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Hey friend, let‘s get World of Sounds installed!

I‘m excited to show you how to install World of Sounds, one of the best Kodi addons for streaming unlimited music.

With World of Sounds, you get instant access to a huge library of music content including:

  • Millions of songs and albums
  • Hundreds of radio stations
  • Music videos and concerts
  • Constantly updated new releases
  • Categories for every music genre

In this guide, I‘ll walk you through the entire installation process step-by-step. I‘ll also provide tips on getting the most out of this awesome music addon.

Let‘s jump in and get your World of Sounds addon ready to start streaming!

Why Choose World of Sounds for Kodi Music Streaming?

Out of all the Kodi addons available for music, World of Sounds stands out as a top choice. Here‘s why it‘s so great:

It has a massive music library

World of Sounds gives you access to a catalog of over 5 million songs covering every genre imaginable. For comparison, even the largest subscription music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music only boast libraries of around 70 million tracks. So World of Sounds holds its own with 7% of that amount available for free streaming!

You‘ll be able to find almost any artist, album, or song you‘re looking for in World of Sounds‘ extensive collection.

The content is always current

The World of Sounds library stays up-to-date with all the newest music releases. The addon pulls from music charts and online databases to add hundreds of new albums and songs every single day.

So you can stream just-released music right away, unlike having to wait for new content on paid streaming platforms.

It has awesome extra features

In addition to its huge on-demand music catalog, World of Sounds offers great extra features like:

  • Music videos – Watch official videos from Vevo along with live performances and concerts.

  • Radio stations – Tune into over 500 live radio stations from around the world.

  • Karaoke tracks – Sing along to thousands of karaoke songs with adjustable vocal levels.

  • Neat categories – Special sections like Workout Music, Morning Music, Party Music, and more.

These additional options really expand what you can stream compared to typical music apps.

It‘s optimized for Kodi and Fire TV streaming

World of Sounds is designed specifically for Kodi, so it provides a smooth streaming experience. It works great on Firestick and Fire TV devices too.

The addon is actively maintained and updated by the Ghost Repo developers. So bugs generally get fixed quickly.

It protects your privacy

When using addons like World of Sounds, Kodi allows you to stream music anonymously. It doesn‘t collect or share any of your viewing data.

This gives you complete privacy, unlike music apps that build profiles based on your listening habits.

It‘s totally free

You can enjoy everything World of Sounds has to offer without paying a penny. No need for monthly subscriptions to stream here!

Considering the costs of premium music services like Spotify Premium ($9.99/month) and Apple Music ($9.99/month), getting World of Sounds for free is an awesome value.

Kodi is Growing in Popularity for Music Streaming

More people are now turning to Kodi and its many music addons as alternatives to paid music subscriptions.

According to data analysis, monthly active usage of Kodi grew over 40% worldwide in the first half of 2022 compared to the previous year.

Part of this growing usage comes from people streaming music, which has surpassed video as the most common media type accessed through Kodi. Over 60% of Kodi users now use it to stream music based on recent surveys.

And these Kodi music streamers are saving a bundle compared to conventional music subscriptions. For example, if 5 million Kodi users paid $10 per month for Spotify Premium or Apple Music, that would amount to $600 million in subscriptions per year.

But instead, those millions of users are streaming for free through addons like World of Sounds.

So it‘s easy to see why services like Spotify and Apple Music are worried about losing paying subscribers to free Kodi music addons!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing World of Sounds

Ready to get this awesome music addon installed? Follow along below as I walk you through the full process. I‘ll try to be as clear as possible so you can get World of Sounds up and running smoothly.

1. Enable Unknown Sources in Kodi

We first need to adjust one setting in Kodi that allows installing third-party addons from outside repositories:

  1. In the main Kodi menu, click the gear icon to open Settings.

  2. Go to System > System Settings.

  3. Find Unknown Sources and enable it.

  4. Click Yes when prompted to confirm.

This just gives Kodi permission to install World of Sounds from the Ghost Repo a bit later.

2. Add the Ghost Repo Source

Now we‘ll add the Ghost Repo as an install source. This hosts the World of Sounds addon files:

  1. From the Kodi Home screen, navigate to Add-ons > Install from zip file.

  2. Click on at the top of the menu.

  3. Enter the following URL exactly as shown:
  4. In the box below, enter a name like "Ghost" for this media source and click OK.

    • The Ghost Repo will now appear as an install option moving forward.

3. Install the World of Sounds Addon

Almost there! We can now actually install World of Sounds from the repo source:

  1. Go back to the Kodi Home screen.

  2. Navigate to Add-ons > Install from repository > Ghost Repo > Music addons.

  3. Select World of Sounds.

  4. Click the Install button.

  5. When prompted about extra dependencies, click OK to install them.

  6. Select the Ghost Repo version, likely v1.0.2.

    • This will now install World of Sounds on your system.

Once complete, you‘ll see World of Sounds ready to use in your Kodi music addons section. Nice work getting it installed smoothly!

Double Check the Installation

To confirm World of Sounds is properly installed:

  1. Go to Add-ons > Music addons from the Kodi home screen.

  2. You should see World of Sounds appear in this list if the install was successful.

  3. Try launching the addon to verify it opens correctly before streaming.

If you don‘t see the addon appear, gently retrace the installation steps again. No worries, this happens from time to time. Just take it slow and you‘ll have the addon up and running soon!

Exploring the World of Sounds Music Addon

Now for the fun part: time to start streaming tons of music through your new World of Sounds addon!

Here‘s an overview of how to use it:

  1. On the Kodi Home menu, navigate to Add-ons > Music addons.

  2. Launch the World of Sounds addon.

You‘ll first see the vast categories available to choose from:

  • MP3 Music
  • Radio Stations
  • Music Videos
  • Top Hits
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Dance & Electronic
  • And many more!

Take some time to explore each section. Here are some of my favorites:

MP3 Music – This contains World of Sounds‘ full catalog of over 5 million tracks sorted in different ways. You can browse by genre, artist, album, song, or charts. It‘s an amazing amount of music!

Music Videos – Enjoy streaming official music videos from Vevo along with tons of live concert footage. It‘s like having unlimited MTV access!

Radio – With over 500 stations, you can always find a radio station streaming any genre you want. The live stations are high quality and don‘t buffer.

Deluxe Music – This section features hot new releases and current Billboard hits. It gets updated almost hourly, so you always have the freshest tunes.

Party Music – Gets you pumped up with high energy dance, hip hop, and rock. Perfect for setting the mood for your next gathering.

Take your time poking around the various sections. There‘s really no shortage of music here.

The World of Sounds developers do a great job keeping it all updated daily too. So be sure to bookmark your favorite sections to check what‘s new.

Comparing World of Sounds to Other Kodi Music Addons

While World of Sounds stands out as a top music addon, there are a few other good options on Kodi worth mentioning:

MP3 Streams

  • Over 4 million on-demand songs
  • Clean, simple interface
  • Lacks some advanced features


  • Specializes in EDM, house, trance, techno
  • Daily updates from SoundCloud
  • Light on mainstream pop/rock

Karaoke World

  • Thousands of karaoke tracks
  • Change vocal levels on songs
  • Specifically for karaoke singing


  • Streams your personal music library
  • Works with cloud storage services
  • Requires advanced setup

I suggest trying a few addons to see which one best fits your preferences. Some have strengths in certain genres or offer unique features.

World of Sounds is great for having the largest overall catalog combined with extras like music videos. But exploring alternatives can be worthwhile too.

The cool thing about Kodi is swapping addons is super easy. So you can always switch things up depending on your mood or taste.

Tips for Getting the Best Streaming Experience

To ensure smooth streaming with World of Sounds, here are some handy tips:

Use a wired internet connection

When possible, plug your streaming device directly into your router with an Ethernet cable instead of using WiFi. This prevents buffering issues and gives you faster, smoother streaming.

Adjust the cache

Increasing Kodi‘s cache size improves buffering by storing more stream data. You can tweak this in System > Settings > Player > Videos. Try cache sizes between 50-100 MB.

Enable halftime and onboard accelerators

These Kodi options utilize your device‘s hardware to optimize video processing and decoding. Enable them in System > Settings > Videos.

Use a premium VPN like Surfshark

A VPN encrypts your streaming data and prevents throttling. This often results in faster speeds. VPNs also protect your privacy.

Install Kodi on a mobile device

For streaming on the go, install Kodi from the Google Play or Apple App Store. Addons like World of Sounds work great on mobile Kodi.

Keep your system updated

Regularly update Kodi itself along with your addons. Upgrades fix bugs and performance issues. Enable auto-update in System > Addons > Updates.

Clean the cache periodically

Old cached Kodi data can slow things down. Clear the cache every few weeks in System > Settings > Addons > Manage Dependencies.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help fellow Kodi users.

Enjoy Your New World of Sounds Addon!

That wraps up this guide on installing World of Sounds and using it to stream unlimited music through Kodi.

I hope you found this information helpful for getting started. Let me know if you need any other tips once you begin exploring World of Sounds.

The addon really is amazing. I think you‘ll be blown away by the huge music library, constant new releases, and extra features like live radio.

It can take Kodi streaming to the next level and help you ditch paid music subscriptions for good.

Here‘s to saving money and enjoying endless music libraries! Feel free to reach out down the road if you ever need any other advice.

Happy music streaming!


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