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Xanax Build Not Working in 2022? Here are the Top Alternatives

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The Xanax Build Kodi addon was once one of the most popular options for free streaming of movies, TV shows, and more. But many users who tried to install Xanax Build in 2022 were met with errors, leaving them wondering why it stopped working and what the best alternatives are now.

This in-depth guide will explain everything about the Xanax Build addon – what it is, why it‘s not working anymore, and provide the top recommended alternatives for Kodi 19 Matrix as well as Kodi 18 Leia to replace it.

What is the Xanax Kodi Build?

For those unfamiliar, the Xanax Build is a third-party addon that could be installed on Kodi to provide access to a wide range of multimedia content.

Creation and History

The Xanax Build first appeared in mid-2018 and quickly grew in popularity within the Kodi community. It was created by an anonymous developer known only as "Xanax."

Key Features

The build stood out for it‘s well-organized structure and inclusion of many of the top Kodi addons all in one place. Some key features included:

  • Intuitive main menu categories for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, Kids, Music, etc.

  • Support for premium debrid services like Real-Debrid for high-quality streams.

  • Frequent updates to include latest Kodi addons.

  • 4K and 1080p quality stream sources.

Reasons for Popularity

Several factors contributed to Xanax Build becoming one of the most installed third-party Kodi builds:

  • Simplified streaming by consolidating addons.

  • Reliable and fast scraping for quality links.

  • Regular maintenance and updates by the developer.

  • Strong Real-Debrid integration.

  • Well-designed interface for easy navigation.

At it‘s peak, Xanax Build helped provide free streaming access for thousands of Kodi users. But this changed in 2022…

Why Doesn‘t Xanax Build Work Anymore in 2022?

In early 2022, users started reporting issues installing and opening the Xanax Build addon within Kodi:

Timeline of Events

  • March 2021 – Last update (v1.0) released for Xanax Build based on Kodi 18.

  • May 2021 – Kodi 19 "Matrix" officially launches with wide-scale updates.

  • March 2022 – Users start experiencing "Failed to Install Addon" and "Unable to Connect to Repository" errors when trying to install Xanax Build.

  • April 2022 – Xanax Kodi repo confirmed offline/inaccessible. Xanax Build essentially discontinued.

Troubleshooting Steps Taken

Many users tried various troubleshooting methods to get the build working again without success:

  • Uninstalling/reinstalling Kodi and attempting repo install again.

  • Trying repo URL on different devices like Firestick & Android.

  • Checking Downdetector and social media for updates.

  • Reaching out to Xanax developer without response.

Likely Explanation

With a non-communicative developer and offline repo, the most likely explanation for why Xanax Build stopped working is:

  • Discontinuation – The developer seemingly abandoned the project without releasing an updated version for Kodi 19. Lack of maintenance caused the build to eventually break.

  • Incompatibility – Even if the repo was still online, the build was designed for Kodi 18 and would need an overhaul to work properly in Kodi 19.

With no word from the developer, sadly Xanax Build appears to be gone for good. But don‘t worry, there are plenty of awesome alternatives!

Top Xanax Build Alternatives for Kodi 19 Matrix

Kodi 19 "Matrix" introduced some big changes under the hood. For those who have already upgraded, here are some of the top recommended builds that work great on the newest Kodi 19:

1. Diggz Xenon

Diggz Xenon has emerged as one of the leading builds for Kodi 19 Matrix. Like Xanax, it incorporates many of the best Kodi addons into an all-in-one entertainment hub.

Some standout features of Diggz Xenon include:

  • Intuitive main menu for Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Kids, Fitness and more.

  • Packed with premium addons like The Crew, Ezra, and Seren.

  • Real-Debrid integration for top-quality 4K/1080p streams.

  • Regular updates and maintenance by developer Diggz.

  • Easy installation from the Diggz Portal repository.

Bottom Line

With constant updates and an ideal blend of addons, Diggz Xenon is arguably the top build available for Matrix Kodi users.

Diggz Xenon Build

DOWNLOAD: Diggz Repo

2. Zilt

For those looking for a build with a super clean layout focused on top-notch streams, Zilt is an excellent option.

Highlights include:

  • Simple design and navigation. Easy to find content.

  • Focus on premium Real-Debrid streams in 1080p or 4K quality.

  • All content sorted into intuitive categories like Movies, TV, Sports, Documentaries, etc.

  • Constant maintenance and updates by developer Zilt.

  • Option to integrate Trakt for cross-device watching and tracking.

Bottom Line

The minimalist design and emphasis on only the best quality streams make Zilt a fantastic Xanax alternative.

Zilt Kodi 19 Build

DOWNLOAD: Zilt in SG Wizard Repo

3. Nova TV

Those looking for a build loaded with live TV and IPTV options will love Nova TV.

What makes Nova TV great:

  • Over 800 live TV channels across multiple categories.

  • Built-in IPTV Simple Client addon.

  • Easy EPG TV guide integration.

  • Constant updating of channel lists from multiple sources.

  • All the on-demand movies and shows you could want.

Bottom Line

Nova TV makes cutting the cord easy by providing virtually any live TV channel you could need.

Nova TV Kodi Build


Bonus: Ataribox

The Ataribox build offers one of the most beautiful and visually polished interfaces available for Kodi 19.

Some highlights:

  • Modern horizontal menu design. Easy to navigate categories.

  • 4K-focused with cached torrents and premium debrid integrations.

  • Unique skin customization options and widgets available.

  • Regular updates from developer omnigatherum.

Bottom Line

The sleek UI design combined with quality streams make Ataribox stand out from other Kodi 19 options.

Ataribox Interface

DOWNLOAD: Ataribox Repo

Top Alternatives for Kodi 18 Leia

If you‘re still using Kodi 18, you have different options. Here are some of the top builds still being maintained for Kodi 18:

1. Titanium

The Titanium build has been a community favorite for years – and for good reason. It continues to be one of the best options for those on Kodi 18.

Why Titanium stands out:

  • Contains all the essential streaming addons like Exodus Redux, Yoda, Placenta, Neptune Rising and more.

  • Super simple menu layout with categories for Movies, TV, Live TV, Sports, and more.

  • Settings allow integration of Real-Debrid or Trakt.

  • Regular updates keep it working flawlessly on Kodi 18.

Bottom Line

The simplicity yet completeness of Titanium makes it the ideal pick for Kodi 18 Leia.

Titanium Kodi 18 Build

DOWNLOAD: Titanium Repo

2. No Limits Magic

Another legacy build that continues to be maintained and updated for Kodi 18 is No Limits Magic. It remains one of the most robust options.

Why choose No Limits Magic:

  • Contains virtually every Kodi addon imaginable. Fully loaded.

  • Excellent uptime and stability. Rarely has issues.

  • Intuitive main menu categories and widget sidebar.

  • Long development history dating back to 2014.

Bottom Line
The huge addon selection and proven reliability make No Limits Magic a top choice.

No Limits Magic Build

DOWNLOAD: No Limits Magic Repo

3. Xontech Lite

The Xontech Lite build offers one of the fastest and smoothest Kodi 18 experiences thanks to the lightweight design.

Key benefits of Xontech Lite:

  • Lightning fast menu navigation and playback.

  • Minimized bloat and streamlined addons.

  • Easy main menus tailored for Movies, TV, Sports.

  • Regular addon updates and skin tweaks.

Bottom Line

If you want speed and simplicity, Xontech Lite is a great pick for Kodi 18 setups.

Xontech Lite Build

DOWNLOAD: Xontech Repo

Top Alternatives Outside of Kodi

Although Kodi builds are great, another option is to move away from Kodi altogether. Apps like Cinema APK provide polished streaming without needing Kodi.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK has become one of the premier streaming applications for Firestick, Android TV, mobile devices, and more.

Reasons to use Cinema APK:

  • Slick user interface akin to Netflix or Hulu.

  • All content sorted into Movies, TV Shows, Live TV channels.

  • Chromecast support for streaming to TV.

  • Optional Real-Debrid integration unlocks premium quality streams.

  • No Kodi or additional apps required. All-in-one solution.

Bottom Line

For those seeking a simplified streaming setup outside of Kodi, Cinema APK is a top-tier option.

Cinema APK App


Of course, there are also other great standalone apps like BeeTV, Nova TV, Cat Mouse, and Strix that work well without needing Kodi.

Comparing Top Alternatives at a Glance

To recap, here is a comparison of some of the top Xanax Build alternative options:

Build Name Kodi Version Key Features Why It‘s a Great Alternative
Diggz Xenon Kodi 19 Matrix Debrid support, many addons, constant updates Robust all-in-one streaming
Titanium Kodi 18 Leia Reliable, all key addons, simplicity Proven build with great uptime
Zilt Kodi 19 Matrix Focus on premium streams, minimal interface Quality over quantity
No Limits Magic Kodi 18 Leia Massive addon selection, highly customizable Unparalleled content options
Cinema APK Standalone App Slick streaming app, no Kodi needed Simplified setup & use

Installing New Builds and Apps

Once you‘ve decided on a new Kodi build or streaming app, here is a quick guide to getting it installed and setup:

On Firestick and Fire TV devices:

  1. From your Firestick home screen, open the Downloader app.

  2. Enter the URL for the repository zip file or APK you want to install.

  3. Select Install to download the file. When complete, select Open.

  4. For a Kodi build, this will launch Kodi. Go to the Add-ons section in Kodi and select Install from zip file. Choose the repository zip you just installed.

  5. Select Install from the repo to download the new build. Follow all prompts.

  6. For a standalone streaming app, Downloader will install it directly to your Firestick home screen.

On Android TV Box:

  1. Enable "Unknown Sources" in your Android TV Security & Restrictions settings.

  2. Open the Downloader app from the Google Play store on your device.

  3. Enter the repository or APK URL and select Install. Choose Open when complete.

  4. Follow same steps to install the build in Kodi or find the new app on your Android TV home screen.

And that‘s it! I always recommend installing a good VPN like Surfshark as well to keep your streaming activity private and secure.

Some key tips:

  • Only install one new build or app at a time to avoid conflicts.

  • Be patient, the initial setup process can take several minutes.

  • Restart your device once the installation is fully complete.

Now just sit back and enjoy your awesome new Xanax Build replacement!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions former Xanax users might have:

Is Xanax Build still working?

Unfortunately no. As of 2022, the Xanax Build Kodi addon is no longer functioning due to the abandoned repository and lack of updates.

What was the last working version of Xanax Build?

The last available version was v1.0 for Kodi 18 Leia. It has not been updated for Kodi 19 Matrix.

What are the best alternatives?

Some of the top options include Diggz Xenon, Titanium, No Limits Magic, and Cinema APK based on your needs.

What is a good Xanax replacement for Firestick?

Great Firestick choices are Diggz Xenon, The Oath, and Cinema APK since they are optimized for Firestick streaming.

Do I need Real-Debrid for the alternatives?

No, debrid is optional. But having Real-Debrid or Premiumize tends to provide higher quality streams.

Can I get Xanax Build on Kodi 19?

Unfortunately no, the Xanax repository is offline so the build cannot be installed on any version currently.

Is Kodi still safe and legal to use?

Yes, Kodi itself is perfectly legal. But builds/addons providing free streaming do fall into legal grey areas in some regions. Use a VPN to be safe.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below!

The End of an Era

While it‘s disappointing when popular longtime addons like Xanax Build cease development, the streaming world continues evolving. As Kodi and addons come and go, there are always new options arising to take their place.

I hope this guide has provided everything you need to smoothly transition to one of the top Xanax Build alternatives currently available in 2022. As an avid streamer myself, I‘m always testing out the latest and greatest addons and apps.

Be sure to subscribe to my email newsletter below for upcoming tutorials, streaming tips, and new alternative recommendations so you never miss an update! I aim to provide honest, in-depth guidance to help you get the most out of your favorite streaming devices and apps.

Thanks for reading and happy streaming!


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