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How To Get On Youtube At School When Its Blocked

One of the popular things happening around many schools and workplaces is they are starting to actively restrict access to unblock and other media sites such as Facebook, Snapchat, and countless others.

The network administrators do this to protect students and their networks by stopping any questionable content on their networks while at the same time maintaining a level of focus on students and employees. (Read How To Get Unblocked From Facebook)

Students can waste hours watching the latest YouTube videos and checking their feeds on Facebook. Hence the reason so many schools and colleges now prevent unblocking YouTube at school.

In this quick guide, you can find multiple ways to unblock YouTube at school sites using any of the YouTube unblockers we have here.

Many of them can work, yet the most reliable YouTube unblocker is the final one on the list.

No matter which option you are using to get to YouTube at school, you will find unblocking YouTube isn’t as hard as you imagined. (Read How To Unblock Yourself On Snapchat)

How to Unblock the YouTube

Modifying the URL of a website is a straightforward way to deceive a firewall on your school network.

The majority of network administrators will manually block websites by appending their URLs to blacklists.

So, if your network administrator has only added the primary YouTube URL,, to their blacklist, perhaps you access YouTube by this workaround and typing in your browser’s address bar.

Regrettably, this will only work for local network firewalls and does not work on censored or geo-restricted content from your region. Additionally, some admin has begun adding secondary URLs to their blacklists.

How to YouTube Unblock

A proxy is similar to a VPN but is much less reliable and doesn’t offer any security.

When you connect to a proxy, all traffic will be filtered through servers to make you look like you are in another location, thus allowing you to bypass firewalls and geo-blocks.

Unlike VPNs, not data will be encrypted by your proxy. So any network administrator, ISP, or even internet censorship body can identify what you are watching when you unblock YouTube.

Besides this, all your personal data is unprotected and at risk from malicious attacks.

You have 3-ways to connect to a proxy:

  1. Using a proxy website,
  2. Manually connecting through browsers
  3. Using browser extensions

It is easy to locate proxy sites online, and most are easy to connect to. One drawback with YouTube being you may need to refresh your proxy for every new YouTube video you want to see.

You can configure a proxy of your own. It will take some technical understanding, yet you can access blocked content once set up, and you don’t need to refresh your proxy.

The best way to use a proxy for unblocking YouTube is by using proxy extensions in Chrome, such as Ultrasurf or ProxFlow.

Such extensions create links between your device and a proxy server. Your school’s admin won’t find any hint of YouTube in your search and will only see the IP address of the proxy.

How to Unblock YouTube

One way to unblock YouTube is not to access YouTube videos in the first place.

This means you can find many websites that allow you to download YouTube videos, which are then easy to watch on your device.

It can take some experimentation, and you may face a few ads, though there are some good ones such as Online Video Downloader you can use.

When you unblock YouTube using this method, you not only watch the video at school, yet you can keep the video for repeat watching if it is any good.

If there is one downside, it is that you need to know the video you want to watch as you won’t be able to browse for something that appears interesting.

To download a video, use these basic steps.

  1. Search for the video on Google
  2. An URL appears under the title of the video in search results
  3. Copy this link and paste it into the YouTube online downloader site you selected
  4. Download the file

It can be slow, yet some sites that download files to unblock YouTube allow you to change resolution.

How to Unblock YouTube

Tor is a secure web browser that hides your IP address to enable you to access and share anonymous content online.

It is free to download; however, you will need administrative privileges to install the browser on your device. When using Tor, all your data passes through Tor’s network of servers, where the packets move through several relays before they leave at their destination. (Read Mucky Ducks Repository)

These safeguards prevent network administrators, ISPs, and hackers from tracking you on the web; however, because Tor is not encrypting your data, you are visible when you exit the network.

Tor was designed to ensure access to information remains free from authoritarian and spiteful regimes. It is also one way you can access the dark web. Tor was never intended to replace a regular browser, and so not having a design for streaming or unblocking (Read How To Unblock Someone On OkCupid)

You can use it to stream free videos on YouTube; unblocking them may take a bit longer than your regular browser.

How to Watch Blocked YouTube Video

VPNs are an excellent unblocker YouTube solution for providing security, anonymity, and unlocking content restricted by firewalls, censorship, or geo-blocking technology.

A secure encrypted tunnel connects your device through fast connections to remote servers, which assign your device a new virtual IP, hiding your real IP address from view.

To the YouTube site or app and your school firewall, it will seem you are in another location and not a part of the school network. With this, you can open any video you want.

The best VPNs encrypt your data before they transmit it over your connection. Not only can any network administrators or ISP not see what you are doing, but any hackers also won’t be able to see either.

Here are the quick steps on how to use VPN to unblock YouTube:

  1. Choose a premium VPN provider, which covers all your needs
  2. Install the VPN client software on your device
  3. Log in to the client and select a server that is close to your location (You can let the VPN decide automatically)
  4. Connect and wait until the screen goes green. The closer the server, the faster your connection and the chance of connecting to YouTube or any other restricted content at school you want to use.

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