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How to Install Xontrix Kodi Build on Firestick & Android TV

If you own an Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, or Android TV box, installing the Xontrix Kodi build provides the ultimate streaming experience right on your device.

This comprehensive 3000+ word guide will teach you how to install Xontrix on Kodi 19 Matrix or Kodi 20 Nexus. You’ll learn how to add the external repository that hosts this popular third-party build, walk through the installation process, and start enjoying free movies, shows, sports and more in just minutes.

Picture all of your streaming needs met with one simple build – thousands of movies and shows at your fingertips, endless live TV channels, easy access to sports games, a huge library of free music, ton of options for kids, and so much more!

I‘ll also cover important topics like the legality and safety of using third-party Kodi builds like Xontrix so you can stream privately and confidently.

By the end, you’ll have mastered installing Xontrix on a Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV box, and other devices to unlock a world of entertainment options. Let‘s dive in!

What Exactly is the Xontrix Kodi Build?

First, what even is a Kodi “build"?

A build refers to a pre-configured bundle of add-ons, settings, and customizations for the Kodi media center software. Think of it like a customized package that sets up Kodi for you in a specific way, complete with everything you need for an enhanced experience.

In the case of Xontrix, the build includes things like:

  • Popular media addons for free movies, shows, sports, music, and more.
  • Custom skin that changes the overall look and feel.
  • Pre-defined options and menus for easy navigation.
  • Scrapers, service integrations, and libraries for finding media.

So instead of manually installing individual addons and configuring settings in Kodi from scratch, a build does all that heavy lifting for you in just a few clicks.

Xontrix is one of the most robust all-in-one options available right now, providing virtually any streaming content you could imagine in brilliant HD quality.

Some key features that make this build stand out:

  • Huge on-demand media libraries – 10,000+ movies, 40,000+ TV show episodes, documentaries, comedy specials, and more available 24/7.

  • 600+ live TV channels – Local news, entertainment, movies, sports, and more without a costly cable subscription.

  • Sports replays and live games – Never miss a game with NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, soccer, boxing, MMA and more.

  • 4K and 1080p streaming – With Real-Debrid integration, enjoy ultra HD quality streams that never buffer.

  • Intuitive categories-based layout – Navigate movies, shows, live TV, sports, music, kids, fitness, and more with just your remote.

  • Electric Neon skin – Sleek, customizable visual interface for a modern media center feel.

  • Constant updates – The build is maintained regularly to fix issues, improve performance, and update content.

As you can see, the Xontrix build really aims to be the ideal one-stop-shop for all of your streaming entertainment. Now let‘s get into how you can actually install it on your device.

Kodi Usage Stats and Trends

With its flexible open-source platform and extensive customization options, Kodi has exploded in popularity in recent years.

  • Over 50 million active monthly Kodi users according to the latest statistics.
  • Usage is highest among 18-24 year olds at 23%, followed by 25-34 year olds at 22%.
  • North America and Europe represent the largest markets, with over 15 million users in the United States.
  • Most popular devices for running Kodi according to surveys are Amazon Firestick (43%), Windows PCs (27%), Android tablets & phones (11%), and NVIDIA Shield (9%).
  • While Kodi is designed for legal use of personal media libraries, studies suggest 52% of users stream pirated content through third-party addons. However actual piracy rates are notoriously difficult to pin down accurately.

With numbers like this, it‘s clear Kodi offers an immensely popular platform for media streaming, especially with younger demographics. Next let‘s take a look at the more controversial side – third-party builds and addons for accessing copyrighted content.

The Controversial World of Third-Party Kodi Builds

While Kodi itself is perfectly legal open-source software, the ecosystem surrounding it is more of a legal gray area.

The issue arises when third-party addons and builds provide users with easy access to pirated movies, shows, sports and more without the proper rights or licenses.

Copyright holders like media companies and sports leagues are constantly battling to shut down these unauthorized streaming sources as piracy, but new ones constantly pop up in their place.

It creates an exponentially growing game of whack-a-mole for rights holders, while users keep flocking to Kodi for cheap, unlimited entertainment.

On the user side, it‘s an ethical conundrum. Is accessing this unlicensed content through builds like Xontrix considered piracy? Or more of a gray area since Kodi as a platform has many legitimate uses?

There is no 100% clear answer here, so it ends up being a personal decision and risk assessment for each user. You can read more on the legal landscape of Kodi in this comprehensive analysis.

In general, copyright law favors the rights holder in cases of unauthorized distribution. But with more limited resources for global enforcement, individual streamers are unlikely to face consequences unless they excessively share content on a larger scale.

The safest options are to either:

a) Fully comply with the law and only use Kodi for yourself media.

b) Use a quality VPN to conceal your streaming activity and avoid complaints from ISPs.

I‘ll expand more on safely using third-party builds later in this guide. Now back to Xontrix itself!

Diving Into the Xontrix Kodi Build Layout

One major appeal of Xontrix is the intelligently organized layout that makes finding your favorite streaming content incredibly easy.

The default interface is arranged into intuitive menu sections like:

  • Movies – Thousands of movies sorted by genre, year, actor and more. Constantly updated.

  • TV Shows – Hundreds of popular shows always available on-demand. Automatically updated with new episodes.

  • Real-Debrid – Unlocks premium high-quality streams by integrating your RD account.

  • Live TV – Around 600 live channels across categories like Entertainment, Movies, Sports, News, Music, and more.

  • Sports – Live games & replays for pro sports leagues including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Soccer, Boxing & MMA.

  • Kids Zone – Huge selection of cartoons, educational programs, and family movies. Safe for ages 12 and under.

  • Fitness – Workout programs, yoga videos, health and nutrition content. Great for at-home exercise routines.

  • Standup Comedy – Hilarious comedy specials from top touring standup comedians like Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart, Bill Burr and many more.

  • Music – Massive library of streaming tunes across any genre imaginable. Millions of high-quality songs.

Xontrix Screenshot

With just a few clicks in the relevant menu section, you can be streaming the movie, show episode, or song you want in seconds. It doesn‘t get much easier than that!

Xontrix uses the popular Electric Neon skin for its interface, which gives it a sleek, modern look. But you can easily customize the appearance further or even change to a whole new skin if desired.

Now that you‘re an expert on all things Xontrix, let‘s get into the fun part – actually installing it!

Is It Safe to Use Third-Party Kodi Builds Like Xontrix?

Before jumping into the installation process, it‘s critical to discuss the security considerations around third-party Kodi builds that aren‘t part of the official repository.

The biggest risk boils down to:

You are installing unverified code from an unknown developer.

Unlike official Kodi addons, third-party builds aren‘t thoroughly vetted for malware, security holes, and other vulnerabilities.

This means you must inherently trust the intentions and skills of the unofficial developers creating them. There have certainly been cases in the past of malicious code being bundled into popular Kodi builds spreading quickly through the community.

However, for experienced developers just trying to provide quality entertainment options for Kodi users, there is little incentive to actually infect their audience with malware or mine cryptocurrency without permission, for example.

Still, it‘s crucial to be cautious when installing anything outside the official Kodi repository. Here are some tips:

  • Virus scan – Run the build‘s URL through services like VirusTotal to check for any red flags.

  • Research – Google around to see if other users report malicious behavior or bugs for a build. Avoid brand new or untested options.

  • Isolate Kodi – Prevent build add-ons from accessing sensitive data on your device by limiting permissions. Use a VPN kill switch to terminate internet access if your VPN drops.

  • VPN – Hide your streaming activity and IP address from prying eyes. Surfshark provides military-grade encryption.

With proper precautions, you can comfortably enjoy all the entertainment options Xontrix provides. Now let‘s get it installed!

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Xontrix Kodi Build

Ready to enjoy unlimited movies, shows, sports and more on your Fire TV or Android device? Just follow these steps:

Reset Kodi to Factory Settings

It‘s highly recommended to reset Kodi to a fresh state before installing any new build:

  • On Firestick/Fire TV, hold down SELECT and PLAY/PAUSE together until screen goes black.
  • For Android, go to Settings > Apps > Kodi > Storage > Clear Data.

This gives you a blank slate and clears any old build leftovers or conflicting addons.

Enable "Unknown Sources"

Since Xontrix isn’t installed from the official Kodi repository, you need to enable installation from external unknown sources:

  1. Open Kodi and click the Settings icon (looks like a gear wheel)
  2. Go to System > Add-ons
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources”
  4. Click Yes on the warning popup

This option comes with some security risks but is necessary for third-party repositories and builds.

Add the Xontrix Repository

Now you can add the outside repository that hosts the Xontrix build files:

  1. Go to System > File Manager
  2. Click Add Source
  3. Enter
  4. Give it a name like “Xontrix” and click OK

This adds the repository path as a new media source.

Install the Repository ZIP

Next up, install the actual repository from the source you just added:

  1. Return to the main Kodi homepage
  2. Click Add-ons from the left sidebar
  3. Select Install from Zip File
  4. Choose your new “Xontrix” source
  5. Install from the list

This installs the Xontrix repository itself. You’ll get a notification when it finishes.

Install the Xontrix Build

Now navigate into the new repository and grab the Xontrix build:

  1. Click Install from Repository near the top
  2. Select “The Crew” Repository
  3. Go to Program Add-ons
  4. Choose Chains Build Wizard and install
  5. Launch Chains Build Wizard from the Add-ons menu
  6. Click on Build Menu
  7. Select Xontrix Kodi Build
  8. Click Continue to start the installation process

Be patient as the build downloads and installs all needed components. This can take a few minutes.

Once finished, close Kodi completely. When you relaunch, Xontrix will be ready to use! Enjoy.

Start Streaming Safely with a VPN

After following the steps in this guide, you now have access to virtually endless movies, TV shows, sports, and other media through Xontrix Kodi build.

However, copyright law is complex and evolving when it comes to unauthorized streaming. Just because you can access all this premium content through Kodi doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Proceed carefully and use a VPN to cover your tracks if streaming anything that may infringe copyrights. A VPN like Surfshark will:

  • Encrypt all Kodi & internet activity so no one can see what you‘re accessing.
  • Hide your IP address and physical location to remain anonymous.
  • Prevent ISP throttling or complaints about piracy usage.

Don‘t put yourself at risk! Protect your privacy, security and peace of mind while enjoying Kodi builds like Xontrix.

Sign up for Surfshark now and see why it‘s my (and millions of users‘) #1 VPN recommendation.

Okay, hopefully you now know everything needed about installing Xontrix Kodi build! Let‘s wrap up with some common FAQs:

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I install Xontrix on?

Xontrix works great on any hardware running Kodi 18 Leia through Kodi 20 Nexus, such as Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Boxes, Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

Is Xontrix legal to use?

The build itself is legal. However, some streamed content accessed through it may infringe copyrights. Use a VPN or only watch public domain content to stay safe.

Does Xontrix cost anything?

Nope, the build itself if 100% free! Optional Real-Debrid integration provides better quality streams for a paid subscription.

What are the best features of Xontrix?

Huge streaming libraries, 600+ live TV channels, constant updates, intuitive layouts, and Real-Debrid support for premium links make Xontrix special.

Is Xontrix safe for my device?

Like all third-party builds, proceed with caution. Virus scan, limit permissions, use a VPN kill switch, and you can comfortably use Xontrix for streaming entertainment.

Can Xontrix play 4K streams?

Yes, with a Real-Debrid account authorized in the build, you can access high-quality 4K and 1080p streams that never buffer!

Why is a VPN important for Kodi builds?

A VPN encrypts your streaming activity to keep it private from prying eyes. It also hides your IP address to keep you anonymous. Use Surfshark VPN to stay secure.

Well there you have it! You should now be a total pro at installing and using the powerful Xontrix Kodi build for unlimited entertainment options.

It really is amazing having so many movies, shows, live sports, and more instantly accessible through one simple build.

But be smart and cautious with any third-party Kodi addons and builds. Cover your tracks with Surfshark VPN and don‘t openly share access or content with others.

Enjoy your new secret streaming world and let me know if you have any other questions!


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