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9 Best Torrent Sites for Books

Physical books may be losing their appeal, and ebooks continue to take over the market.

However, where it was easy to borrow another person’s book, sharing ebooks isn’t as easy.

Keen readers are always looking for ways to find the latest blockbuster. So they turn to sites for eBooks that offer a free reading.

Many of these are just links to other sites where users need to sign up and create accounts.

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These sites don’t offer what they promise, and there is no knowing how safe they are. With this in mind, this guide looks at the best torrent sites for books, which are guaranteed to find plenty for any book lover.

Top Book Torrenting Sites

1. Zooqle

When you first access this book torrenting site, you may think there is nothing on offer.

However, type books in the search bar, and it comes back with a few thousand results of books that cover many different categories.

The Zooqle site indexes over 4 million torrents so that users can filter their way through lots of content.

The user interface is clean and uncluttered and displays small media tiles for TV shows and movies, their main focus.

Once you find a book you wish to download free, click the link, and you are shown another page with torrent or magnet download links.

2. Pirate Bay

It is easy to see why The Pirate Bay is the top torrent site to download anything. You are shown the familiar PB logo and the search bar underneath when you access the site.

If you know the author or book title, you can enter this directly or filter down from the main page by selecting Browse Torrents.

You can click either audiobooks or ebooks here, and the PB will filter all the options.

The PB is one of the best sites to download torrent files, yet it is blocked in several countries. This is where a VPN can come into use.

Not only do they bypass these restrictions, but they also stop any governing agencies and your ISP from seeing which eBooks you are downloading.

Are you looking for alternatives for the Pirate Bay?

3. KickAss Torrents

This was once the largest torrent site globally, yet like the PB, it was shut down. However, it did resurface and is still building up the number of torrents it can access.

It doesn’t have an extensive book library, but it does have some popular titles available in different formats.

You can scroll down to see the book section on the main page. This shows the latest torrents, so if you see your favorite books, you can download from there or click on the KAT > Books Torrent heading, and it will show you all the listings.

In some countries, KickAss may be blocked. As a result, you may need a VPN to access the site, as well as keep your activities private.

KickAss enforces this issue because there is a popup window when you click on the search bar.

This is a link for a VPN service they are directing you to. This can be unpleasant, yet you can close this and carry on with your ebook search.

Aside from that niggle, it is again one of the best torrent websites users can visit for all manner of content.

4. 1337X

This is one of the most popular sites you can go to for any content. With over 149 pages of links to eBooks, there are many choices.

After a site overhaul, the site has one of the most appealing user interfaces and offers one of the best chances to find the book you are searching for.

To locate the book section, click on the “Other” option in the side menu and then select eBooks, or you can search directly if you know what you are looking for.

If you search for an author, it does deliver results for movies, games, and book links. Therefore, it is easy to see which to find the right option quickly.

So far, this site has not shown signs of being shut down, and it doesn’t display annoying ads.

5. Torlock

This is another great site for ebook torrenting. Once you go to the main page, click on categories, and see the options for eBooks or Audio Books. Select either, and the results page is already filtered.

You can also search using the search engine if you know what you want. The seeders, peers, and file health are at the side of the link.

The interface is straightforward, and as soon as you select a link, you have more information about the book with cover screenshots and file sizes, etc.

6. Free

Free isn’t the same as ebook torrent sites, yet it is worth mentioning. With well over 90 categories, users can sign up to become a member. This allows the chance to read five free eBooks per month.

It falls outside the criteria of a torrent site for books, yet it doesn’t annoy users with popups and delivers what it advertises.

There are categories from fiction, non-fiction, classics, children’s, audiobooks, and many more.

7. Planet Ebook

Again, this is another site, which is a little different. This won’t have the latest books because it delivers something unique. This could be the ideal site to download no end of classic literature if you are into classic stories.

All of these books are free because they are published in Australia and are outside copyright terms.

The website states this and check the copyright laws in the home country. However, this doesn’t have any restrictions, so you can download the books free.

You can select three formats, so any device is taken care of. EPUB, MOBI, and PDF are available.

While there are not that many books on offer, it is an excellent site for books you may not find anywhere else.

8. Torrent Downloads

This is an accurate torrent site, unlike the previous couple in the list. However, it does give the chance to download an eBook torrent for free.

The interface is very similar to KickAss and has all the file sizes, seeds, leech, and file health to the side.

At the side of the search bar, you can select the category. This filters the search results to show what you are looking for.

If you click the view all books on the main page, it doesn’t show the full range from a search.

It is better to either click on books in the main menu or search for an author in the search bar and select books from the category drop-down list. This yields far more results.

While the main focus may be on TV shows and movies, you can find plenty of books from lots of different authors and genres.

9. Torrentz

You may find access to download ebook torrent files from Torrentz blocked in some places. Use a VPN service and chance the country, and you can access the site easily.

This meta-search engine scours the web and comes back with more than enough results. It indexes over 31 million files and may include many options on this list.

The worst thing about this torrent site is the results page, you can’t filter, and it is messy. However, to make sure you have your free eBooks, there is no other site like it.


All the above are great options to find free books. You may often see Book Share touted as a great torrent site. This is neither a torrent site nor a free book, as it requires a subscription.

Aside from that, all the above are good options to get free books. There is enough variety where you can find almost anything.

However, even downloading books is frowned upon, so it is advisable to set up VPN access.

ExpressVPN will allow you to mask your connection and remain anonymous, no matter what kind of torrents you download.

Not only this, but also some of these sites are on the radar of agencies who want to close them down.

Users will either lose access. They are already blocked from their home country or a copyright infringement notice in the mail.

A VPN stops anyone from seeing which book torrent site you visit and what you download. It may just be a humble book to users, but to the copyright trolls, it is piracy, and they will want compensation in one way or another.


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