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11 Best Torrent Sites Working in 2023

Torrenting can be the ideal thing to find the content you want. However, many people wish to stamp out free movie websites because of copyright-infringement.

Add to this, with the number of fake torrents, users of the best torrent sites need to be cautious about how they go about using sites for movies.

While the best download sites are generally safe to use, they are also watching over their shoulder against prosecution.

This means any of the top torrent sites may change the domain in a bid to keep one step ahead.

This guide runs through popular torrent sites, and by the end, you will have the 11 best torrent sites that are working, and other information about them, and how you can download torrents safely, and away from prying eyes.

Best Torrenting Sites

1. The Pirate Bay

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2003
  • Blocked in: Australia, United Kingdom, Most European countries, and many others around the world
  • Download Speed Average: 3.1 Mbps
  • Best for Movies, TV Shows, adult content, software and games
  • Mirrors:, ,,,,

The Pirate Bay torrent site has been around for sixteen years, it faced shutdown at one stage, and resurfaced. Since then, it is the number one site again.

No longer is there the question “Is Pirate Bay down?” because it is up and running as if it had never been away.

At one point, there was cause for concern when there were reports of crypto mining scripts running while users were on the site.

This leaves a question now about is Piratebay safe? It appears so, these reports may not be founded, and it could have been copycat sites like Pirate Bays look and feel.

We did find one link movies, there were lots of Google entries when searching, but these links are no way related to the main site.

In use, you are still shown the main search box, you enter what you are searching for, and the list is presented.

At the side, you can see the health of the torrent, and this gives you a good indication of how fast, and the possibility of it being a fake torrent.

The most significant feature of the Pirate Bay is that it delivers any torrent you are looking for. It delivers excellent speeds when downloading because it has a high seed to peer ratios.

The Pirate Bay not working? Read our Pirate Bay Alternatives Guide.


  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2008
  • Blocked in: Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Portugal, Bulgaria, Denmark, Ireland, Indonesia
  • Download Speed Average: 1.9 Mbps
  • Best for Movies and TV Shows
  • Mirrors:,

Starting a few years after PB, RARBG gained quite a lot of popularity. It doesn’t have the same number of torrent files listed, but there are hardly any fake torrents.

The RARBG torrents site may look old and outdated, but it performs well.

To search, you do need to select the selection at the side for movies or TV shows or whatever torrent you want.

This filters your search results from the start. When you have a RARBG download start, you will see varying files sizes, seeds, and peers. All you need to do is select which one you desire.

The site became very popular, and because of this, it was blocked in many countries. With only a couple of RARBG mirrors, you may find it hard on occasion to locate a site, but once you do, you will enjoy using it. So far, they have avoided being shut, so you are almost guaranteed to stay safe.

The unique feature is how good the RARBG movies are. Most are high definition, and in the description, the site tells you if there are problems. It is a great place for movie buffs above all else.

3. Lime Torrents

  • Official URL: (redirected from
  • Year Established: 2009
  • Blocked in: UK, France, Australia
  • Download Speed Average: 3.1 Mbps
  • Best for Movies, Music, Games, TV Shows Anime and books
  • Mirrors:,,

Limetorrents has masses of torrent links. It was counted that it had over 10 million. This made it one of the largest torrent databases ever.

There are countless categories to search from, and users keep coming back because of the high numbers of torrents available.

Like other sites, Limetorrent shows the file size, seeds, peers and health. It also shows the date the torrent was added.

The site is easy to navigate and comes in an eye-catching green. Once you are presented with the home page, Limetorrents Movies is the first option, and below this, you find TV shows, Music, games, software anime and others.

Apart from the size, it’s a unique feature is the amount of anime and audiobook torrents it has links to.

It is rare to have this much questionable content without being dedicated to anime torrenting sites.

Once you click a subheading, you are presented with the torrents in the date order they were added.

You also have a search bar if you already know what you are looking for; this can be hand because clicking on the subheading only delivers the top 100 torrents.

Lime Torrent has been around for ten years but still grows in popularity while not being overly populated. It also lists many games that are new and uploaded in the past few hours. This makes it one of the best game torrenting sites out of all.

4. Torrent Downloads

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2007
  • Blocked in: UK
  • Download Speed Average:
  • Best for Movies, Music, TV Shows, audiobook torrents and software.
  • Mirrors:, torrent

If you thought the previous torrent site was huge, then Torrent Downloads will blow your mind.

This torrent index features over 16 millions torrents. In looks, it is familiar to Kickass Torrents, although it has been around since 2007, so it is quite old.

The site doesn’t have the best interface, but it makes downloading torrents a breeze. The top torrents of each category are shown on the home page, or you can click view all, or use the search bar.

Trying to find a unique feature can be hard, but being such a huge library and the fact, it has gone under the radar and appears to be only blocked in the UK.
torrent have done well so far to avoid detection, but as other sites vanish, and it gains more exposure, it is only a matter of time before this great torrent site becomes a target.

Once you click on a link, you are taken to the following page that has either the torrent links or a magnet download link.

It also shows which files will be included, and users can leave comments on the file.

This page, though, doesn’t show the health of the torrent or the number of seeds. All that comes from the main screen.
This site is well worth bookmarking for any user; it contains a vast wealth of torrents that are worth browsing through.

5. YTS

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2011
  • Blocked in: Ireland
  • Download Speed Average: 1.3 Mbps
  • Best for Movies
  • Mirrors:, and

Before even talking about anything else, it is worth mentioning the unique feature of YTS. This has to be the user interface because it is unlike any other torrent site.

All of the torrents are listed with the media covers rather than a list of links.

There was a phase where users found YTS not working. On checking, it was found to be the site they were trying to access. This was shut down due to copyright infringement.

Download speeds are decent, and the file sizes are kept to a minimum. Users with slower connections can find this a boon.

All the YTS proxy sites offer the same layout, so if you need to check these, it will be as if you are using the main site

YTS torrents are like the Netflix of the torrent world; the main page is sectioned into popular downloads, latest Yify movie torrents and upcoming YIFY movies.

Toward the bottom, you have a browse option and a login for any users who wish to register.

To download, you click the image, and you find yourself on the download page. This offers a synopsis and files associated with the download.

There are no file sizes, torrent health, and you only have the definition you want. This can be 720p, 1080p or 4K torrents if there is an option.

6. Zooqle

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2013
  • Blocked in: India, China, Australia, European Countries, Brazil and Portugal
  • Download Speed Average: 4.2 Mbps
  • Best for Movies, TV Shows and Software.
  • Mirrors:,

Zooqle is another new torrent site that takes its unique approach to present files. The main page is a cross between YTS and a regular torrent site. You have small media icons with information at the side.

While it doesn’t make an overly glamorous site, it does make searching easy. At the top of the page, you do have a search bar where you can look for a movie, TV show, and actor among others. In this way, it is like Google for torrents.

With straightforward navigation, you click the small image and you are taken to the download page. This is where you can see the unique feature of Zooqle torrents, one of the sections that contain your files is for 3D movies if there are options.

After this, you have all the other qualities segregated, and with this, the audio format, language, size, age the file was uploaded and the seeders and leechers.

You may notice a direct download option. This should be avoided as it takes you into a clickbait loop and doesn’t offer you any torrent file to download.

The most significant feature of Zooqle is the way everything is laid out. It is clear and straightforward to use and has most things users may wish to search for.

7. 1337X

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2007
  • Blocked in: Austria, Australia, Ireland, and United Kingdom.
  • Download Speed Average: 686.3KB per second
  • Best for Movies, TV Series, Music and games/ software
  • Mirrors:,,,,

This site has been running for 12 years. However, the 1337 torrents site only began its rise in popularity when Kickass shut.

The site is backed by a large torrent community of members and uploaders, and for many, it is their favorite torrent site.

The 1337X library does contain lots of different content, but the majority of files are movies. With over 2 million, this means there is more than enough choice.

The site has always maintained a similar look, although it has been modernized which makes it pleasant on the eye and snappy in operation.

One cool thing the site does is to list alternative domains that are working. This makes it easier if they need to jump ship, and users can follow the link to the new 1337x mirror site.

The unique feature is that there can be some of the obscure movies, and you can’t find these on other torrent sites.

It also comes with masses of music torrents; this alone can make it one of the best music torrent sites out there.

There many users who complain of advertisements, but while writing this review, none were encountered.

Once you search for your torrent, a list is displayed where there are all the options you can choose from.

Seeds, leechers and size are listed alongside each other. From there, it is one click where you are taken to the torrent download page.

8. Torlock

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2010
  • Blocked in: UK, Australia, India
  • Download Speed Average: 3.3 Mbps
  • Best for Books, Movies, TV Shows, Music, Software
  • Mirrors:, and

Is Torlock safe? In the land of fake torrents, this Torlock review can confirm this is the best safe torrent sites it is safe to download from. With the site paying its users to locate any fake torrents, there won’t be many found or listed.

This is very different, and it is the one unique feature of the Torlock torrents site.

All torrents files will be verified before you download them, and if they are not, you will have earned yourself one dollar for finding fake torrents.

With over 5 million, and all of these verified torrents, you are almost guaranteed any Torlock movies will be high quality.

There are plenty of categories from movies, lots of anime torrents, software and games. On the main page, you have the top 100 popular torrents, so you can see what is trending.

Aside from this, this torrent site can be the best Mac torrenting sites. As well as this, the file sizes being small for quick downloads.

The layout is very similar to the Torrent Downloads site, but with a different color scheme. The site is straightforward to navigate and find what you are searching for.

Rather than being focused on one kind of content, Torlock delivers quite a bit of everything and to make it stand out; it can be one of the best book torrenting sites there is.

9. Torrentz2

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2016
  • Blocked in: India, UK, Italy, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland and Ethiopia
  • Download Speed Average: 1.9 Mbps
  • Best for Software, Music, Movies and Games
  • Mirrors:,,, and

Torrentz2 takes a different approach to most other sites. Rather than scouring the web for links to torrents, it scours the internet and makes the links from other torrent sites. This allows it to have links for an eye-watering 61 million torrents and above.

Once you access the site, all you have is a stripped-back interface and a search box. Under this is a list of 13 things regarding the torrent sites and the links.

The first being that the torrentz Europe ( site is a clone, copycat and successor to the original

Reading down the list, they also state they are not responsible for links, which are gathered. There were reports of files containing harmful programs.

This is what happens when users download torrents and aren’t the fault of the Torrents2 site because they host no content, all they do is provide the links or metadata from the 70+ domains they scour for links.

Aside from that, it is easy to use once you know what you want as you type, all the options dropdown.

Select what you want, and you are presented with the full list of links. It is fast, but then you have to click to be taken to the site where the original link is.

10. iDope

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2016
  • Blocked in: India, UK, Denmark, Australia
  • Download Speed Average: 3.7 Mbps
  • Best for Movies, Music, Games and Software
  • Mirrors:,,, and claims it is a tribute to Kickass, even if the website looks nothing like. All you get is a webpage that looks like a Google search page more than anything does.

This is because it is a search engine, which offers up direct magnet links to files. Because of this, it has a database that swells with links to 18 million files.

While there are lots of TV shows and films that are suited to enthusiasts of classic movies, there is an abundance of new content, which is trending.

Once you search, you are offered up the results page. Unless you are specific, it can be hard to locate the file you want quickly.

The site does allow you to sort results by seed, age and size before sorting in descending or ascending order.

All you need to do is be specific in what you are searching for.

Once you click on the link, the download page offers little information apart from the file age, size and the number of seeds and files in the download.

One thing to note is, at present, all of the mirror sites redirect you to an iDope proxy site, which is These only allow access to the main site.

11. EZTV

  • Official URL:
  • Year Established: 2015
  • Blocked in: United States, Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland,
  • Download Speed Average: 2.2 Mbps
  • Best for TV Series
  • Mirrors:,

EZTV was shut down back in 2105; this leads to the EZTV new site. is this, and it carries on with the same format and is the best for TV torrents.

With this takeover, some things never change, and the appearance of the site is very misleading. If you are after the TV show torrents, there is no other site that delivers such a man and so much choice.

The interface looks old, looks cluttered, and popup ads plague EZTV torrents. The site has improved since it was taken over, but it can still be a pain to navigate.

However, behind all this is one of the most powerful torrent sites you can find when it comes to TV.

The high-quality torrents are fantastic, and for this reason, it is climbing up the popularity charts.

What began as a EZTV torrent distribution group has grown way beyond what anyone could have thought of. It has one of the largest repositories of files for TV shows of any site unless they aggregate from other torrent sites.

Searching is fast, and you can quickly search what you are looking for. Download speeds are also among some of the fastest even in the average speed doesn’t look too high. The unique feature is the wealth of TV shows EZtorrent access.

How to Access a Blocked Torrent Site with a VPN

Some of the better torrent sites warn users about using VPN for torrenting from their website. This advice shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In many countries, unblocked torrents sites are illegal. This means if users take no precautions, there can be severe results.

Users can receive copyright infringement notices, large fines, they can be arrested, and the threat of jail can face them.

It is crucial for you as a torrenters to protect your privacy. A VPN will encrypt your connection, so this stops any government agency spying on you.

Additionally, ISPs won’t know which torrent sites you are visiting, and what torrent you are downloading.

ISP’s throttle connections when a torrenting website is accessed, and when there is heavy bandwidth usage.

Torrenting without VPN services leaves your IP address wide open for anyone to see. This can leave you in a very tough predicament.

Using a good VPN for torrenting will bypass all these problems, it will keep you safe from prosecution and having your connection restricted.

When choosing a VPN for torrenting, there are also a few things to consider, especially when downloading torrents where torrent sites are blocked.

Not all VPN’s support or allow torrenting, or they don’t provide fast speeds.

Best VPN for Torrenting

1. ExpressVPN

This quick ExpressVPN review takes a look at the number one VPN in the world. While military-grade security is a great feature, it is nothing tangible.

Users want something they can see, so when it comes to torrenting and P2P file sharing, the Express VPN torrent download speeds are the fastest out of any VPN on the market.

This also makes it the best streaming VPN because there is never buffering using this VPN service.

Add to this they have servers in 94 countries, some of which are optimized for torrenting, then users are on a winner right from the get-go.

ExpressVPN doesn’t disappoint in any area. It is very easy to use and tops the rankings in almost any area. Encryption is first class, and it will stop anyone seeing if you are downloading torrent files.

Add to this, they are based offshore and retain no user logs; this means they hold nothing of your torrenting activities.

If you have problems, they have 24/7 live chat support. It is the best all-rounded VPN for P2P traffic and torrenting.

2. NordVPN

Any NordVPN review will highlight how secure this VPN Company is. It is right with the previous one on the security front and is based off-shore.

With a strict zero-logging policy, they hold nothing about users, apart from payment details.

They are now affordable; however, this does require a three-year lock-in period. When it comes to torrenting and streaming, they are right up there for the majority of the time, although they tend to suffer on occasions over very long distances.

They do have a whopping 5300+ in 62 countries, and like the previous VPN, they allow torrenting on specific servers.

While this may sound like a downside, it is better for users because these on most occasions are where torrenting is allowed.

If security is your thing, as well as the odd NordVPN torrent download, then this VPN provider offers a double-hop feature.
Your data is bounced around two servers rather than one to hide your identity even more.

3. CyberGhost

No VPN list will ever be complete without a CyberGhost review. A crowd favourite, they make things very easy for some of their features.

The client with connect automatically to one of the servers, which are P2P compatible, and it will then adjust the settings to speed up your download.

This makes any torrent users highly secure because the VPN will open when it spots you trying to download a torrent file. On top of this, the speeds are good thanks to its 3,700 strong server network.

Security is as good as the previous two VPNs, and there are clients for many devices. You can even download torrents using your Android and iOS devices is you have the right connection.

CyberGhost also makes streaming a breeze and works in the same way. You select the service you want to connect to, and CyberGhost does the rest.

It deserves the last space on the VPN podium.

4. Surfshark

This is the new kid on the block, and so far, they have not yet disappointed. They allow unlimited devices connections, and follow in the footsteps of all the above and use military-grade encryption and protocols.

When it comes to torrenting, they offer unlimited bandwidth, and without limits. Torrenting is allowed on all servers, even on ones that are placed in a country where torrenting is prohibited.

To get around this, the Surfshark P2P part of the service will reroute your connections to torrent-friendly countries. Canada and the Netherlands being the primary ones.

One other way they speed torrent downloads it to use different authentication. AES-256-GCM is faster than regular AES-256-CBC. Not only does torrenting benefit from this, but also streaming shows the difference.

The Surfshark review found the company based not far from ExpressVPN in the BVI. This is one of the best places because no jurisdiction can go knocking on their door.

Users can browse torrent sites using the Surfshark proxy extension. This masks your IP, but it won’t protect you when downloading a torrent file.

5. IPVanish

This IPVanish review looks at one of the oldest VPN services going. While they were lower down the ranks a few years ago, they have changed a lot of things and are now one of the better torrenting and file-sharing VPN services there is.

A couple of years ago, they added new features such as the kill switch and a Socks5 proxy.

This helped with torrent speeds as well as making thing more secure. While they are behind the big three, they are well placed as an alternative.

With great streaming services features and support for torrents, they are now a well-rounded VPN provider.

They also deliver unlimited bandwidth and retain no logs. This means you can leave a torrent running and not be worried they are harvesting data from your online activities, which can be used against you.

The service also has built in obfuscation technology. This stops any service seeing you are using a VPN that would most certainly block your access.

Is Torrenting Illegal?

There is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to torrenting, and many users ask, are torrents legal? The answer to this isn’t that clear.

The first is the client software; these applications aren’t illegal themselves. It is only when they are used to download pirated content.

The second is the torrenting sites. Many are purely torrent trackers that display links to the files to be downloaded and hold no content on their servers. This act is not in itself illegal either.

The problem is, users who are found to be downloading content which is copyright protected can face severe penalties in some countries. This is precisely the same scenario as with Kodi add-ons.

Even users who partake in legal torrenting are not seen this way. If you are classed as downloading torrents, it is assumed they are illegal.

The table below shows how the top 20 countries approach the use of torrents and their downloading.

Countries which fine the downloading of illegal torrents Countries where law enforcement shut torrent sites Countries which overlook downloading of content Countries where downloading for personal use is allowed
United Kingdom Australia Netherlands Spain
France Italy Canada Switzerland
Germany Portugal Czech Republic
Japan United States Brazil
Finland China Singapore
UAE Russia India

Torrent legal issues plague everyone, and because it is hard to conclude on the legality of shared files, most countries automatically classify them as illegal.

From this, ISPs are urged to prevent users from accessing certain sites, and users find their torrents blocked.

Bottom Line

There is no question that there is a lot of negative talk about downloading torrents. The way it is frowned upon is reducing the technology behind it.

Downloading torrents is making use of a delivery system, and the only downside is when users download illegal material.

Large companies were even taking the use onboard as a way to make updates and downloads of large files faster.

The other way to look at things is how to protect users against illegal sites, and malicious hackers use torrents to infect machines.

With this in mind and the list of the eleven best torrenting sites, we came up with a winner.

Pirate Bay took the crown as not just the most popular torrent site, but as one of the most reliable. However, there is still a risk of downloading any torrent. This leads us to the best torrent clients.

Vuze can help with any torrent downloading for a few reasons. It comes with built in antivirus so that any malicious files will be stopped; you can bind Vuze to your VPN, so no torrents will be downloaded if your VPN isn’t running, and you can view files before they fully download.

One other nifty feature is the inclusion of its torrent search engine. Using this, you don’t need to visit any suspicious websites to locate your torrent files, as you can do it from inside the client.

Nevertheless, there is no substitute for a VPN for any torrenter’s protection. You can download any file you wish, without any agency of ISP watching you.

Finally, all the countries which have blocked access to some of the best torrent sites, these restrictions can be bypassed securely.

A good VPN is any torrenter’s best friend.


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