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What Is The Difference Between A Private And Unlisted Video On Youtube?

Having a YouTube account is one of the best places to let others see your video taking skills. Or, you can be a new content creator like the many others there are these days.

However, there are times, you don’t want your video to be public right off the bat, or you want to share it with a select few, such as a signed-up webinar.

YouTube offers several options for when you come to upload your videos, and in some ways, these help provide a level of security in who you want to see your content.

Rather than having a Public video as you upload, you can quickly change the privacy settings, so you have a Private and Unlisted YouTube video. (Read How To Get On Youtube At School When Its Blocked)

The question is, what’s the difference between private vs unlisted videos?

Let s take a look here, where you can find out all you need to know about stopping videos you don’t want to share with anyone who can search.

Can YouTube Subscribers See My Unlisted Videos?

Once you begin to upload your videos, you have the choice of Public, Private, and Unlisted.

Public is the default, and this is ideal for many users. It is good to understand the difference before answering. Can you make YouTube videos private and wondering if people can see them.

Here’s the difference between Public and Private vs Unlisted Videos

Public Videos

Public is the default for every video, and everyone can view it as long as you are comfortable with that. These are available in Google search results so that anyone can search for them.

These do offer advantages:

  • You can become a YouTube Video Superstar
  • High subscriber counts are fantastic for your business, as they can help attract more custom.
  • It helps you create an effective avenue for brand awareness across your other social media outlets.
  • Making a video can be profitable if you have the right company or strategy.

There are some disadvantages if you don’t like to be in the public eye that much.

  • YouTube channels can attract trolls.
  • You can jeopardize potential job prospects if the videos are compromising in any way.
  • Your videos can be found, even if you decide to delete them.


YouTube Private videos are the safest type of video.

YouTube Private videos are only viewable by up to 50 people in total, and those you decide to share your video with by invite.

Private videos are not shown in video recommendations, search results, and video tab sections for upload. (Read How to Unblock YouTube)

Any person you invite cannot share the link of your video with other people.

If someone has the link to your Private YouTube Video, they still can’t watch the video unless you invite them to do so.


The setting of a video unlisted on YouTube is instead a crossover of private and public.

Your unlisted videos will not come up in any search results, subscriber feeds, suggestions, or user video tabs.

Nevertheless, with unlisted videos, any user with a link can see and share your video.

Can Unlisted Videos Be Found?

The only way any person is supposed to be able to see unlisted YouTube videos is by having a link. However, some smart people are out there, and they have come up with a few ways to find unlisted YouTube videos.

Here’s a quick overview of ways you can find unlisted YouTube videos.

Google Searches

Using a search query comprising “ ‘This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it’ -inurl:all_comments,” will let anyone searching uncover several unlisted YouTube videos.

It doesn’t allow unrestricted access to any YouTube private video, although it highlights how weak the security for private or unlisted videos can be.

Unlisted Videos

A website with the name unlisted videos from New Zealand contains links for unlisted videos. They follow strict guidelines to stop any privacy breaches and won’t show any videos on YouTube from average users.

You can search or add from the table of contents and will fall under their privacy policy. Again, this shows there is not much difference between private and unlisted when making a video when websites can be made letting you see the YouTube video.

Playlist View

You will find this is because of a particular flaw in YouTube. Videos anyone can see are simply a video unlisted changing the video setting, yet you place it into a playlist.

Any Private YouTube video in a playlist view is visible by the Google YouTube website and the API.

However, you cannot see how to share private YouTube video this way as the supposedly private and unlisted YouTube video won’t be visible on the channel or an upload playlist.

Are Private YouTube Videos Really Private?

With the difference between private vs unlisted, you may lean more to YouTube private if that’s the way you wish to go and don’t share the video at that moment.

If you want to stop a Private video being shown on this social media video site, you will have made your choice between private or unlisted. (Read How to Download Youtube Videos)

One other thing when uploading videos to your YouTube account or through your Google account or email address, they can be compromised. A VPN uses military-grade encryption, so your private unlisted video stays secure until it reaches its destination.

Using a secure tunnel, you can easily upload your video, private or not, and no one will be able to view the contents until you are ready.

Only then can you decide to share your video, private to public, and see how to change YouTube video from private to public. Doing this is straightforward and inside your account, select the video and visibility, then switch to Public.

You can share video and climb up subscribers’ rankings, knowing your video can’t be leaked while uploading thanks to your VPN.


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