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How to Install & Use TiviMate on Firestick & Android TV

TiviMate VirusTotal Scan Results

If you use an IPTV service for streaming live TV and movies, TiviMate is hands down one of the best players to enhance the experience on your Firestick, Android TV or NVIDIA SHIELD.

With its polished interface, abundance of features, and customization options, TiviMate has become many cord-cutters‘ player of choice.

In this guide, I‘ll show you how to install TiviMate, set it up with your preferred IPTV service, unlock premium features, and use its many capabilities for smooth streaming. Let‘s get started!

What is TiviMate & Why Use It?

First, what exactly is TiviMate?

TiviMate is an IPTV media player developed by Alex Sofronov. It integrates with any IPTV subscription to offer a fantastic viewing experience.

Some key benefits TiviMate provides:

  • Intuitive electronic program guide (EPG) to browse live TV channels and video on demand.
  • Polished UI and fast performance. Channels switch instantly.
  • Useful features like favorites, recording, multiple playlists, picture-in-picture and more (especially with Premium).
  • Highly customizable settings and options.
  • Available across platforms like Firestick, Android TV, mobile devices and more.

According to Google Play stats, TiviMate has over 100,000 downloads and 4.6/5 rating, making it a hugely popular choice.

Compared to players like Perfect Player or Smarters, TiviMate stands out for its responsive interface, abundant features, and customization capabilities. It‘s easy to see why it‘s a favorite among cord-cutters.

Now let‘s look at how to install TiviMate and integrate it with your IPTV service.

How to Install TiviMate on Firestick & Android TV

One of the beauties of TiviMate is that it‘s available on any device running Android 5.0 or later. This includes:

  • Firestick (Gen 1 to 4K Max)
  • Fire TV devices (Gen 1 to Cube)
  • Android TV boxes like NVIDIA SHIELD, Xiaomi Mi Box, etc.
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Emulators like Bluestacks on PC/Mac

I‘ll be demonstrating TiviMate installation on a Firestick 4K using the Downloader app.

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. From your Firestick‘s home screen, use the search function to find the Downloader app.

  2. Open Downloader and enter the URL: 250931

  3. This will open the Troypoint Toolbox in Downloader. Scroll down and select TiviMate.

  4. Click on Download to install the latest version of TiviMate.

  5. When the install completes, you‘ll see a "Download Complete" message. Press Done.

  6. Return back to your Firestick‘s home screen. TiviMate is now ready to launch.

And that‘s it! TiviMate is now installed on your device.

The above will set up the free version of TiviMate. Later I‘ll cover upgrading to Premium for more features.

Next, let‘s look at integrating TiviMate with your IPTV service.

Adding Your IPTV Service to TiviMate

One of the great things about TiviMate is that it works with any IPTV provider. Some popular options include [Redacted], [Redacted], and [Redacted].

Whichever service you use, you‘ll need to add your credentials to TiviMate. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1) Add via M3U Playlist URL

Your IPTV provider should supply a URL link to their M3U channel playlist. This contains info on all available live TV streams.

Option 2) Add via Xtream Codes

Some IPTV services use Xtream codes instead of an M3U playlist. The Xtream codes authenticate your subscription.

Here are the steps to add your service:

  1. In TiviMate, click the "+" symbol to add a playlist.

  2. Choose between adding via M3U Playlist or Xtream Codes.

  3. Enter your M3U URL or Xtream codes provided by your IPTV provider. Click Next.

  4. TiviMate will process the playlist and show you available channels. Click Next again.

  5. If your IPTV service offers a separate EPG link, you can enter it now. Otherwise click Done.

  6. Select your added playlist and click OK to start streaming live TV!

Once your playlist finishes processing, you‘ll be able to browse channels and EPG guide data.

Now let‘s look at how to unlock TiviMate‘s premium features for the best experience.

Enabling TiviMate Premium

The free version of TiviMate provides a solid streaming experience. However, upgrading to Premium unlocks extra functionalities that take it to the next level.

TiviMate Premium costs just $9.99/year for 1-5 devices. You can also get a lifetime subscription for $29.99.

Here are the steps to purchase and activate TiviMate Premium:

Step 1: Install the TiviMate Companion App

  1. On an Android device, install the TiviMate Companion app from the Google Play Store. This is required for managing your premium subscription.

  2. Open the app and click on Account.

  3. Enter your desired username and password. Click Sign Up.

  4. Select your preferred premium plan and enter payment details.

Step 2: Log In to TiviMate Premium

  1. In TiviMate on your Firestick/Android TV, go to Settings > Unlock Premium > Next.

  2. Choose Account and enter the login details you just created.

  3. Name the device and click Activate.

  4. Confirm by clicking OK. You‘re all set up!

With Premium enabled, you‘ll now have access to awesome features like scheduling recordings, multiple playlist support, customizable guide updates, and much more!

Next let‘s explore the key features and customization options TiviMate offers.

Top Features & Capabilities of TiviMate

TiviMate boasts tons of great features, settings, and customization options that make it a joy to use. Here are some of the highlights:

Intuitive Channel Groups

Easily customize which playlist categories appear in the side menu. Rearrange their order or toggle groups on/off.

Personalized Favorites

Add favorite channels to a Favorites tab for quick access. TiviMate‘s navigation then works within your Favorites.

Handy Picture-in-Picture

Continue streaming a channel in a mini overlay while simultaneously using other apps.

Granular Settings & Preferences

Fine-tune options like auto-updating the TV guide, requiring confirmation before exiting the app, and much more.

Helpful Parental Controls

Set restrictions with a PIN to prevent access to certain features or channels. Useful for families.

Closed Captions/Subtitles

Enable closed captions by toggling on CC options for select channels that offer subtitles.

External Video Players

Choose to play streams in a different video player like VLC or MX Player.

One-Click Recording

Easily schedule one-time or recurring recordings for your favorite shows (Premium only).

Ultimate Customization

Tons of options to tailor TiviMate‘s interface, behavior, controls, and more to your preferences.

Between its polished UI and abundance of customization settings, it‘s easy to shape TiviMate into the ultimate IPTV viewer tailored specifically for you.

Now that you know your way around the app, let‘s cover an important warning about TiviMate scams.

Beware of TiviMate Scams

When searching for TiviMate online, you may come across sketchy websites claiming to offer a "TiviMate IPTV Service."

These are 100% scams. TiviMate does not provide any streaming content.

The TiviMate app simply connects to streams from a separate IPTV provider. Any site offering live TV under the TiviMate name is fraudulent.

Stick to downloading TiviMate only from reputable app stores like Google Play and Amazon. And never enter payment info on shady TiviMate clone sites.

Is TiviMate Safe to Use?

It‘s always smart to verify an app‘s safety before installing, especially third-party apps like TiviMate.

I scanned TiviMate‘s APK file on VirusTotal, which checks for malware across 70+ antivirus engines.

As you can see, TiviMate came back completely clean with 0 detections:

TiviMate VirusTotal Scan Results

Additionally, TiviMate is open-source software available on GitHub. Anyone can review the code for security.

While TiviMate itself is safe, I recommend connecting your device to a VPN like Surfshark before streaming. A VPN will secure your streaming activity and prevent ISPs from seeing what you watch.

Final Verdict on TiviMate

If you use IPTV for live TV streaming, TiviMate is hands down the best player out there. It delivers a polished interface, smooth streaming, an abundance of features, and customization options that make it a joy to use.

The free version already provides a great experience. But upgrading to Premium unlocks next-level functionality like recording and multi-playlist support for a pretty low yearly fee.

Just remember to avoid any scam sites claiming to offer a "TiviMate IPTV service" when searching for the app online.

Have you used TiviMate before on your Firestick or Android TV box? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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