing copyrighted content without permission in some cases. Governments are increasingly cracking down on unauthorized streaming sites and addon developers.

While the legal status cannot be confirmed, there are steps users can take to stay protected:

  • Always use a VPN to keep your identity anonymous when streaming. I recommend VPNs like ExpressVPN and Surfshark.

  • Be careful accessing adult/copyrighted content which has higher risk.

  • Use fake credentials and pay anonymously with crypto when subscribing.

  • Avoid sharing your account login details with anyone else.

In short – be smart and safe when using services like YeahIPTV to reduce legal exposure. I always urge caution, though millions do use these services worldwide.

Using a VPN is the best way to stay protected when streaming IPTV

YeahIPTV Pros and Cons Summary

Based on my extensive research, here is a quick rundown of the main advantages and disadvantages of the YeahIPTV service:


  • Extremely low pricing compared to traditional TV
  • Massive channel selection with 6000+ options
  • Great variety across categories like entertainment, movies, sports
  • Reliable HD video quality when sufficient internet speeds
  • No IP locking so works anywhere
  • Simultaneous streams on multiple devices
  • Handy Catch Up and VOD features
  • Compatible with all major streaming platforms


  • No free trial offered currently
  • Legality is questionable and ambiguous
  • Limited to Bitcoin subscription payments
  • No native iOS app available
  • Can‘t easily search entire channel lineup

Final Verdict – An Impressive Budget IPTV Service

In closing, I think it‘s clear that YeahIPTV provides outstanding value for those looking to cut the cord and get away from costly cable TV. The massive selection of HD channels for less than $13 per month is simply unbeatable.

However, as with any streaming TV service operating in the IPTV gray area, there are risks involved around legality that users must consider. I always recommend exercising caution and using a VPN to stay protected.

Overall, if you‘re comfortable with the ambiguities around licensing status and want access to a ton of premium TV channels on the cheap, YeahIPTV delivers. Before signing up, be sure to understand the potential downsides and shield your identity with a quality VPN.

I hope this detailed hands-on review provided you with all the information needed to determine if YeahIPTV is the right IPTV solution for your streaming needs. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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