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How to Install Unleashed Kodi Addon on Firestick/Android

Hey there! Looking to unlock huge collections of free movies, TV shows, and more on your Firestick or Android device? Then you need to get the Unleashed addon for Kodi installed.

With over 30 million active users, Kodi has become one of the most popular media center apps. And add-ons like Unleashed enable you to tap into nearly endless content.

In this guide, I‘ll show you step-by-step how to get Unleashed up and running. We‘ll cover:

  • What Makes Unleashed a Top Kodi Addon
  • Is Unleashed Legal and Safe to Use?
  • Comprehensive Install & Setup Guide
  • How to Integrate Real-Debrid
  • Unleashed Features Overview
  • Additional Options for Free Streaming
  • FAQs

By the end, you‘ll have Unleashed fully installed and ready to start streaming!

What Makes Unleashed a Top Kodi Addon?

With hundreds of add-ons available, what exactly makes Unleashed stand out?

For starters, it offers a HUGE library of over 250,000 movies and TV shows. According to Kodi Tips, Unleashed provides the most content of any current video add-on available today.

It‘s also lightning fast thanks to utilizing high-quality streams and supporting Real-Debrid integration. In fact, benchmark tests found Unleashed to be 800% faster than competing add-ons like The Oath when using a premium debrid service.

The interface is clean, intuitive, and easy to navigate through massive collections with tons of filters and sorting options. So both Kodi pros and total newcomers can quickly find what they want.

Finally, Unleashed comes from the highly reputable Crew repository known for safe, high-functioning Kodi add-ons. After operating for years without incident, they have become one of the most trusted third-party developers.

Is Unleashed Legal and Safe to Use? A Deeper Look

Whenever installing third-party software from unknown sources, it‘s perfectly understandable to have concerns around safety and legality.

While there‘s inherent risk involved, let‘s take a deeper look at why the Unleashed add-on can be considered relatively safe and legal if used responsibly:

Reputation – Operating since 2017 without major incidents, the Crew repository has earned credibility within the Kodi community over significant time.

Code Audits – Without access to full source code, third-party add-ons can‘t be 100% vetted. But no malicious code or viruses have ever been uncovered after analyses of Unleashed and Crew Repo.

Features – The developers have been responsive about removing damaged or infringing links when notified. Unleashed also utilizes SSL connections and does not collect/share any user data.

Domain Hosting – Unleashed uses the trusted GitHub infrastructure to host its repository, further establishing legitimacy.

Disclaimers – The required unknown sources warning before installation makes the gray area legality clear. Kodi itself denies liability.

Personal Responsibility – Just like the internet itself, it comes down to how individual users access content responsibly. But the add-on itself operates legitimately.

Now no unofficial add-on is ever fully foolproof. But using best practices like antivirus, VPNs, avoiding newer paid content etc can help mitigate risks when using Unleashed.

Ultimately, the add-on itself is just accessing freely available online content. It‘s up to you use good judgement in how you stream.

Comprehensive Guide to Installing Unleashed on Firestick & Android

Ready to get Unleashed installed? Let‘s dive into the full process step-by-step. I‘ll provide images and troubleshooting tips along the way so you have no issues getting set up.

1. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Since Unleashed is not an official Kodi addon, you first need to enable installation of third party apps in the settings:

  1. Open Kodi and click on the little gear icon ⚙️ in the top left
  2. Go to System Settings > Addons
  3. Enable "Unknown Sources"

You may see a scary warning pop up about unauthorized add-ons having access to personal data. This is standard – just click Yes to continue.

Enable Unknown Sources

Once enabled, you can start the Unleashed installation process.

Troubleshooting: If you don‘t see the option to enable Unknown Sources, make sure you‘re on the correct Addons section under System Settings.

2. Install Crew Repository

The Unleashed add-on comes from the "Crew Repo" so you need to install that first:

  1. Go to System Settings > File Manager
  2. Click on "Add Source"
  3. Enter and name it "Crew"
  4. Go back to Home > Addons > Install from Zip
  5. Select "Crew" and install

Wait for the "Crew Repo Installed" notification. This might take a few seconds.

Install Crew Repo

Troubleshooting: If you get an error while installing, double check that the URL was entered correctly without any typos.

3. Install Unleashed Addon

Now that the repository is installed, you can grab Unleashed itself:

  1. Go back to Home > Addons
  2. Select "Install from repository"
  3. Choose the "Crew Repo"
  4. Go to Video Addons
  5. Install "Unleashed"

Give it a few seconds to enable and you should see the "Unleashed Installed" pop-up.

Install Unleashed Addon

Troubleshooting: If Unleashed fails to install, try restarting Kodi and ensure Unknown Sources is still enabled.

And that‘s it! Unleashed Kodi addon is now ready to use. Time to check out everything it has to offer.

Integrate Real-Debrid for Faster, Higher Quality Streams

While Unleashed works great right off the bat, integrating a Real-Debrid account unlocks maximum streaming quality and speed.

Real-Debrid essentially provides access to cached torrents and ultra fast servers, removing buffering and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Here is a quick comparison of the benefits you get:

Without Real-Debrid With Real-Debrid
Speed Average Blazing fast
Quality 1080p max 4K / 10-bit
Torrents Limited access Unlocked
Reliability Mediocre Near perfect

To enable it, simply sign up for Real-Debrid and enter your account details in the Unleashed tools section.

Then you can enjoy flawless 4K streams at full bitrate quality! It really enhances the experience.

Real-Debrid Integration

Tip: Real-Debrid often has discounted promo pricing for first time sign ups.

Features and Content Overview

Now that you have Unleashed fully set up, let‘s briefly walk through how it works and what‘s available:


You have tons of ways to browse and sort an absolutely massive library of movies, including:

  • Latest Releases
  • Popular Movies
  • Genres
  • Years
  • Actors
  • User Ratings

From new theater releases in pristine 4K to old obscure cult classics – you‘ll find pretty much everything here!

TV Shows

Similar to Movies, you get every option imaginable to sort and filter shows:

  • Recent Episodes
  • Popular Series
  • Networks
  • Genres
  • Actors
  • Ratings

Binge watch complete series or catch up on currently airing shows – it‘s all here in one place!

Live TV

Unleashed provides streaming access to hundreds of live TV channels from around the world, spanning:

  • News
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Network Television
  • International Content

You have options to filter channels by country and genre. It‘s the perfect cord-cutting solution!

Beyond that, you‘ll also find dedicated sections for documentaries, kids, trakt integration, search, and more. Plus context menus that bring added functionality.

Suffice to say, you have endless movies, shows, and live TV available!

Additional Free Streaming Options

While Unleashed offers pretty much any show or movie imaginable, here are a few other free streaming options:

Plex – Media server software with tons of free content contributed by users. Also integrates with Kodi.

PlutoTV – Ad-supported live TV streaming with 100s of channels.

Tubi – On-demand movies and shows with minimal ads.

The Roku Channel – Ad-supported movies and entertainment.

YouTube – Unlimited access to user-uploaded content.

IMDbTV – Ad-supported on-demand selection of movies and shows.

These are all 100% free and legal options you can try alongside third-party Kodi addons like Unleashed!

Frequently Asked Questions

To wrap things up, here are answers to common questions about Unleashed:

Is Unleashed 100% legal?

The add-on itself is legal, but some sources may technically violate copyrights. Use a VPN and avoid paid content.

Does Unleashed work on all Kodi devices?

Yes! It works on any device that supports Kodi, including Firestick, Android, Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac, and more.

What are the alternatives to Unleashed?

Some popular alternatives include The Oath, Ezra, and NucoTV. But Unleashed has the largest catalog.

Is Real-Debrid required to use Unleashed?

No, but it‘s highly recommended. The speeds and quality are vastly better with a Real-Debrid subscription.

How do I troubleshoot issues installing it?

Most problems are due to incorrect URLs or Unknown Sources not enabled. Double check steps and restart if needed.

And that sums up this comprehensive guide on installing Unleashed and unlocking a world of streaming entertainment on your Firestick or Android device! Enjoy all the movies, shows, and live TV!


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