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How to Install Wutu Kodi Addon on Firestick (Venom Clone)

Hey friend! Have you heard about the Wutu addon for Kodi? It‘s become one of the most popular video addons recently since it‘s a fork of the discontinued Venom.

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything you need to know to get Wutu installed on your Firestick or Fire TV.

We‘ll cover:

  • How to add the Wutu repo and install the addon
  • Setting up Real-Debrid for better quality streams
  • An overview of what Wutu provides
  • Understanding the legal risks of third party Kodi addons
  • Steps to take to protect your privacy and security

I‘ll also answer common questions like:

  • Is Wutu safe to install?
  • What are the alternatives to Wutu?
  • Do I need a VPN with Kodi addons?

Let‘s dive in!

Is the Wutu Kodi Addon Safe to Use?

Whenever you install an addon from outside Kodi‘s official repository, it‘s smart to do some research on it first.

The Kodi development team thoroughly vets all addons before approving them. But third party repos don‘t go through this process, so there could be security risks or malware.

I always scan new addon URLs through VirusTotal to see if anything malicious pops up:

VirusTotal scan of Wutu

Luckily the scan came back clean in this case. But Wutu is still not an "official" addon, so it‘s best to proceed with caution.

Kodi itself will warn you during setup that third party addons could access personal data stored on your device:

Kodi unknown sources warning

This is because of the open nature of Kodi‘s architecture. Here‘s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Kodi is built in Python and uses a modular addon system
  • Developers can create addons that tap into the core video playback and UI features
  • These addons can then pull streams from anywhere on the web
  • Third party repos distribute addons outside of Kodi‘s central repository

This open ecosystem enables tons of flexibility and innovation. But it also means addon developers have a lot of access to your device.

That‘s why I always recommend connecting to a VPN like IPVanish whenever you use third party addons like Wutu.

A VPN encrypts all your Kodi traffic and hides your IP address. This prevents addons from accessing your personal data while streaming.

Okay, now that we‘ve covered the potential risks, let‘s jump into installing Wutu!

Step-by-Step Guide to Install Wutu Kodi Addon

Here are the complete steps to get Wutu installed on your Firestick, Fire TV, or other Kodi device:

1. Prepare Kodi for Unknown Sources

From the Kodi home screen:

  1. Click the Settings icon (the gear)
  2. Select System
  3. Then choose Add-ons
  4. Make sure Unknown Sources is enabled

This allows Kodi to install addons from outside repositories.

2. Add the Wutu Repository

Next we‘ll add the repo that hosts Wutu:

  1. Go back to Settings and click File Manager

  2. Select Add Source > None

  3. Enter the following URL:
  4. Name the source and click OK

I like to use simple names like "wutu" or "tutorials".

3. Install the Wutu Addon

Now we can install Wutu from the repo:

  1. Return to the Kodi home screen
  2. Open Add-ons and choose Install from Zip File
  3. Select the source you just added
  4. Install the file
  5. Wait for the repo installation notification

This extracts the Wutu addon files.

Finally, we can install the addon itself:

  1. Go to Install from Repository
  2. Choose the Ezra Repository
  3. Open Video Add-ons and select Wutu
  4. Click Install and wait for the final message

Once installed, you‘ll find Wutu in the Add-ons section. Enjoy all the great movie and TV show content!

Troubleshooting Tips

If you have any issues getting Wutu to install, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure Unknown Sources is enabled in Settings
  • Double check that the repo URL was entered correctly
  • Try re-adding the source or rebooting your device
  • Check for a network connection and try again

Let me know in the comments if you need any help!

How to Setup Real-Debrid for Better Streams

The Wutu addon pulls streams from file lockers, torrents, Usenet, and streaming sites. This gives you tons of options for watching movies and shows.

But many of the free links can be slow, low quality, or get taken down frequently.

That‘s where Real-Debrid comes in handy!

Real-Debrid is a paid service that provides premium unrestricted downloads. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Ultra fast download speeds from multiple hosts
  • Media is cached on Real-Debrid servers instead of your device
  • Access to healthier torrent swarms
  • Hundreds of supported hosts sites unlocked

This gives you a big boost in both speed and quality within addon apps like Wutu.

Here are the steps to get it authorized:

  1. Sign up for a Real-Debrid account
  2. Launch the Wutu addon
  3. Go to Tools > My Accounts
  4. Select Real-Debrid Authorize
  5. Make note of the code provided
  6. Visit and enter the code
  7. Approve the device
  8. Wait for the "Authorization Successful" message in Wutu

And that‘s all there is to it! Real-Debrid integration makes a huge difference in finding great streams.

Plus it takes stress off your home network and protects your IP address since downloads are handled on remote servers.

I recommend giving the free trial a spin to see the benefits for yourself.

What Does the Wutu Addon Include?

Now that you have Wutu installed and set up, let‘s take a look at what it offers:


  • Hundreds of movies sorted by genre, year, most popular, etc.
  • Lots of high quality streams thanks to Real-Debrid
  • Unique categories like Public Domain for legal content

TV Shows

  • Huge selection of shows also sorted by genre
  • Latest episodes from current seasons
  • Easy episode browsing within each show

My Movies and TV

  • Integration with Trakt to track your viewing history
  • Get notifications about new episodes of shows you follow
  • Manually add movies and shows to your personal lists


  • Find specific movies or shows you want to watch
  • Keyword searches return tons of results


  • Change scraping providers
  • Set default stream quality
  • Adjust caching options
  • Enable parental controls

The main appeal of Wutu is the vast media library and numerous stream sources for each title. You can easily find high definition streams in 1080p or 4K quality.

The interface itself is fairly bare bones. But it‘s simple to navigate and gets the job done.

Overall Wutu is a great replacement for Venom with its huge selection of movies and shows. Just keep in mind that some streams may violate copyrights.

Are Kodi Addons Like Wutu Legal to Use?

Whenever you stream or download copyrighted material without permission, there are legal risks involved. However, the legality usually falls on the end user rather than the addon itself.

Here are the key factors:

  • Wutu pulls streams from various online sources. The developers themselves aren‘t actually hosting or distributing content.
  • The addon contains categories like Public Domain and Creative Commons for content that is legal to share.
  • But much of the content does violate copyrights and is offered without authorization.

According to research by Sandvine in 2019, copyright infringing traffic makes up a significant portion of global bandwidth:

Sandvine Global Internet Phenomena Report - Table on copyright infringement traffic

However, the odds of individual users facing legal consequences is fairly low. Copyright holders tend to go after large-scale pirate operations distributing massive amounts of infringing content.

Nonetheless, there are still risks involved depending on your location and how aggressively copyright is enforced. Streaming copyrighted material without a VPN leaves you exposed since your IP address can be tracked.

The safest approach is to avoid infringing streams completely. Or only access content you know is 100% legal and legitimate. Using a VPN is critical for maintaining privacy.

Some great free and legal streaming options include:

  • Plex
  • Kanopy
  • Hoopla
  • Pluto TV
  • Tubi
  • Crackle

There are also many public domain movies and shows that are legal to download and share freely without permission. Look for these in Wutu‘s Public Domain section.

Ultimately it‘s up to each user to decide their own comfort level when it comes to third party Kodi addons. But erring on the side of caution is never a bad idea.

Protecting Your Privacy and Security with a VPN

As mentioned earlier, I highly recommend using a VPN anytime you install unknown third party addons or access questionable streams.

A Virtual Private Network encrypts all your Kodi traffic and hides your actual IP address. This provides several key benefits:

1. Mask your identity

Your ISP or anyone monitoring your connection will have no way of knowing what streams you are accessing. This protects you from being tracked or identified.

2. Prevent data collection

With your real IP hidden, addons like Wutu can‘t harvest and link any of your personal information.

3. Bypass geographic blocks

A VPN lets you route your traffic through servers across the globe. This opens up region-locked content.

4. Enhanced security on public WiFi

Connecting through public hotspots leaves you vulnerable to snooping. A VPN keeps your data locked down tight.

Some top VPNs I recommend checking out are:

  • ExpressVPN – Extremely fast with reliable connections and easy-to-use apps. Provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Surfshark – Budget-friendly option with unlimited device support. Includes a 30-day refund policy.

  • CyberGhost – Has a huge server network with dedicated streaming configuration. Offers a 45-day guarantee.

Be sure to select a VPN that works well with streaming. Speed and reliability are crucial to avoiding buffering or lag.

Bottom line – protecting your privacy and security should be a top priority when venturing into third party Kodi territory. A quality VPN service is vital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let‘s wrap up with answers to some common questions about the Wutu Kodi addon:

Is Wutu safe to install on my Firestick/Fire TV?

It appears to be safe as long as you take precautions like using a VPN. But proceed with caution since it is an unknown third party addon.

What are some alternatives to Wutu?

Some other popular video addons include The Crew, Ezra, Fen, Umbrella, and Nova. But features and availability vary.

Do I need a VPN if I use Kodi addons like Wutu?

Yes, a VPN provides important privacy and security anytime you use third party addons. It encrypts your streaming activity and prevents tracking.

Is Real-Debrid worth it for better streaming?

Real-Debrid can make a big difference in stream quality and download speeds. But the paid service isn‘t necessary for casual Kodi use.

What‘s the best device to run Kodi addons on?

The Fire TV Stick 4K is a top choice for Kodi. It‘s affordable, powerful, and easy to install various builds and addons.

Is streaming movies on Kodi completely legal?

Much of the content violates copyrights. Stay safe by avoiding infringing streams, using a VPN, and only watching public domain/Creative Commons content.

And there you have it! I hope this guide gave you everything you need to know about installing and using the Wutu Kodi addon.

It‘s an extremely popular fork bringing the Venom experience back to life. Take advantage of the huge media libraries and Real-Debrid integration. But be mindful of the privacy and legal considerations.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any other questions. Enjoy!


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