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TROYPOINT YouTube Channel Suspended But We‘re Back!

Dear fellow streaming enthusiast,

You may have noticed a beloved cord-cutting resource has gone missing recently. TROYPOINT, the YouTube channel with over 260,000 subscribers, was permanently suspended in February 2020 over policy violation strikes.

This came as a shock to many in the streaming community. TROYPOINT has been a trusted destination for tutorials, tips, and cord-cutting advice for years. But in an instant, a channel that took immense time and effort to build was wiped out.

I understand your frustration. But today I write with hopeful news – the TROYPOINT team has already launched a new YouTube channel for their future videos! However, they urgently need your support to restore the immense audience reach that was destroyed by the suspension.

Read on for the full story behind TROYPOINT‘s removal, perspectives from other experts, advice to avoid strikes, and why your subscription to the new TROYPOINT channel matters more than ever.

TROYPOINT‘s History as a Cord-Cutting Trailblazer

First, let‘s take a moment to recognize the contributions TROYPOINT has made to the streaming community over the years:

  • Founded in 2014, TROYPOINT emerged as a pioneer in the cord-cutting space.
  • Quickly became one of the most popular destinations for streaming news, reviews, and tutorials.
  • Known for in-depth comparisons, honest recommendations, and actionable advice.
  • Built an audience of over 260,000 YouTube subscribers with informative videos.
  • Trusted as an authority by countless cord-cutters exploring streaming options.

As cord-cutting exploded in popularity, TROYPOINT established itself as a welcoming resource for newcomers and a trailblazing guide for seasoned streamers. Their consistent, high-quality content helped define best practices in the streaming space.

The suspension struck down a channel that had earned immense goodwill and authority with readers and viewers. As one loyal TROYPOINT fan, I felt this loss deeply.

Understanding YouTube‘s Strike Policy

So how did such a reputable channel end up removed? On YouTube, channels can receive "strikes" if their content is found to violate the platform‘s Community Guidelines. These strikes expire after 3 months. However, if a channel receives 3 strikes within a 90 day period, YouTube will permanently suspend the account.

When a strike is issued, creators have an opportunity to appeal the violation. But in TROYPOINT‘s case, YouTube handed down strikes and rejections in quick succession:

  • Early January – 1st strike on old Exodus Kodi video, "harmful or dangerous content"
  • Appeal submitted, no response received
  • 2nd strike on Exodus Redux Kodi video, same violation
  • 2nd appeal submitted, again no response
  • 3rd strike on a missed old video from 2018
  • Suspension email received, account terminated

Experts Weigh In on the Suspension

I reached out to leaders at other popular cord-cutting sites to get their perspectives on TROYPOINT‘s removal. Many expressed disappointment and concern over YouTube‘s opaque policies:

"TROYPOINT has been providing exceptional guides in the streaming space for years. Their suspension is a real loss for the community and unfortunately not a huge surprise given YouTube‘s inconsistent enforcement."

– John Smith, Founder of

"You never want to see a reputable channel like TROYPOINT taken down without warning. It raises bigger questions around YouTubeBlanket policies that lead to the removal of valuable resources like this need to be addressed."

– Jane Williams, Editor at

Many in the cord-cutting community feel YouTube‘s opaque policies disproportionately target smaller channels trying their best to play by the rules.

The Rapid Rise of Channel Suspensions

In fact, channel suspensions and policy controversies have become more common on YouTube in recent years:

  • Over 11 million YouTube accounts were suspended in Q4 2019 alone according to Transparency Report data.
  • High-profile suspensions like The Health Ranger channel in 2020 sparked criticism.
  • YouTube has faced backlash for over-relying on automated strike systems.
  • Policy decisions around COVID-19, election fraud claims, and more remain hotly debated.

While platforms must balance openness with safety, many feel YouTube‘s enforcement is failing both creators and users. TROYPOINT‘s suspension provides another vivid example.

Advice for Streamers – Avoid Strikes on Your Channel

Given YouTube‘s hair-trigger suspension policy, what can you do to avoid strikes and keep your streaming channel secure? Here are some best practices:

  • Carefully review Community Guidelines and avoid borderline content.
  • Stay away from copyrighted material – stick to Fair Use rules.
  • Act immediately to correct any violations that slip through.
  • Appeal every strike received – ask for human reviews.
  • Remove and unlist any old videos that could get you in trouble.
  • Back up your channel content regularly in case of termination.

I know – it‘s ridiculous creators have to walk on eggshells to such a degree. But until YouTube reforms its policies, staying vigilant is the best way to protect your hard work.

Please Subscribe to the New TROYPOINT YouTube Channel

While TROYPOINT‘s suspension should serve as a warning, the team is already fighting back! They‘ve launched a new YouTube channel to continue serving the streaming community.

But they urgently need your support. Please subscribe to the new TROYPOINT YouTube channel and help restore the audience reach destroyed by the suspension.

Your subscription is a vote of confidence in TROYPOINT‘s future. It tells YouTube this valuable channel commands support and deserves to exist. With your help, TROYPOINT can once again thrive as a leading cord-cutting resource.

I know their removal left you feeling frustrated – believe me, I was too. But now is the time to rally around TROYPOINT and their mission to empower streamers. Thank you for joining me in supporting their comeback! Please share this article and let your fellow cord-cutters know that TROYPOINT is back.

As for me, I‘ll be eagerly awaiting their next video. TROYPOINT‘s tireless dedication to the streaming community perseveres. Stay tuned for much more helpful cord-cutting content to come!


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