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Popular File Sharing App Removed from Google Play Store

Hey friend! I wanted to talk to you today about the recent removal of the file sharing app from the Google Play Store. This app was extremely popular across Europe, with over 10 million active users at its peak. But it got taken down over rampant piracy concerns.

Should this worry you as an Android user who relies on apps like What are the alternatives? And what might the future look like for file sharing apps as a whole? I‘ll try to break it all down for you here!‘s Meteoric Rise…and Fall

First, some background. launched in 2009 as a cyberlocker site allowing users to upload and share files up to 2 GB in size. By 2021, over 45 million users had registered on the platform.

The service exploded in popularity in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it served over 10 million regular users. To put this in context, that‘s nearly 100% of the Czech online population! also offered mobile apps on iOS and Android to access files on smartphones. The Android app alone had over 500,000 downloads before being taken down.

But amidst this rapid growth, was plagued by piracy concerns almost since its inception. Movie studios, music companies, software developers – all began alleging the site enabled illegal file sharing.

Over 85% of the uploads on were found to be copyrighted content. The site operators disputed this, but it kept landing on piracy watchlists year after year.

Under pressure from copyright holders, Google finally removed the app from the Play Store in March 2022. But remains defiant and is demanding to be reinstated.

The Ongoing Struggle Against Piracy is just the latest flashpoint in the war between copyright enforcers and file sharing platforms accused of piracy. Apps like ES File Explorer, Aptoide, and F-Droid have also faced removal from app stores.

Some sites like Openload and Uploaded have been forced to shut down entirely amidst lawsuits and criminal probes. Uploaded‘s operator was even arrested in Germany.

Globally, losses from digital piracy are estimated at $40 billion a year. And over 1 billion visits per year are made to piracy sites.

With stakes this high, copyright holders are aggressively pursuing sites and apps that don‘t do enough to curb illegal file transfers. For developers, the safest bet is building in robust copyright protections from day one.

What Should You Do as a User?

As an Android user, losing is certainly an inconvenience. But there are plenty of legitimate and legal alternatives for accessing media content.

Subscription services like Netflix and Spotify give you unlimited access to movies, shows, and music. And free, ad-supported apps like Tubi, PlutoTV, and Stingray are fantastic as well.

Your local library is also a treasure trove of free ebooks, audiobooks, movies, and more these days. Take advantage of those digital lending resources.

And for general file storage needs, go with big names like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive. They strictly comply with copyright takedown requests.

By using legal channels, you avoid any ethical or legal risks from piracy. So be a responsible and ethical internet user by paying for content when possible. Creators deserve compensation for their work!

What Does the Future Hold for File Sharing?

While upsetting to users in the short term, shutdowns like‘s do make room for more legitimate services to thrive. The less pirates in the pool, the more developers can focus on building great legal options for accessing content.

I hope over time we‘ll continue to see rates of piracy decline as media availability and affordability improve. For example, music piracy has dropped over 40% in recent years thanks largely to Spotify and Apple Music. If the same happens across other media types, copyright holders and users both win.

There‘s still work to be done by making subscriptions more flexible and competitively priced to fit all budgets. But the trend is looking positive, which is great news for everyone!

Well friend, that sums up my thoughts on the situation. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat more about apps, piracy, or anything else on your mind. Stay safe out there!


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