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How to Install the World Star Hip Hop Addon on Kodi

If you‘re a hip hop head, the World Star Hip Hop Kodi addon is about to become your new best friend. This comprehensive guide will show you how to install Worldstar‘s massive library of urban entertainment on your Kodi media center.

The Worldstar addon unlocks over 100,000 hip hop music videos, viral clips, fights, sports highlights, interviews, and more – completely free! For cord cutters and hip hop fans, it‘s an essential install.

Worldstar Hip Hop Kodi Addon

By following this simple step-by-step tutorial, you‘ll learn:

  • How to add the Worldstar repository and install the addon
  • Details on the Worldstar Kodi addon and available content
  • Tips for safe, legal Kodi streaming with a VPN
  • Fixes for common Worldstar addon issues
  • And much more to master this addon!

Let‘s not waste any time – below is the full guide to get you watching Worldstar as soon as possible.

Step 1 – Open Kodi and Go to Settings

From your Kodi homepage, click the cog icon in the top left corner to enter the Settings menu.

Access Kodi Settings

Step 2 – Click File Manager

In the Settings menu along the left side, select the "File Manager" option.

File Manager in Kodi Settings

The File Manager allows you to add new source paths that host Kodi repositories.

Step 3 – Add a New Source

With File Manager open, click on "Add Source" at the bottom of the left menu.

Add Source in Kodi File Manager

A pop-up will appear asking you to enter the path for your new repo source.

Step 4 – Enter the Source URL

For the Worldstar repo, enter the following URL:

Make sure to name the source "WorldStar" and click OK.

Enter Worldstar Source URL

This adds the Worldstar repository that hosts the Worldstar Hip Hop addon.

Step 5 – Return to the Home Screen

Once the source finishes adding, you can head back to the Kodi homepage.

Step 6 – Launch the Addons Browser

From the main menu, click on the "Addons" icon to open the addons browser.

Access the Kodi Addons Menu

This is where you can browse and install any available Kodi addons.

Step 7 – Install from Zip File

In the Addons menu, choose "Install from zip file" to install addons from your sources.

Install from Zip File in Addons

You‘ll now see the sources you‘ve added.

Step 8 – Install the Worldstar Repository

Select the "WorldStar" source you added earlier. Then install the file.

Install Worldstar Repo Zip

This will enable the Worldstar repository on your Kodi.

Step 9 – Install the Worldstar Addon

After enabling the repo, navigate to:

Install from Repository > Worldstar Repo > Video Addons > World Star Hip Hop

Select the World Star Hip Hop addon and click Install to download it.

Install Worldstar Addon

Agree to any additional dependencies needed. And that‘s it!

Step 10 – Enjoy Worldstar Videos in Kodi

You can now access the Worldstar Hip Hop addon from the Video Addons section on Kodi.

Browse sections like Music Videos, Viral Videos, Sports Highlights, and more!

Worldstar Hip Hop Kodi Addon

It‘s the ultimate addon for streaming urban entertainment on-demand.

And just like that, you‘ve successfully installed the Worldstar Hip Hop addon on your Kodi device!

Next let‘s take a quick look at what this addon has to offer.

Overview of the Worldstar Hip Hop Kodi Addon

The Worldstar Hip Hop addon brings all of Worldstar‘s wild viral videos, hip hop content, fights, music, and more to Kodi users for free.

It offers unlimited on-demand streaming from Worldstar‘s entire video library of over 100,000 urban videos spanning all genres:

  • Music Videos – Latest hip hop music videos from all artists
  • Viral Clips – Crazy fights, pranks, fails, and shocking moments
  • Sports Highlights – Can‘t miss plays, celebrations, knockouts, and more
  • Hip Hop News – Reporting on hip hop culture and interviews
  • Podcasts – Original Worldstar audio shows

And many more categories like fashion, models, rides, comedy, and exotic dancers.

According to Worldstar, their platform averages over 50 million monthly visitors who come for this provocative urban entertainment.

Worldstar Content Sections

The addon makes all this available in Kodi with just a few clicks. Video quality adjusts smoothly to your connection speed and streams start instantly with no buffering.

It‘s everything fans love about Worldstar, now available on-demand for your Kodi setup.

Using a VPN for Private Kodi Streaming

When installing third-party addons like Worldstar, it‘s highly recommended to use a VPN for security and privacy.

A Virtual Private Network like IPVanish or Surfshark encrypts your connection to hide your streaming activity:

  • Prevent your ISP from throttling speeds or blocking content
  • Hide your IP address and location to stay anonymous
  • Securely access Worldstar from anywhere in the world
  • Avoid notices or legal issues from copyrighted material

Using a VPN with Kodi

With so much edgy content on Worldstar, a VPN gives you peace of mind that your viewing habits stay private. Most VPNs like IPVanish even offer apps for Android, Firestick, and other Kodi devices.

Take advantage of the best VPN deals below to enjoy Worldstar securely:

Visit IPVanish VPN – Use code ‘KODI25‘ for 25% off

Get Surfshark VPN – Enter code ‘TROY‘ for 85% off + 3 months free

Now let‘s go over some frequently asked questions about the Worldstar addon.

FAQ: Troubleshooting the Worldstar Addon

Here are answers to common questions when installing and using the Worldstar Hip Hop addon:

What if the addon won‘t install?

  • Double check that you entered the repo URL correctly in File Manager. The source must be exactly

  • Try re-downloading a fresh file and installing again. Old zip files can become corrupted.

  • Temporarily disable any VPN or adblocker as they can interfere with repository downloads.

  • Clear the Kodi cache in Settings under System > Tools > Clear Cached Data.

Some streams won‘t load or play?

  • Check your internet connection speed to rule out any buffering issues.

  • Adjust the video quality in addon settings if needed based on your bandwidth.

  • Reauthorize Real Debrid or Trakt accounts if enabled. Streams may fail without an active subscription.

  • As a workaround, restart the video or simply try another stream.

How do I login to my Worldstar account?

The Worldstar Kodi addon does not require or support account logins currently. You can browse all content anonymously without an account.

Can I download videos to watch offline?

Downloading copyrighted Worldstar videos is not supported by this third-party unofficial addon. Streaming only.

How do I remove the Worldstar addon?

In Addons, select My Addons > Video Addons > World Star Hip Hop > Uninstall

Where do I get help with other Kodi issues?

  • /r/Addons4Kodi – Popular subreddit for addon troubleshooting

  • Kodi Community Forums – Ask questions and search past threads

  • YouTube tutorials – Numerous channels dedicated to Kodi help

Hopefully these tips resolve any installation or playback issues you may encounter. Always feel free to reach out in Kodi communities for personalized help getting the Worldstar addon up and running.

Now go on and enjoy endless hip hop entertainment with World Star Hip Hop on Kodi! As a final tip, be sure to periodically check for Worldstar addon updates which fix bugs and expand content.


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