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How To Uninstall Kodi Addons on Firestick/Android in 6 Steps (2022)

Have you ever had issues with add-ons slowing down your Kodi experience on Firestick or Android? Uninstalling problematic or unused addons can breathe new life into Kodi by improving performance and freeing up valuable storage space. In this easy, step-by-step guide, I‘ll show you how to quickly remove any add-on from your device in just minutes.

Why Should You Uninstall Kodi Addons?

Kodi add-ons extend the functionality of the media center software by allowing you to stream new content, change the interface, import media, and more. But over time, they can start to cause problems:

  • Outdated add-ons may no longer work properly or fail to update
  • Buggy add-ons can slow down Kodi or cause frequent crashing
  • Unused add-ons waste storage space and create clutter
  • Too many add-ons running can bog down performance

In fact, a 2022 survey found 37% of Kodi users experience lagging or buffering issues caused by bloated, outdated add-ons.

Uninstalling troublesome or unneeded add-ons often fixes these problems and helps Kodi run faster and smoother. It‘s also good practice to periodically prune any add-ons you no longer use to optimize performance.

In this guide, I‘ll take you through how to easily uninstall Kodi add-ons on both Firestick and Android devices. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Kodi and Navigate to the Add-ons Menu

From the Kodi home screen, use the left sidebar menu to navigate to Add-ons. This will display all add-ons currently installed on your system, including:

  • Video add-ons – Adds streaming sources like Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • Program add-ons – Tools like feed readers, file managers, etc.
  • Music add-ons – Adds music sources like Spotify, Pandora, etc.
  • Skins – Changes Kodi‘s appearance
  • Subtitles – Imports subtitles for content

Kodi Home Screen

You‘ll want to uninstall any add-ons that are outdated, no longer needed, or causing performance issues.

Step 2: Navigate to the "My Add-ons" Section

Within the Add-ons menu, select "My Add-ons" to view just the add-ons installed on your device. This section will excluded any repo-based add-ons.

My Add-ons menu

Tip: You can filter the list by type of add-on using the left menu to easily find what you need.

Step 3: Browse the Add-on List and Select One to Uninstall

Scroll through list and browse the various add-ons installed on your system. When you find one you want to uninstall, click into it to pull up details.

For example, an older video add-on may no longer be updating or working properly. Or you may want to remove a bloated skin that is slowing down the interface.

Kodi add-on list

As a rule of thumb:

  • Video add-ons – Remove if not updating, lacking streams, or buffering
  • Program add-ons – Delete if unused or buggy
  • Skins – Uninstall if overly complex or slowing Kodi down
  • Subtitles – Delete unused subtitle services

Removing unused repos can also help declutter your system.

Step 4: Select "Uninstall" to Remove the Add-on

Once in the add-on‘s information page, choose Uninstall. This will initiate removing the add-on from your Firestick/Android device.

Uninstall button

Note: Some dependencies or repositories may need to be uninstalled first before the primary add-on can be removed.

Step 5: Confirm You Want to Uninstall

Kodi will ask if you‘re sure want to uninstall the add-on. Select Yes to confirm and start the removal process.

Uninstall confirmation

Step 6: Wait for Uninstall to Complete

Be patient as Kodi completes the uninstall in the background. The add-on and all related data will be wiped from your system during this process.

Uninstall finished

Once complete, the add-on will no longer appear in your My Add-ons section. Repeat these steps to uninstall any other problematic or unused add-ons.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Kodi Add-ons

Here are some best practices for keeping your add-ons optimized:

  • Review add-ons regularly and remove any you don‘t use
  • Update outdated add-ons by uninstalling/reinstalling
  • Clear Kodi‘s cache periodically – Settings > System > Tools
  • If issues continue, reset Kodi to defaults – Settings > System > Tools
  • Enable auto-cleanup to remove packages after installing add-ons
  • Consider Real-Debrid for faster streams and better quality

Stay on top of your add-ons by pruning them over time. Remove any that are unstable, dated, or wasting resources. Keeping your add-on installation lean and up-to-date will ensure the best Kodi performance.

So don‘t hesitate to uninstall addons causing you headaches! Just follow these simple steps to enjoy a smooth, optimized Kodi experience on your Firestick, Android, or other device.


How can I uninstall an add-on from a build?

Follow the standard uninstall process. Add-ons can be removed whether they were installed separately or as part of a build.

What‘s the easiest way to update an add-on?

The simplest method is to uninstall the current version and then reinstall the add-on to get the latest updates. This ensures old data doesn‘t carry over.

Will I lose my Kodi settings if I uninstall add-ons?

No, your configurations and preferences will remain in place. Only data related to that particular add-on will be removed during an uninstall.


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